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1235RE: [at-golden-packet] Can we skip Greylock in 2014?

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  • Robert Bruninga
    Feb 25, 2014
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      I do not recall any conclusion that it was solid around Greylock.  There were enough problems and issues at various sites, I don’t think I ever got a good picture of how the Northeast links worked.  There is a big difference between “haring” and reliably working.  I’d prefer to have every mountain manned and if packets are heard around any one mountain then a packet will arrive at the end with one less hop.  That is good, but we shold not plan on it.  Though it is fine to extend beyond Katahdyn and Springer, but Katahdyn cannot shoot both ways but ffrom the very top, and after an all day climb starting at 0-dark-30, even if he does have a DIGI HT, it wont be on long.


      I do hope that we can get Stone Moutain on the end this year if we can get Springer with a high enough antenna to see both ways.




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      Have a look at this link map...


      From what I recall from 2013 reports, Station 12, Mount Equinox, heard Station 13, Mount Washington, and Station 10, Sam's Point.

      If this is really true, can we skip Mount Greylock and maybe get one more hop potential at either end of the APRS chain?


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