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2358USS Athene / Captain Comatose

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  • Steve Goble
    Sep 13, 2004
      SD 16:0914.1006
      USS Athene
      Medical Bay

      Severn, the Vulcan physician, felt his patient's violent emotions churning in his mind.

      "What is happening to my ship?" Demetrius Simms wanted to know.

      Simms' ability to comprehend anything at all surprised Severn. The man had been drilled through the chest with a hand phaser, and beamed into a transporter buffer while the flesh around the wound still seared and bubbled. Now, fitted with an artificial heart and pale, synthetic flesh where his own had once been, Simms was unconscious on a diagnostic bed.

      Severn had melded with his patient to help ascertain his condition. Instruments could tell him only so much, but this meld would tell him a great deal. But he had not anticipated the strength of will Simms was showing now. Mind melds go both ways. Although Severn had tried to wall off his own thoughts from the Athene's former captain, Simms had gleaned enough to know his ship was headed into danger.

      And Simms knew, now, that he had been replaced. Athene was no longer his to command.

      Severn concentrated on backing off from the telepathic contact, but stll Simms' mind hammered him with questions. Who are we fighting? Who is in command? Telmarc. How many ships? Horizon overwhelmed? How far away are we?

      Severn was nearly done, almost out of the ex-captain's mind, when he felt Simms' being settle a bit. Then another wave of focused thought. Simms was trying to tell him something. Something vital. Something that had to be said ...

      Severn decided to continue the meld for just a few more moments. Simms was an experienced battle veteran. If he had some advice, some knowledge that might help the Athene get to the battle in time to do more than clean up the wreckage ...

      Severn opened up his mind to let Simms in.


      Respectfully submitted,
      Steve Goble

      Lt. Severn, MD, CMO, USS Athene


      Tag, Clark: Wanna write another post as crusty old crippled Simms? Or are you gonna let Spencer Doon rip your pretty little ship to threads?

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