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2353USS Athene : More data

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  • kallesin666
    Sep 9, 2004
      USS Athene : More data

      ***Scene: USS Athene : Bridge ***

      <Snip from Gwen>

      "Aye, Sir !" was her response. Deep in her mind she got exited more
      and more. Her fur was rasing making her look even more dangerous and
      ferocious then her already imposing normal appearance, her whiskers
      trembled in excitement and her eyes narrowed.

      [Aye Captain]

      The android pulled his eyebrow up in a typical Vulcan way when he
      heared the soft rumbling sound that ensign An Allein made. It was
      clear she was all eager to get into a fight, maybe a bit too eager.

      He checked some more data on the Telmarc. "Captain I have gathered
      some data on the Telmarc. Information from Starfleet Intelligence,
      trading routes,, information on the current political situations a
      note on the Horizons orders going to the Telmarc system, the last
      known transmissions from the Horizon, some newsflashes from the recent
      destruction of the Telmarc's Government House and the Federation
      Embassy at SD: 16.0831."

      He paused for a brief moment holding his head a bot to one side as if
      he was listening carefully to a silent conversation. "Captain, long
      range sensors have piced up a message from the USS SOJOURNER TRUTH.
      The ship is on maximum Warp to a rendezvous with the Horizon. The
      Horizon is being chased by nine ships from the Telmarc Battle Fleet.
      They have sustained severe damage to several decks and are losing power."

      Kallesin hold his head up again. AT that point we lost connection
      with the USS Sojourner Truth, Sir.

      [Try to find out more, Lt, I let you know the decision as soon as
      possible. Doon out.]

      "Aye Sir" Kallesin turned towards the rest of the crew. "Prepare
      everything to go to Red Alert. Engineering, make all modifications to
      sustain maximum warp as long as possible if we need to get to the
      Horizon for a rescue - mission. Sickbay, prepare for emergency
      situations. Tactical, prepare the ship for a massive space battle.
      Helm plot in the shortest course to the Telmarc, but also calculate
      course to the last known position of the USS Sojourner Truth and any
      point between those two points. Be sure you have data on the standard
      evasive manoeuvres when we go into battle !"

      The android looked everyone straight in the eyes "If we go to help the
      Horizon, we will go through a tough time, but I am sure we can do it !!"

      <tag to anyone, specially Clark>


      Some data on the mission (yes I have been reading around a lot...)
      Still I am very curious to know if we are going to help the Horizon or


      David Martens, dav1666@...
      lieutenant <jg> Kallesin `n Galeda
      Chief of Operations USS Athene