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1229RE: [at-golden-packet] "Splitter for long shots"

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  • Fred Hillhouse Jr
    Feb 10, 2014
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      I made the splitter two years ago. It worked fine.


      Best regards,

      Fred N7FMH


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      There's a picture on http://aprs.org/at-golden-packet.html of an antenna system identified as "Splitter for long shots".


      Has anyone built one and have experiences to share?


      It's a little optimistic to expect I would need one in 2014 to relay packets from Mount Carleton further north.   But I'd like to try and put one together. I was doing volunteers comms at the Canadian ski marathon last weekend and needed to monitor sweep skiers on 146.52 in 2 directions.


      My plan is to use 2 Arrow backpack yagis 5/8 wavelength apart, end-mounted on a shared boom and pointing in opposite directions.


      I plan to use RG-11 for the 75 ohm sections. Is it 12.9 inches on each side of the tee? or 12.9 total?



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