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1238RE: Can we skip Greylock in 2014?

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  • kb1tji
    Feb 25, 2014
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      Hello John and Group:

      You had (and have) a team from Massachusetts that was willing and able to go to Mt Greylock and man that station for the AT Golden Packet event. While I don't recall the Mt Equinox station being able to make contact with Sams Point, if you want to eliminate the Mt Greylock station, I guess you can just let us know.

      Either way, some plans are underway for us to travel to Mt Greylock early and evaluate station locations using 50W radios and 6bd gain vertical antennas to establish the feasibility of making contact with Mt Washington from Mt Greylock (as well as Sams Point) for voice and  packet relay. We'll update if/when this test session occurs.

      Jeff Marden

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