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call for applications: URM STEM grad student recruitment weekend Oct

Do you have really promising junior or senior undergraduates from underrepresented groups who are interested in graduate school in the sciences? Penn State has
Julia Kregenow
12:49 PM

New lecture-tutorial: models of planetary motion

New lecture-tutorial ("in-class activity") on analyzing how the Ptolemaic and Copernican models reproduce prograde and retrograde motion of planets, and to
7:45 AM

Re: Online homework suggestions?

I continue to use Mastering Astronomy. When they started it ~10 years ago Pearson was the only publisher who invested enough money (>>$1M) to create some of
Douglas Duncan
Jul 24

Re: Online homework suggestions?

Julia, a suggestion for multiple takes of quizzes: rather than giving the highest score, I'd suggest using an average or something weighted. Why? I found that
Jul 23

Lecture-tutorial: planet-finding for fall semester 2015

Here's the planet-finding lecture-tutorial ("in-class activity") for September 2, 2015, where students determine the positions of the planets in the evening,
Jul 22

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Online homework suggestions?

Sorry for the mangled formatting of Aaron's previous message that made it impossible to read. Not his fault. Yahoogroups perversely decided to delete all
Julia Kregenow
Jul 22

Re: Online homework suggestions?

My one experience with online HW was quite negative, but it was for a physical science rather than astronomy class. It basically just captured the
Deborah Levine
Jul 22

Re: Online homework suggestions?

Tim, If you want to write your own databank of questions, I highly recommend WebAssign. I will try to be succinct as I explain my reasons which can be
Titus, Aaron
Jul 22

Re: how to assess understanding of measurements, precision, and unce

I believe that Duane Deardorff (deardorf@... ) at UNC Chapel Hill has done the most work in PER on student
Titus, Aaron
Jul 22

how to assess understanding of measurements, precision, and uncertai

This question is especially for those of you who do science education research. We are developing a new lab for our Astro 101 lab students that gets them
Julia Kregenow
Jul 22

Re: Online homework suggestions?

Hi Tim, et al. I put several examples in the latest round of Seeds, Backman, and Montgomery textbooks (Horizons, Universe, and in the next round of
Jul 22

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Online homework suggestions?

I love online homework. Since I teach a very large class without much grading help, I use almost exclusively objective questions that can be autograded
Julia Kregenow
Jul 22

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Online homework suggestions?

I like extension activities that amplify what's been taught, without the excessive use of a text. For example, I use a simple activity to reinforce some of
Jul 22

Re: Online homework suggestions?

Hi, Tim, all. A few years ago, I began making my own homework assignments, and I'm starting to do so for my physics classes. I've been very dissatisfied with
Christopher Sirola
Jul 22

Online homework suggestions?

I am appealing to the expertise of crowdsourcing here. There are now a dizzying array of online homework options. I know that assigning homework is key to
Tim Slater
Jul 22
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