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2367USS Athene : Waiting to sneak in

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  • teelallein
    Sep 24, 2004
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      USS Athene : Waiting to sneak in

      Stardate 16.0924.2035

      Scene : bridge USS athene

      <snip from Joey (post 616)>

      [We could lend you some of those...] Doon stopped and squeezed his
      eyes forcing himself to count the pips at Gabriel's collar

      "Gabriel, assemble your team and report to the transporter room..."
      Rudolf said. It seemed that both the CO's agreed on the plan. It was
      risky, but in war, risks had to be taken if one wanted to survive.

      <End of Snip>

      Teel'a her whiskers trembled with excitement, she needed this, all her
      anger and rage that had been build up since she was overtaken and
      under control off Arogos needed to be released. This was her chance
      to fight back.

      "Permission to join the Assaultteam, Sir" she addressed Doon. He
      looked at her and nodded "Offcourse, ensign, keep the pride and honour
      of the Athene high, take a full team of twelve to join that lt Holtz
      from the Yeager ! You have the command of your team, but it is Lt
      Holtz plan so you will work under him. Understood ?!?"

      Teel'a her voice trembled with delight and she snapped her claws out
      her paws holding them across her chest "Yes Sir, I will, Sir !!"

      She quickly gathered a team of her best people. Two tall klingons,
      Darlockh and Yhvonn were fierce warriors, both trained in
      close-combat. A Romulan, S'harien, was in her team as a sniper and
      specialist in covert ops and a small team off three Bajorans were
      experts with explosions.

      Teel'a herself had put on a large black crossed belt over her chest
      fulled with sharp and well balanced throwing knifes, she had a phaser
      rifle in a holster over her shoulder and two phaser-guns in her belt.
      The rest of her weapons where of her own : her, more then two inches
      long, teeth and her equally long claws where as sharp as razorblades.
      With her almost two metres length and her 130 kg, she was a more
      deadly weapon then most other living creatures...

      <snip from Joey (post 616)>

      The console had already been rigged up with the Athene's in order to
      transport both teams simultaneously in the same place on the enemy
      vessels, all they were waiting for was a good chance to 'jump over'.

      <End of Snip>

      They all gathered at the transporterroom and both teams were waiting
      to be beamed over.

      **End RPG**

      Hello all, specially the Yeager crew !! I just put up a start and
      made and added a little physical description off Teel'a. For the
      Yeager crew : think of a huge catlike creature, two metres high, 130
      kg heavy with short fur, agile and fast like a tiger but with the mind
      of a clever human. Not something you (or a Telmarc...) wants to run
      into if she is angry...


      Gwen, playing Ensign Teel'a Hgwashh Nergh An'allein