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Gender and Politics Training for Women Leaders, Malaysia

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    (please see attached documents if you have trouble reading this email)


                  CALL FOR NOMINATIONS

    Asia Pacific Forum for Women, Law and Development (APWLD) in cooperation with the Southeast Asian Association for Genders Studies (SAMA), Centre for Woman Studies (KANITA-USM) and Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON-UKM)

    call for nominations for:

    Regional Gender and Politics Training Workshop:

    Level 2

    Skills and Capacity Building for Women Political Leaders

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 07-10 June, 2010

    The most recent statistics indicate that 18.7% of parliamentarians in Asia are women. An even lower percentage of women are Ministers. Pacific Island nations fare even worse. Although this figure has increased in recent years, minimal progress has been made. Equality between men and women in national legislatures still remains distant. In particular, there is a need to enable women from all classes, races, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds to be able to participate in decision-making structures at local, national and international levels.

    APWLD offers two levels of G&P Training. The Level 1 Training has been taking place since 2006 and targets local and national women political leaders, activists, young women, leaders and campaigners and women who are potential candidates. Gender and Politics Level 2 Training is to further develop advocacy, lobby and campaigning skills for experienced women and puts greater emphasis on a gender analysis and building regional networks. This training is for women who are have been or are currently in decision-making positions in government or who will contest future elections at higher levels.

    Please read the details below, complete the attached application form and email/fax it along with a recommendation letter and CV to the attention of:


    Mrinalini Rai/ Rohini

    Programme Officer
    Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

    Email:  mrinalini@... or apwld@...


    For emailed applications, please indicate clearly in the subject line: “Application for Regional Gender and Politics Pilot Training- Level 2”





    This is the first time that the Level 2 Training has been offered.

    The purpose of the Gender and Politics, Level 2 Pilot Training Workshop is to:

    §         foster a transformative model of leadership amongst women;

    §         share experiences and develop skills of participants to raise gender issues within existing political institutions;

    §         foster solidarity amongst women political leaders in the region;

    §         develop capacity of participants to mainstream gender issues within political systems from a women’s human rights approach; and

    §         enhance the capacity of participants to promote and fulfill women’s human rights, including the right to take part in governance at local, national, regional and international levels.

    The Workshop sessions will focus on the following themes:

    §         politics

    §         gender

    §         feminism and patriarchy

    §         legislation

    §         representation and political systems

    §         transformative leadership

    §         advocacy, lobbying and campaigning for gender and issues

    §         building networks and regional coalitions


    APWLD invites women from Asia Pacific Region, who want to develop their transformative leadership skills to apply for this course. Training will be offered to 15 - 18 participants from the region. The training will be in English language. We regret to inform that due to limited resources, simultaneous translation facilities will not be available.  

    Participants will be selected based on the following considerations:

    • Women who ran as candidates and are aspiring to contest upcoming national/ local level elections
    • Women who are interested in contesting formal elections or are members of political parties
    • Women who are currently at decision making positions- governance
    • Women who have experience in women’s political participation in the areas of training, campaigning or lobbying for at least five years


    • All applicants should submit a brief synopsis of how/why this training would be useful to her. (see attached application form)
    • An institution/ organisation should certify that the person recommended has worked in the area of women’s human rights and is committed to applying the core learning points from the training in future work.


    Please note that number of participants is limited and preference will be given to candidates who meet the above criteria.

    What funding will cover:

    • APWLD will cover the cost of air travel; accommodation, breakfast and lunch.
    • During non-workshop days only accommodation and breakfast will be covered.
    • A small per-diem of $USD 20 per day will be given to participants.
    • It is strongly advised that participants secure additional funds to cover non-funded meals and other expenses such as telephone calls and other miscellaneous expenses.


















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