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  • melodieylagan
    Dear Batchmates, Here are some announcements & reminders for this month s activities. 1. YEARBOOK Our Yearbook Committee is requesting for additional photos of
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      Dear Batchmates,

      Here are some announcements & reminders for this month's activities.

      1. YEARBOOK

      Our Yearbook Committee is requesting for additional photos of each block during our freshmen and sophomore years in law school. Currently, there are enough photos per block for our junior, senior, and bar review years. However, there is a dearth of photos from our earlier years.

      To ensure that each block is equally represented in our yearbook, let's help out the committee by submitting more photos of our blocks during our 1st and 2nd years. We can send the photos to the committee by uploading them to our Dropbox account (username: ateneo_forum@... password: yearbook09) OR we can email the photos directly to Ipe Closa or Thea Marie Jimenez. If you want more fun, you may also upload the photos on our FB page. Pang-TBT lang. 

      Hopefully we can get more photos within the week so that we can finalize the layout for the annual photo pages. We'll be updating everyone again on the progress of the yearbook within the month. 

      2. BATCH FUND

      Per our Batch Treasurer Rachelle Sy's report, we received a notice from BPI (where our batch funds are deposited) requiring us to have a minimum maintaining balance of Php3,000.00 in our Batch bank account. Currently, we only have Php500.00 deposited since we already paid for the Batch Commemorative Board.

      Accordingly, we would like to request for everyone's generosity for contributions to maintain our bank account at or above the minimum balance. Ipe has graciously contributed Php1,000.00 already, so we will only need at least Php500.00 to comply with the bank's requirements.

      Those who wish to contribute may deposit any amount to our batch BPI savings account with no. 8099 1066 55 in the name of Rachelle T Sy, Davao Abreeza branch. Once deposited, you may email the deposit slip to Rach or myself, so we can verify if the deposit came through. (You can also post it on our FB group page if you want! Hehehe.)


      As earlier posted by Carlo, ALAAI has organized the unveiling and blessing of the Alumni Gallery. The unveiling & blessing for our Class Commemorative Board is on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Mass will be at 6:00pm, followed by the unveiling & blessing at 6:30pm. Afterwards, we'll have cocktails at the 4th Floor Lobby.

      Let's take this opportunity to reminisce about our law school days, as well as to learn more about the other batches as well. 

      Take note, this event is free of charge, but attendees are advised to confirm their attendance beforehand.


      WHAT: Alumni Homecoming & ALAAI Annual Meeting
      WHEN: October 18, 2013, 6:00pm
      WHERE: Grand Ballroom of New World Hotel, Makati
      HOW MUCH: Php1,500.00/ticket
      THEME: “What’s in a Name; Generations of Ateneo Lawyers”.

      Inform me or Carlo for table reservations (12 pax) and/or tickets.

      Please take note that the elections for the 2013-2014 Board of Trustees will be conducted during this event as well. This is our opportunity to choose our representative to the ALAAI Board of Trustees and make our voices be heard in the future activities of ALAAI.



      During the homecoming, there will be a special raffle for a Volvo XC 60 2-Liter Turbo SUV. Only 1,000 tickets have been printed. Tickets for the special raffle cost Php5,000.00 each. 

      Aside from sending a scholar to study at Ateneo Law School, the proceeds of the raffle will also be used to subsidize academic, infrastructure, and systems development programs of the law school.

      For anyone interested to buy the special raffle ticket, please inform Ipe. The raffle is open to all legal residents of the Philippines who are at least 18 years old.

      Deadline for submission of raffle entries is on October 16, 2013 at 6pm.


      ALAAI invites everyone to avail of the one-time Lifetime Membership under the ALAAI SECOND BATCH of Ateneo Law Alumni Lifetime Members.

      A SECOND Permanent Registry Board for Lifetime Members will be installed in the Ateneo Law Alumni Wall, where the names and batches of the Lifetime Members will be recorded and engraved. 

      Anyone interested to immortalize his membership to ALAAI only needs to pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of Php5,000.00 and fill up the application form.

      We can also register on behalf of our deceased parents or relatives an alumnus/alumna of the Ateneo Law School, to recognize their contribution to the law school.

      Becoming a lifetime member will give us the following benefits:

      a. Engraving of name on the permanent Lifetime Members Board at the Ateneo Law School.
      b. Inscription of name in the Lifetime Members Registry.
      c. Specially designed Ateneo Law Alumni Lifetime Member Card (with your photo) and Lifetime Member's pin.
      d. Availment of benefits extended by Merchant Partners of the Ateneo Alumni Association (AAA) to members.
      e. Ateneo Law Visa Card (Unionbank).
      f. Use of Library at Ateneo Professional School Building at discounted rates.

      So what are we waiting for? Let's get that lifetime membership asap. 

      Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

      Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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