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2352USS ATHENE: Ready to sail

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  • chaimtavi@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2004
      Scene: Bridge, USS Athene

      Pellew slid into her seat at the helm control panel calmly and confidently. A course was already laid in for the Telmarc system, awaiting captain's orders. She noted the second officer's comments on nacelle function, with a follow-up message from engineering that the problem should be repaired within the hour — and her own subordinant's comments that, as of five miniutes ago, both nacelles were responding properly. Her own diagnostic sweep, which she habitually ran as soon as she took the helm, confirmed that report.

      Good. Another problem out of the way. If she had her druthers, of course, she'd have spent at least three more days double-checking all systems before taking the newly repaired Athene into action. But in Starfleet, one seldom had her druthers.

      Given that, the Athene was is remarkably good shape, considering what she'd been through recently. All major repairs were completed, and helm systems were operating well within accepted tolerances. The shuttles and all other auxiliary vehicles were in top form and ready for action. In the last two days, Pellew had been rotating her entire staff through mandatory 24-hour off-duty shifts to be sure they were operating at peak efficiency, too — even SHE'D had 20 hours off before the yellow alert sounded.

      It was a shame the yellow alert had sounded so soon after Dr. Severn arrived at the Holodeck. Amadrene had offered the doctor a two-hour holiday cruise aboard the HMS Indefatigable — sort of a chance to make peace after the whole business of him killing her and all -- and to her surprise, he'd accepted. They'd barely completed a quick tour of the great wooden ship of His Majesty's Royal Navy when the alert sounded.

      She'd been looking forward to seeing if Vulcans got seasick. It would have to wait.

      Of course, a yellow alert was just that... an alert. It might all end up being nothing more than a glorified drill. Though with any luck, she'd have a chance to give the Athene a good workout. The ship and her pilot were both ready for some fun.

      Pellew suddenly became aware of a strange rumbling noise coming from behind her on the bridge. Quickly, she glanced over the readouts of her control panel — nothing. She glanced over her shoulder, then grinned. Teel'a was growling contentedly, ready for a fight.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Ensign Amadrene Pellew
      FCO, USS Athene