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IMPT: PROVREM (CEBALLOS), June 12, 10-12.

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  • Rafael Calinisan
    Dear All, Atty. Ceballos wants to meet his ProvRem class on June 12, 10-12. (We have posted the notice in school as well.) (Thanks Ipe for helping out) He
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2007
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      Dear All,
      Atty. Ceballos wants to meet his ProvRem class on June 12, 10-12.  (We have posted the notice in school as well.) (Thanks Ipe for helping out)  He would like to discuss how the class will proceed in the next couple of weeks.  Attendance is a must as he will assign tasks in that meeting.
      Please help us inform those students enrolled in his class.  Thank you so much.  =)

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