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Looking for a junior level Solar System textbook for non-science maj Hi astrolrners, Here at Sac State we teach a couple of upper division astronomy classes for students that have already taken ASTR 101. The classes are writing
Vera Margoniner
12:17 PM
Planetariums in the classroom Hi Astrolrner, A quick note to point to a "do-it-yourself" guide that the UW mobile planetarium team just published. UW undergraduates lead the efforts in
Phil Rosenfield
Apr 16
Re: Student Response App An app is not needed! I have attached a PDF that can be downloaded into the cell phone or tablet, stored in the document reading program (in the case of the
Apr 14
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    ABCDE Clicker Response cards iPhone.pdf
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Re: New edition of a classic intro text I had a request for the link to this new edition. You can find it here: http://discoveringastronomy.weebly.com/ http://discoveringastronomy.weebly.com/
Apr 14
Re: Large class teaching stratagies - STICKY NOTES! Assuming that you have a cordless mike, and can move around the classroom, I advocate the use of "participation points." This is a terrific idea that I got
Douglas Duncan
Apr 11
Research on the value of note-taking? Can someone point in the direction of some seminal literature on the subject of how much value students get out of taking notes during lecture sessions
Apr 10
Re: Large class teaching stratagies Mike: I often teach large classes, up to 200+ students. You can definitely do the types of activities you've been doing, but you need to do more planning
Melissa N. Hayes-Gehrke
Apr 10
New edition of a classic intro text Steve Shawl et al. have produced a new edition of their intro astronomy book "Discovering Astronomy." I used this book for several years in my AS101 classes.
Apr 10
Large class teaching stratagies Hello everyone, Next semester I am teaching my first large course (75 students). I am looking for ANY tips, do’s and don’ts, suggestions, and ideas on how
Apr 10
Re: Student Response App I suggest that anyone who tries an app on a device that allows web connection sit in the back of a class using it, anonymously, and watch. (sit in someone
Douglas Duncan
Apr 10
Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Student Response App I made a similar app a few years ago after being in one of Ed's classes. It's called TPSVote. There are two versions on the play store along with a video on
Apr 9
Student Response App Aloha everyone! Sometimes we get tired of printing out the ABCD student response cards, and sometimes it's just fun to have options. So, we procured an app
    Stephanie J. Slater
    Apr 9
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    2014 SW Regional Teaching Exchange MiraCosta College and the Center for Astronomy Education invite all current and future astronomy instructors (and other related disciplines) to the 2014
    French, Rica
    Apr 7
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    two-week observational summer program still has openings Hello, all, I am writing to let folks in the astronomy education community know that there are still spaces available in the CUREA program, a two-week
    Paula Turner
    Apr 7
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    We want to study you. Aloha community, We are ramping up for a study and are looking for partners/subjects. We are looking for instructors of astronomy/space science/planetary
    Stephanie J. Slater
    Apr 3
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    JRAEO Board, twitter and first article We are pleased to announce to the Community that the following persons have agreed to serve on the Editorial/Advisory Board for the /Journal and Review of
    JRAEO General Mailbox
    Mar 26
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? Perhaps the tutor thinks the class takes too much time b/c s/he doesn't know astronomy that well and has to learn or relearn the information... off the clock!
    Nicolle Zellner
    Mar 21
    FW: ASP 2014 Annual Meeting Dear Members of the Greater CAE Community, Just in case you hadnÆt yet heard, the annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is coming up! They
    Brissenden, Gina L - (glbrisse)
    Mar 21
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? I have to strongly agree with my colleague, Rica. I never use them in my labs, and never talked with others that have. College astronomy labs are typically
    Danny Martino
    Mar 21
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? I never have and never will assign a term paper in an intro astronomy course, and certainly not in place of lab work. Good labs help to teach students about
    Mar 21
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? I would guess it is possible that at a school with small classes the astro professor might have their students write papers, but I've never heard of an intro
    Aaron Grocholski
    Mar 21
    Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Using term papers to repla I am at the High School level. I believe this tutor just doesn't want to do any more work than she has to. Tell her the work for your class is the work for
    Marc Jones
    Mar 21
    Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Re: Using term papers to replace course work? I agree. While I recognize the value of a term paper, it is unrealistic to expect the entire course grade be based upon this. Electra tutorials are extremely
    Sandy E
    Mar 20
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? I have my students do some kind of semester project. Since we have very limited telescope access, the projects tend not to be observationally-based. For
    Christopher Sirola
    Mar 20
    A big round of thanks to our outgoing Astrolrner@CAE Guest Moderator Dear Members of the Greater CAE Community, For nearly two years, Melissa Hayes-Gehrke has been our Astrolrner@CAE Guest Moderatorùa volunteer position with
    Brissenden, Gina L - (glbrisse)
    Mar 20
    Northeast Regional Learning Assistant (LA) Workshop: Friday March 21 Boston University is excited to be hosting the Northeast Regional Learning Assistant (LA) Workshop from Friday March 21 through Saturday March 22. The Learning
    Nicholas Gross
    Mar 20
    Astrobiology Virtual Coffee Break Updated Link and Archive Hi everyone! Several of you have asked whether the Virtual Coffee Break sessions that I advertised last week will be archived. We had some technical
    Kate Brutlag Follette
    Mar 20
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    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? Never. No – then there would be no point in having a lab class. Rica Sirbaugh French | Professor of Astronomy NASA Center for Astronomy Education | NSF
    French, Rica
    Mar 20
    Re: Using term papers to replace course work? Well, IF the term paper was on a unique research project/experiment that the student had done, so the paper was reporting on: (1) the new procedure/method the
    Nick Strobel
    Mar 20
    Re: [Caution: Message contains Redirect URL content] [Astrolrner@CAE IMHO, that tutor is in dreamland. I do have essay questions on my exams, but a ô12 page term paperö would be a horrible way to drive student learning. For
    Dr. Juan E Cabanela Ph.D.
    Mar 20
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