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FW: Planet for November 20-26

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    ... From : Astronomy E-Mail To : List Member Date : 19 November 2000 12:03:49 Subject : Planet for
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      Date : 19 November 2000 12:03:49
      Subject : Planet for November 20-26
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      >Planetary data for the week of November 20 through November 26.
      >This week Mercury is visible in the early morning hours. It is currently
      >in the constellation of Capricornus. It rises about one and one-half hour
      >before the Sun. Look to the east-southeast just before sunrise and you
      >should see Mars, the Moon, Spica, and Mercury.
      >This week Venus is that VERY bright object you see in the west after
      >sunset. Venus is currently in the constellation of Sagittarius. If you
      >have a pair of binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to see a
      >slight phasing of Venus along with some great deep-sky objects in the
      >This week Mars is still an early morning planet rising about 2:30AM. It is
      >currently located in the constellation of Virgo. Look to the
      >east-southeast just before sunrise and you�ll see Mars along with Mercury,
      >the Moon, and Spica.
      >This week Jupiter is very well placed for observing. It is currently in
      >the constellation of Taurus. It rises shortly after sunset and is up for
      >the entire night. Can you say insomnia?
      >This week Saturn again is keeping Jupiter company all night. It too is in
      >the constellation of Taurus. It rises about one-half hour before Jupiter
      >and it too is up all night.
      >Uranus and Neptune:
      >These two planets are in the constellation of Capricornus. The rise and
      >set at almost the same times. If you can find Venus, these two are located
      >south-southwest and just a little higher.
      >This is going to be the last mention of Pluto other than the constellation
      >in which it can be found. There aren�t any observers that I know of who
      >visually observe Pluto. It is sooo faint that you need to do either CCD
      >imagery or astrophotography in able to see this planet. It is currently in
      >the constellation of Ophiuchus (Coffin).
      >I want everybody who celebrates to have a wonderful holiday on Thursday.
      >The updates for December are ready to and WILL be updated on the first of
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