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Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Stellar Evolution labs

Have you checked out any of the Astronomy Clearinghouse activities?
Nicolle Zellner
9:38 AM

Re: Stellar Evolution labs

?Hi, Scott. It depends on what you're looking to do... here's a few things we do or know about: * One of our activities plots the HR diagrams of the 50 nearest
Christopher Sirola
9:37 AM

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] [Astrolrner@CAE] Explaining the Weak Force

To get students to understand the weak force, break down the PP fusion chain when discussing fusion in low-mass, sun-like stars and bring out your periodic
May 28

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] [Astrolrner@CAE] Explaining the Four Forces

I solved this problem by slipping annular magnets on a rod. One is glued to the base of the rod and the other one falls onto it. This eliminates the edge
David Wittman
May 28

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Explaining the Four Forces

I recently built a prototype “strong force simulator” for use in introducing the proton-proton chain. I took a couple of balls, embedded strong magnets
Deborah Levine
May 28

Announcing 3 CAPER #ASTRO101 Teaching Workshops at IAU in Honolulu

Announcing Three 2015 CAPER Team Astronomy Education Workshops in Honolulu as part of the IAU International Astronomical Union Meeting Pre-registration is
Tim Slater
May 27

Stellar Evolution labs

I'm in the process of revising our astronomy lab manuals and planning out the schedule of labs for the next year. At Sam Houston State University we recently
Miller, Scott
May 27

Re: [Astrolrner@CAE] Explaining the Four Forces

​Interesting question re explaining weak & strong forces... We just graduated a Ph.D. candidate in physics education who worked on this particular problem.
Christopher Sirola
May 27

[Astrolrner@CAE] Explaining the Four Forces

When I read that comic, it was like Randall Munroe had been spying on my classes. In fairness, I think this is also very close to how the four forces were
Adam Jensen
May 26

Save the Date: IAU International Astronomy Education Meeting: 3-7 Oc

RESEARCH IN ASTRONOMY EDUCATION: FAR REACHING IMPACTS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS IAU Symposium #326 held in Heidelberg, Germany October 3-7, 2016 As you’re
Tim Slater
May 26

Explaining the Four Forces

 What do you teach about the strong and weak nuclear forces?  https://xkcd.com/1489/ Matt    What do you teach about the strong and weak nuclear forces?
Matt B
May 26

different Milky Way activity

I know this isn't the activity that was requested, but wanted to share that my favorite Milky Way activity is one that compares the locations of the open
Shupla, Christine
May 26

Bringing astronomy 'home'

I find myself contemplating how to include the seemingly mundane into my astronomy courses to help yield scientific insights that are somewhat difficult for
May 26
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Re: Paper Model of The Milky Way

This pdf file might be helpful. http://universe.nasa.gov/au/docs/sessions/Session_9.pdf ... On Fri, 5/22/15, isbeth4@... [astrolrner]
elizabeth razi
May 25

Sample student essays: stellar masses/sizes/metallicities, look-back

With the final exam graded, here are sample student responses (rubrics and grading distributions as well) to a new batch of essay questions. Many of these are
May 25
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