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1225Re: ATGP Antennas Used

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  • wa1kli
    Jul 30 6:59 PM
      On Sugarloaf I used as simple J-Pole rollup made from 300 ohm twinlead. I have used this for three yeas now without a problem.

      The distance to Kataden is 88.9 miles and I had both voice and data comms with Tim from the summit to below treeline. Tom, please correct me if I am wrong, but you were simply using the standard antenna on your handheld on the way down and we maintained reliable comms with these simple antennas.

      Mt Washington was 74.3 miles and data comms was solid all three years. For some reason I did not have voice comms with them this year but it was fine the previous two years.

      Obviously the use of a simple omnidirectional antenna makes setup far easier that trying to aim two beams and use a splitter.

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