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2362USS Athene / joint mission : dealing the first punch

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  • teelallein
    Sep 17, 2004
      USS Athene : dealing the first punch

      Stardate 16.0918.0150

      Scene : bridge USS athene

      <Snip from David>

      Kallesin read his internal clock "ETA to battlefield 12 minutes and 17

      Doon stood up from his chair and turned to his crew "Very well people,
      we proceed as Amadrene Pellew has calculated for her raptor team. The
      Athene will attack the CSS Retribution to give the Raptors a change.
      Tactical check the data from Lt `n Galeda and bring the ship to Red
      alert. Let's go for some Telmarc !!"

      Cheers where heard all over the ship as the Athene was rushing towards
      the battlefield...

      <End Snip>

      Teel`a purred with delight and excitement : finally a real
      spacebattle. Her fur stood wide and fluffy and her tail wove from one
      side to the other. Time was counting while she prepared herself and
      the Athene for battle. She diverted power to the phaserbanks,
      loaded the torpedobays with different types of torpedos, programmed a
      new shield modulation routine she had worked out and made sure
      everyone was in position. All her security-teams where ready to guide
      frightened crewmembers to safety, to help with injuries or to keep of
      intruders fro the Telmarc for the unlikely event they where able to
      beam someone aboard or bring a shuttlecraft inside the Athene.

      "ETA one minute." Came the cold efficient voice of the android.
      Teel'a didn't liked that sounds , she preferred a voice trembling with
      emotions, clear to hear what a person felt at the moment when
      speaking. But she had to admit Lt `n Galeda was a very efficient officer.

      Seconds later they emerged from subspace and dropped out of warp.
      Immediatly the raptors left the Athene to sneak into battle.

      <Snip from Ruud , USS Yeager (post 593)>

      Two Telmarc fighters came on from port, unleashing a merciless spray
      of phaser fire and a pair of photon torpedoes. Aleem-Ok managed to
      evade one of them, but the other one was too much to ask. The
      explosion rippled through the ship, knocking Rudolf from his chair.
      The operations console erupted in a shower of sparks, scorching Ensign
      Raial. A field medic was quickly at his side, but seeing how much of
      his Bolian blue skin had turned black, Rudolf didn't think there was
      any hope for him. *If he isn't dead already.*

      "We've got a hull breach, captain," Wren reported once she was back
      behind her console. "Decks eleven and twelve. Emergency force fields
      are holding, but only barely."

      <End of snip>

      Within seconds Teel'a had overseen the battlefield "Captain, Several
      federation ships are under heavy fire. Close by is the USS Yeager
      with severe damage and a hull breach. The USS horizon is flying at
      close distance of the CSS retribution and also under heavy fire. I
      suggest we assist the Yeager."

      Doon nodded and decided to let him guide by the instincts and
      knowledge of the cat-woman at Tactical. She definitely had a sense
      for battle and she had proven herself to captain Simms. He looked at
      Kallesin and the android cocked his head "I agree with Ensign
      An'allein, the Yeager is closer and has no support while the Horizon
      is at much gretaer distance and has several federation ships to assist."

      Doon gave the final word "Teel'a drive those Telmarc away from the
      Yeager, fire at will any weapons. Mister Pellew, get our raptors
      towards the Horizon and let them deal with the Retribution."

      Several "aye, Sir's " came f rom both Teel'a and Amadrene. The Fight
      had begun for the Athene. She dove with maximum impulse at the
      attacking Telmarc just as two ships hit the Yeager with a massively
      burst of phaser and Torpedo fire.

      "Firing Photon torpedo's at the port ship, giving the starboard ship a
      burst with our phasers pattern delta seven. Pellew attack manoeuvre
      Simms four"

      Teel'a spoke her orders and actions loudly and clearly through the
      bridge so every one was prepared what was to happen. The Athene dove
      upon the smaller Telmarc ships as and eagle upon a pigeon. Torpedo's
      hit the left side of one of the ships crippling the shields and
      pushing the ship aside. The phasers fired blast after blast after
      blast upon the other ship. Shields enlightened with red marks where
      phaserfire was absorbed.

      The calm voice off the android came with reports "Photon torpedo's
      have all hit theone Telmarc ship, shields of the ship are down to
      32,45% at the side where the torpedo's have been hit, small damage
      have been done. The other ship has gotten one direct hit at decks 4
      and 5, shielding is down to 47,85%. The third ship is coming our way,
      one ship is in pursuit of the Yeager, the other ship is also turning
      by to go after the Athene."

      "Shields full, torpedobay for loaded; aft - torpedo bay loaded with
      quantum-torpedo's. Pellew, evasive manoeuvre `Athene crippled duck',
      let's take them out !!" Teel'a and Pellew were working together to
      keep the Athene in best position to hold of the attackers. Amadrene
      steered the Athene close over the ship that has been pushed aside by
      the torpedo-blasts and just as they went over it Teel'a fired the

      The Telmarc ship was hit straight in the belly and at the weakened
      side. Shields failed and two quantum torpedo's pierced through the
      hull exploding into the ship. Several decks where torn apart and
      lights flickered and went dim all over the Telmarc ship.

      The Athene started to move and duck and swing from one side to the
      other to evade the blast from the other incoming ship. Only few off
      the phaserblast from the Telmarc hit the Athene's shields.

      Teel'a had no troubles in keeping the shielding up. And the android
      kept his readings going :

      "The Telmarc ship was hit by all but one quantum torpedo. Down shield
      and starboard Shields had failed and the impact of the two torpedo's
      had ripped several decks. Power is down to 17,85%, shielding is
      failing all over the ship, warpdrive of the Telmarc is failing and..."

      At that moment a stunning white flash filled the space, sparkles and
      debris where blown all over the sky.

      the android kept talking "...and a warp-core breach is imminent." He
      pulled up his shoulders and cocked his head "It seems the warp-core
      had indeed failed."

      That remark sounded so funny from him that Teel'a, and following her a
      lot more on the bridge, bursted out in laughter.

      "Good work, people, now let's get the rest !!" Doon brought the crew
      back to the real world and again the Athene made a turn to attack the
      Telmarc !!

      **End RPG**

      Is there anyone who can sedn this post to the joint mission group, I
      have no acces to send to that group. thanks

      hi All, finaly the Athene has reached the Battle. Hopefully in time
      to safe the Yeager, and who knows the rest too !! Liz, I took the
      liberty to send the Raptors of to assist the Horizon, I hope you
      don't mine about that.


      Gwen, playing Ensign Teel'a Hgwashh Nergh An'allein