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  • AtGeVol@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 1, 2014
      To all our old and new members,

      thanks for being a part of this Genealogy eGroup where you can
      make many helpful connections.

      1 - Fellow Researchers. Read their MESSAGES online, search through
      them by key word, reply to them directly or post a message to the
      whole group of your own.

      2 - Many Links. You will find many good ones in our BOOKMARK
      collection to which you are welcome to add new ones if they are
      suitable and would complement our collection

      3 - Add your own information to our DATABASE and complete your
      own personal user PROFILE so you can read what others have
      entered. Do it NOW so it will be a REAL resource to the group.

      Have you made any discoveries? Why not share them with us? We'd
      like to know how you did it ... it may help a number of us to
      read about it. Do you have any questions? Post them to the group
      as well. Introduce yourself frst, tell us how you got to this
      point with your research and offer to help others in their search
      if you like to get some help from them.

      You will get more valuable information when you ask about possible
      ways and methods to conduct your research, how you should best go
      about finding specific types of records in different places, or
      how to best publish your own data online so others can find it.

      If you have a list of surnames, you can start by using the ancestry
      message boards at http://boards.ancestry.com and by adding them to
      our online group DATABASE.

      When replying to a message, take note that by default it will ONLY
      go to the person who posted it BUT you can select the whole group
      instead as the recepeant and so you should if we can all learn a
      thing or two from your reply.

      How many of your online contacts are interested in family research?
      Why not ask your genealogy friends to join our eGroup? Get an
      eGroup button for your email signature file or a sign-up box
      for your web page. Just visit our online web site at


      and click on PROMOTE ... you will see all the HTML code there
      for both of these great promotional tools.

      Best regards,

      Franz Hrazdira - AtGen Admin
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