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2351USS Athene/ Uh oh!

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  • Steve Goble
    Sep 6, 2004
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      SD 16:0906.1946
      USS Athene
      Medical Bay

      Dr. Severn hastened back to Medical when the yellow alert sounded. Rest would have to wait.

      He tapped his commlink. "Severn to Captain Doon."

      The reply came swiftly. Doon's voice carried hints of all the activity, but was otherwise calm and controlled. "Go ahead, doctor."

      "Sir, I am preparing an extremely difficult operation involving Captain Simms. If Athene is going into battle, I will have to delay that procedure and the captain will have to remain in the medical transporter buffer even longer. That can be done, but even minor damage to the ship's systems in combat could cause Captain Simms' death."

      "What are you recommending, doctor?"

      "If the situation permits," Severn said, "we should divert to Omega. I should remain with Captain Simms there and carry out the operation. If our current mission requires my presence aboard Athene, Captain Simms at least will be safe until my return to Omega. I should mention, sir, that I am currently the only surgeon in the fleet who is able to perform the surgery Captain Simms needs."

      As Severn awaited Capt. Doon's response, Dr. Sturgeon Wood nudged him in the elbow. "Hey, now, Doc Severn, that didn't sound the least bit conceited!"


      Steve, aka Dr. Severn

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