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2364USS Athene : casualties...

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  • kallesin666
    Sep 18, 2004
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      USS Athene : casualties...

      ***Scene: USS Athene : Bridge ***

      <Snip from Steve>

      Retribution's maneuver, indeed, seemed to indicate Athene had its full
      attention. The Raptors stayed between Horizon and its attacker, but
      the firing on Horizon fell off.

      "They see us. But Retribution's not the only one out there," Doon said.

      "Indeed, captain," T'eela said from tactical. "We've got another
      coming in!"

      <End of Snip>

      The android hold on to his chair while a blast from the Retribution
      hit the Athene.

      "Shields down to 85 %, no damage no casualties." Teel'a read the
      tactical data from her console. Some people had bruises or bleeding
      nooses from the impact but no one seemed t be injured badly.

      "CSS Retribution closing in rapidly, the ship has restored shielding
      and has locked off damaged decks. The forwards shielding is down to
      78.316 % port shields to 81.17% and starboard shielding down to 75.389
      %. Lower shielding shows no significant drop in power." Kallesin
      read the data calmly and loudly.

      Both ships started a deadly dance around each other, phaserfire and
      torpedoblasts going from one to another; lightening up shields and
      weakening the opponent. The Athene was the largest starship the
      federation had in the Coccoon, but it seemed the Telmarc had an equal
      mighty battleship build. Even damaged from the attack from the
      Horizon and the Raptors and the direct hit from the Athene's torpedo
      it was still almost a match to the Athene.

      Almost, but not complete. AS the raptors swarmed over the CSS Horizon
      again they penetrated the shielding again. Teel'a was swift enough to
      hit the hull with a series of phaserblasts that pierced some decks,
      the torpedo's had less luck and exploded on the shields but they
      drained power from the shielding.

      Suddenly one, two small bright flashes where seen... It seemed two
      raptors had been destroyed by the Retribution. Amadrene turned pale
      and hold her console in a tight grip.

      "Raptor 7 and raptor 11 had been destroyed by enemy fire, the lifepods
      have not been launched and there are no more lifesigns from the
      crewmembers. I assume they are the first casualties of the Athene's
      crew in this battle." Kallesin read this for the record and to be
      stated in the ships logs but to Amadrene it was almost to much.

      The android turned to her "I am sorry for your crew, Mister Pellew,
      they have fought brave."

      "Shut up, you darn machine, don't you have any feelings, they are no
      numbers, no casualties they where brave people and now, now .. They..
      They are dead..." Slowly she sank back in her chair closing her eyes
      for a moment to relax after her outburst in anger.

      People all over the bridge stared at the android, Captain Doon wanted
      to interrupt as Kallesin replied to Amadrene " I am sorry that you
      think I don't care. Indeed I have no real feelings, but still I
      regret the loss of them, I knew them well, I talked with them, I saw
      them fight just as you did, I saw them die, even better then you did
      with my bionic sensors. Believe me, I am programmed to protect humans
      and to live among them. To see one die makes me function less then at
      my maximum capabilities. SO I believ in my way I grieve too."

      The Silence was suddenly disrupted when Teel'a shouted "Breeze for
      impact Torpedo coming in..."

      The Athene was slammed to the starboard side when a direct hit punched
      the ship aside. "Starboard shields down to 35 % damage to decks 28
      and 29, damage repair teams working!!" Kallesin concentrated back to
      his work.

      Teel'a and Amadrene made the ship dive and duck, the remaining raptors
      where teasing the Retribution again. But from the far end other
      Telmarc ships where closing in on the Athene to assist the
      Retribution. Suddenly a bright flash was seen at the side of the
      Retribution. Strange data flashed over the console `n Galeda had
      hooked up with tactical, it was only there for a brief moment.

      He raised his voice "Teel'a ; the port shields of the Retribution will
      fail in 25.45 seconds from ... now, they will leave a window for 2.25
      seconds at mark 4.5 by 17.8. Use quantum Torpedo's !!"

      Teel'a nodded and programmed her torpedobays. Exactly in time she
      fired a wave of quantum torpedos's at the designated coordinates.
      Would the data he had extracted be correct ?

      <tag to anyone>


      HI All, I have no idea if I am allowed to let the CSS Retribution be
      destroyed or that this is up to the higher ranked officers to decide.
      I left the end of my post open so I am curious to see what happens.


      David Martens, dav1666@...
      lieutenant <jg> Kallesin `n Galeda
      Chief of Operations USS Athene