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1253Sam-Point Debrief 2013

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  • Peter Head
    Mar 30, 2014
      So I just discovered this in my drafts folder after rebuilding my PC. Not sure why it never send back in August when I wrote it.

      Alright, sorry for the big delay, life got in the way, but here is a breakdown, some of it is review some might be new:
      KC2ASA - Peter (D710 rig & 144.39 rig)
      W2LGB - Larry (antennas & backup D72)
      N2FMC - Dwight (failsafe D700)
      KC2WXX - Amy (antenna support ;)
      WA2TKR - Eugene (navigation/compass)

      Initially it was to be about a mile hike up from the parking lot. Dwight had gate access and we were able to take a vehicle (and more gear) up to the site. That was a nice bonus since thunderstorms were nearby and we'd all be able to hop in. We found a decent pull off where I mentioned in a previous email: 41 40.30N / 74 20.96W

      it was great for PR, we saw lots of hikers and answered lots of questions. We need to have some handouts available for future events. It also shielded us a bit from the comm towers QRM on the other side of the hill, but still had good sight-lines to the NE and SW (although our compasses couldn't agree). On our way out we found another potential spot that might work as well, closer to Sam's Point (proper) overlook. It has a bit higher brush to clear, but with vehicle access we could bring a sturdier tripod and get the antenna higher or possibly even operate from the vehicle.

      I already posted pics that includes shots of the rig displaying the station list before we closed around 3pm.

      Main Rig (digipeater): D710 set to SAMSPT-10 A-Band [left] on 144.34 / B-Band [right] on 445.925 connected to a vertical on a tripod
      We heard packets 5/9 from Camelback & Greylock
      I called on UHF a number of times through the D710/vertical and never got a response. So we used the backup rig

      Here's detail on the last packets heard:
      (via info is from the PATH listed in First)
      12:13 MDMTN-7 direct (D72) N41°40.28' W74°20.95' (the status appears to be a test from Larry's D72)
      12:17 GRYLCK via GRYLCK-11 (d72) N42°37.99' W73°10.26'
      12:25 KA1YBS-7 via GRYLCK-11 (VX-8) N45°54.11' W68°55.68
      14:01 KB3EJM via CAMLBK-9 (STATUS) N41°04.40' W75°21.13'
      14:26 CTLINK-1 via GRYLCK-11 (D7 from KA1WPM) N41°56.92 W73°11.94
      14:38 KATHDN-15 via EQINOX-12 (VX-8 from KA1YBS) N45°53.85' W68°57.37'
      14:44 MTWASH-13 via EQINOX-12 (D710) N44°16.24' W71°18.22'
      14:45 EQINOX-12 via GRYLCK-11 (D710) N43°09.97' W73°07.04'
      14:48 SUGARLF-14 via EQINOX-12 (D710) N45°05.08' W70°19.01'
      14:49 GRYLCK-11 via HOP7-7 (D710) N42°38.02' W73°10.24'
      14:50 CAMLBK-9 via HOP7-7 (D710) N41°02.64' W75°20.79'
      16:05 SAMSPT direct (D72 from KC2ASA) N41°40.20' W74°21.68' (my HT heard by my D710 back in car and heading home)

      KC2ASA (active on APRS - Try Voice Alert or send a MSG)
      Skywarn Spotter ID# (still waiting for it)
      Wx station: http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=KNYSLOAT1