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  • Juancho Hernandez
    Mar 2, 2008
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      I know there have been a lot of comments on the fact that certain Politicians got on the stage.  Personally i think its despicable how they used other people to further their own ends, but then again what is new about that, people all over our country and throughout the world get used everyday which is the sad but undeniable truth.  I guess it just hurts a little more when it happens at home. 
      That aside however, lets try to look on the bright side of things. Despite the setbacks, or misinformation or betrayals as many have put it, i think the message is still loud and clear.  It doesnt matter whether you want GMA out or not but it is clear that we all want an explanation and we are all demanding it since the people in power are there to SERVE US not US TO SERVE THEM.  I mean these issues raise questions and invite thoughts like "why should i pay taxes? some politicain will just steal it anyway!" which we all know will bring us no where but lower into the grave that we seem to be digging for ourselves.
      Whether you are PRO GMA /  ANTI GMA / UNDECIDED we all want an explanation.  After that we can decide what is the best thing to do. The sad part is while the administration stresses the use of the Rule of Law, they seem to close all the doors available to the people.  A recall of the last impeachment process just puts that into stark focus
      just my 2 cents worth as well.

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Jayvee Salud <rouge_aigle_1982@...> wrote:

      Just my two cents.

      The inter-faith rally held last Friday was an affront to all that is good about religion and spirituality.  I personally support the call for truth and accountability.  I want the President to fess up, no more than any of us do.  But that rally was not about prayer at all, it was about Trapos of old, and new seeking to regain/gain power. 

      The organizers of the event in the Ateneo are to be lauded for trying to galvanize the student body to take a stand.  It's just sad that even the purest of intentions are easily tainted by the evilest of desires.

      Taking a stand in these very trying times is a consequence of our political/constitutional processes.  May mga naniniwala na dapat patalsikin ang pangulo, meron namang hindi.  But our choices are personal.  We should only speak for ourselves, not for others.  Leadership is not about what we want, it's about what your constituents want.  A strong leader cannot and should not be bullied, unless he is just using that as an excuse to get what he really wants. 

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