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Call for Applications: Dignity International's 10th Annual Global Linking and Learning Programme

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      Sent: Friday, October 7, 2011 2:55 PM
      Subject: Call for Applications: Dignity International's 10th Annual Global Linking and Learning Programme

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      Subject: [ap-a2j] INFO: Call for Applications: Dignity International's 10th Annual Global Linking and Learning Programme
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      Dignity International and our partners believe that Human Rights and Development must go hand in hand as both share the same core functions. They cannot be separated and must complement each other to ensure the continuous sustainable progress of the human race, while ensuring the environment and other entities within it are protected and preserved. Human Rights provide a moral, authoritative and legal framework to tackle root causes of poverty – the deep-rooted structures of discrimination – i.e. the global processes of impoverishment. A human rights framework has the potential to deal with not only legal justice, which is the primary preoccupation of traditional human rights organisations, but also economic and social justice which is central to development work. Meanwhile, development is the primary motive to provide basic structural change.
      For the 10th consecutive year, Dignity International is proud to organise our signature capacity building program again, which will continue to empower human rights activists and development agency leaders, as well as leaders of civil society and grassroots community organizers. The learning enhances the skills, knowledge and spirit to uphold the principles of Human Rights and to bring Economic Social and Cultural rights to the ground.
      This programme will build on the successes of the previous learning programmes on “Human Rights-Based Development”, and on “Economic Social and Cultural Rights” organised by Dignity International, with a range of national, regional and international participants.
      Dignity’s programmes are designed as a process of mutual learning, with the participants´ experience and realities as the starting point of the learning process. Active participation and in-depth reflection – individually, in groups, and in plenary - are the key contributors to the success of the programme.
      Based on non-formal education and learner-centred methodologies, this programme provides a mutual learning atmosphere where participants can compare their approaches and concerns in a safe, intercultural context. In addition to that, the use of experiential methods and case studies strengthens the practical side of the programme.
      The call for the Global programme is now OPEN. We are happy to receive applications to this historical 10th Annual Global Linking and Learning Programme.
      For more information about the programme and to register as a participant, CLICK HERE>>>

      Please forward this message to your friends/colleagues/partners who are interested to be a part of this programme. Deadline for applications is on the 19th October 2011, 11.59PM (GMT+8).
      Thank you

      This is a electronic announcement from 'Dignity International: All Human Rights for All'. Dignity International does not accredit, validate or substantiate any information posted by members to this news bulletin. The validity and accuracy of any information is the responsibility of the originator.
      If you are working in the area of human rights with a special attention to different aspects of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, we would love to hear from you. To contribute, email us at admin@...

      Sasha L
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      From: rory.archer@...
      To: balkans@...-graz.at
      Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 10:17:45 +0200
      Subject: [BAN] CfA: PhD in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa

      Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa - Italy 
      Ph.D. Programme in
      Academic Year 2011-2012
      4 positions with fellowships for EU citizens
      3 positions with fellowships for NON - EU citizens
      Research Areas 
      - Identity, rights and conflicts in political theory
      - Conflict and political systems in international relations
      - International and European political economy
      - Institutions and mechanisms for protecting human rights: outlines of International Law
      - Rights and social capital in the regional development policies
      - Agrarian Law, Environmental Law and Sustainable Development of the Land
      - Candidates UE citizens are requested to apply online by October 25, 2011
      - Candidates NON - UE citizens are requested to apply online by October 10, 2011
      suadent cadentia sidera somnos

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      Multi-Sectoral Quick Reaction Teams on Extra-Legal Killings & Enforced Disappearances
      Ateneo Human Rights Center
      G/F Ateneo Professional Schools, 20 Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center
      1200 Makati City, Philippines
      Tel: (63)(2)8972142
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