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10th Issue of Astronomy Education Review Published

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  • Andrew Fraknoi
    NEW ISSUE OF ASTRONOMY EDUCATION REVIEW IS COMPLETE Astronomy Education Review, the web-based journal/magazine for everyone involved in astronomy education
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2007
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      "Astronomy Education Review," the web-based
      journal/magazine for everyone involved in astronomy
      education and outreach, celebrates its 5th anniversary
      by announcing the on-line publication of its 10th
      (and largest) issue. It is now ready on the
      web site: http://aer.noao.edu

      The featured papers and articles in this issue include:

      Different Reward Structures to Motivate Student Interaction with
      Electronic Response Systems in Astronomy
      by Patrick M. Len (Cuesta College)

      Astronomy Diagnostic Test Results Reflect Course Goals and
      Show Room for Improvement
      by Michael C. LoPresto (Henry Ford Community College)

      What's Educational about Online Telescopes?: Evaluating 10
      Years of MicroObservatory
      by Roy Gould, Mary Dussault, and Philip Sadler (Harvard-Smithsonian
      Center for Astrophysics)

      Learning about Gravity I. Free Fall;
      Learning about Gravity II. Trajectories and Orbits:
      Guides for Teachers and Curriculum Developers
      by Claudine Kavanagh (Tufts University)
      and Cary Sneider (Museum of Science, Boston)

      Development and Validation of the Light and Spectroscopy
      Concept Inventory by Erin Bardar (Boston University and TERC),
      Edward Prather and Tim Slater (University of Arizona),
      and Kenneth Brecher (Boston University).

      Effectiveness of Amateur Astronomers as Informal Science
      Educators by Michael Gibbs and Margaret Berendsen (ASP)

      Towards a Methodology for Informal Astronomy Education
      Research by Nicholas Stroud (Teachers College, Columbia University),
      Meghan Groome (National Governors Association), Rachel Connolly
      (American Museum of Natural History),
      and Keith Sheppard (Stony Brook University)

      Survey of Introductory Astronomy Textbooks: An Update
      by David Bruning (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

      Planetfinder: An Online Interactive Module for Learning
      How Astronomers Detect Extrasolar Planets
      by Richard McCray, University of Colorado

      The Human Orrery: A New Educational Tool for Astronomy
      by D. J. Asher, M. E. Bailey, A. A. Christou, and
      M. D. Popescu (Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland)

      SABER: The Searchable Annotated Bibliography of
      Education Research in Astronomy by David Bruning
      (University of Wisconsin-Parkside),
      Janelle Bailey (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), and
      Gina Brissenden (University of Arizona)

      Teaching What a Planet Is: A Roundtable on the
      Educational Implications of the New Definition of a Planet
      conducted by Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College & ASP)

      A First Glimpse of Student Attitudes about Pluto's "Demotion"
      by Michael LoPresto (Henry Ford Community College)

      Astronomy Education Review: A Five-Year Progress Report
      and Thoughts about the Journal's Future
      by Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College) & Sidney Wolff (NOAO)

      Plus announcements of conferences, awards, and other opportunities.

      When you go to the AER site, you may see that the next issue
      is already under way. If so, you can find the full 10th issue
      by clicking on "back issues" and then on "vol. 5, no. 2.

      AER actively solicits interesting papers and articles on all aspects
      of space science education and outreach. We are particularly
      interested in increasing the number of papers relating to
      education outside the formal classroom. The journal gets
      between 130,000 and 270,000 hits per month from every state of
      the U.S. and over 90 other countries.

      Sidney Wolff and Andrew Fraknoi

      Andrew Fraknoi, Chair, Astronomy Program
      Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Rd.,
      Los Altos Hills, CA 94022, USA

      Telephone: (650) 949-7288
      E-mail: fraknoiandrew@...
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