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1624MtEqinox12 Web Page Update and Graphic Correction for 2014 Success

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  • rory.shaffer
    Aug 5, 2014
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      Please insert the following correction and status report from MtEqinox12 for the 2014 Success ATGP !

      One HAM on site for 2014 MtEqinox NOT two as the graphic shows

      Status report

      EQINOX-12 REPORT – 2014 ATGP APRS Event

      Having just finished enjoying the ARRL 100th anniversary convention in Hartford Conn. This Jersey HAM figured since I was in the neighborhood I would activate Mount Equinox VT this weekend for the ATGP APRS event.

      Mt Equinox is located on approx 7000 acres of pristine Vermont mountain top land and is the home of a Carthusian Monastery.  This 3848 foot peak is the highest peak in the Taconic Mountain Range and offers great paths to Mt Greylock to the South and Mt Washington to the North making it ideally suited for our purpose.

      I arrived at the foot of the mountain Sunday morning 0900 ahead of the staff to be first in line for the 2.5 mile drive up to the top.  The roadway is maintained via a toll of 15 dollars per car and is known as the longest private toll road in the US.  The winding route to the top is filled with many breath taking vistas and white knuckle curves, but it’s all worth it when you arrive at the St Bruno Scenic View Center the location of my APRS EQINOX-12 station.

      I used a Kenwood D710 for digi and fed a MFJ 2-440 mag mount model 1729 that delivers 2.6db of 2 and 6.3db on 440 dB gain.  Given the sensitivity to the sites main use as a religious sanctuary I didn’t run the radios off of the cars accessory feeds or idle the car.  DC power was delivered via Anderson power poles and large high amp gator clamps onto a 12 vdc lead acid battery from my JD lawn tractor with a spare AGM 7.5 AH just in case.

      Voice comms using 5 watts where accomplished with my Yaesu VX8 which also was monitoring the ATGP freq for packets.  Direct voice channel was accomplished with another MFJ 1729 mag mount or my hts’ Diamond SRH77/CA.

      Going active @ 1015 for digi - easy links where available to Greylock and MtWashington for packet using the high power setting of 50 watts but that certainly wasn’t needed so I backed down to manage battery consumption.

      GDHill was heard direct @ 1149 before SamsPt or PaMnt came online – which was a fluke still it’s in the log !

      Eqinox-12 saw Kathdn-15 @ 1159 and Sprngr-1 @ 1231 for the first time – afterwards many more times.

      Plans for next year wherever I’m needed should include a pc for logging as the paper method is labor intensive on the back end to support overall path analysis.

      73 – NJ3U Rory