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2366USS Athene : struck by lightning

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  • teelallein
    Sep 22, 2004
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      USS Athene : struck by lightning
      Stardate 16.0922.2215

      Scene : bridge USS athene

      <snip from Ruud (post 608)>

      "Captain! Incoming emergency transmission from Outpost 721!
      Audio only."

      "On speakers."

      [This is the United Federation of Planets StarFleet Outpost 721 to
      anyone who can receive this message. We are under immediate threat.
      Thirty Telmarc warships have entered our sensor range on an attack
      vector. Please respond. We require immediate assistance! Repeat! This

      "Turn that off."

      "Captain, sensors confirm... the Retribution's course will take them
      directly to Op 721."

      <End of Snip>

      Teel'a was shocked, while they where here struggling to safe the
      Horizon it seemed this was all just a distraction. Her fur stood up
      and made her look taller, her ears where folded back to her head and
      her lips where curled up in a astonishing growl showing her pointy
      predators teeth. Teel'a was furious and she looked even more dangerous
      then she did normally.

      She snapped to the commander "We should get her, we should chase the
      Retribution. If she manages to join the Telmarc strikeforce the
      outpost will have no chance."

      Doon hesitated a moment "Not yet ensign, we first have to clean up
      things here. Lt `n Galeda, gather all data we have on the
      Retribution, her designated course, speed, damage we have done,
      tactical analyses of the fight we had with it, the whole bunch. I
      want it yesterday, understood ?!?"

      The android looked puzzled "But sir, yesterday is already passed, I
      can not complete an order yesterday that has been given only today,
      only by using the warpfield coil to create a temporal-distortion we
      could go back in time and then I could give you the data I have
      gathered today yesterday, but in the current..."

      Doon stared at the ceiling while Kallesin kept talking "Enough
      babbling Lt, I didn't meant that to be taken literaly, it was in a
      matter of speaking, a proverb."

      "Ahh, I see, understood, Sir, I will get all data as soon as possible."

      <Snip from Ruud post 609)>

      "We'll follow as soon as we can," Rudolf said. What else could he do?
      As much as he wanted to be there right now, he simply couldn't do
      that. In fact, with the ship's current shape, it wasn't even certain
      they could get there at all. At any rate, they first had to deal with
      the attackers here. He took in the readouts on his arm rest. "Helm,
      attack pattern Criss Five. Full impulse. Be sure to keep our port side
      away from the enemy. Hey..." He noticed two blips coming their way.

      "Two of the Athene's Raptors are engaging the second vessel," Mara
      confirmed. "Our target is making a run for it."

      "Engineering--" Rudolf started, but this time it was Fred who cut him off.

      [I know, captain, you need more power to the engines. We're on it.]

      "We're gaining," Aleem-Ok said after a while. "Five seconds...
      three... one..."

      "Fire all phasers," Rudolf ordered. "Use the quantum torpedo when the
      opportunity comes."

      <End Snip>

      Teel'a was following the flight patterns Amadrene was taking the
      Athene through on her console. Left, right, back, left again, Teel'a
      felt her stomach follow the spins and turns just a little bit to
      slowly and she was feeling nauseous.

      Amadrene diverted her attention between the steering of the Athene and
      guiding the Raptors to battle.

      <tag to Gere >

      <Snip from Ruud , USS Yeager (post 611)>

      Tactical, alert the Profit wings that they will remain and continue
      the diversionary operation... and while you're at it, give the
      scuffing StarFleet pigs a parting gift."

      The acknowledgements of her orders chorused back to her, and she
      steeled her emotions as the Retribution turned upward and jumped to
      warp, leaving behind a spread of photon mines for anyone who tried to

      <End of snip>

      Suddenly she noticed the Yeager blasting a torpedo at one of the
      Telmarc ships. A bright flash was shown at the mainviewer and a
      silent drifting Telmarc battleship was out there.

      The second ship however was still chasing the Yeager! "CSS Manticore
      on attack course to the Yeager, Sir" she announced. It is powering up
      weapons-systems., she is withing our range."

      "Engage the Manticore, ensign An'allein. Protect the Yeager at any cost."

      Teel'a plotted in a attack pattern and diverted the data to Pellew so
      she could steer the Athene in the right position for Teel'a. "Photon
      torpedo's armed, forward phaserbanks ready."

      "Torpedobay one, firing torpedo's now !!" Immediately the
      photontorpedo's left the torpedobay... only to detonate almost
      instantaneously. An strong back draft rocked the Athene.

      The android raised his voice "Hullbreach at deck 13, damage
      repairteams on route to damaged area's. Forward shields failing"

      "What had happened ?" Shouted Doon.

      At that moment another blow was dealt to the Athene. The ship rocked
      to one side and consoles and people where tossed across the bridge.

      "Helm failing" came a deadly calm announcement from Amadrene

      Lights flickered and the auxiliary power and lights went on turning
      the bridge into a dimm, shimmery room. Teel'a checked her tactical
      data "it seems the torpedo's have hit a photon mine. The Athene was
      struck by a second photon mine at the moment our forward shielding

      Slowly the Athene drifted into space, Emergency repairteams where
      working as hard as they could to bring every system back on line. For
      precious moments it seemed like the Athene was a sitting duck...

      **End RPG**

      Greetings to All, Well, It seemed like I was making the Athene to
      powerfull, I think this brings the balance to the other side. Ruud or
      any other GM I named one of the Telmarc ships as CSS Manticore; I hope
      it was allowed.


      Gwen, playing Ensign Teel'a Hgwashh Nergh An'allein