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Fwd: [CALONTIR] Pennsic Information

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  • sheryl
    Forwarded by request: Ines Alfon ... From: belanna@charter.net Date: Jul 7, 2006 11:47 AM Subject: [CALONTIR] Pennsic Information To:
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      Forwarded by request:
      Ines Alfon

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      From: belanna@... <belanna@...>
      Date: Jul 7, 2006 11:47 AM
      Subject: [CALONTIR] Pennsic Information
      To: CALONTIR@...


      As Pennsic approaches I wish to impart the following information on
      those attending Pennsic.

      The Land Agent has a new Tent. It is a Yurt and will be on the corner
      of the Royal Encampment as usual and will have a sign Land Agent. It
      is grey with a blue roof.

      1) What do I do after I troll in: You MUST find the Land Agent
      before setting up your tent. If you setup your tent without the land
      agent you may have to move it, if it doesn't fit with the grand plan
      of tent placement. It does not matter what time you reach camp if you
      choose to setup you must find me, (wake me if needed, this is my job
      and I don't mind) or a Deputy Land Agent but look for me first. My
      Deputy Land Agents for this Pennsic are Baron Alasdair (my husband),
      Lady Gertrude, and Lord Alruth, in that order. We will be camping
      right next to one another so if I am not available they will be able
      to help you out.

      2) Your Arrival Date: If you have not contacted me with Your Arrival
      Date I will not know to be in camp the day you are due to show up. If
      you plan on attending Pennsic but have not pre registered and have not
      let me know you are coming I will again not know to be in camp the day
      you are due to show up. So if you are unsure if I know your arrival
      date please contact me at belanna@....

      3) Not Sure of Your Arrival Date: If you have told me around the ….
      Or I'm getting there after….Or I'm not sure…Please be aware you may
      have to wait to setup your tent because again if I don't know when you
      are arriving I can not make sure I'm there for you and I would really
      like to be.

      4) If you have any requests of the Land Agent please feel free to
      contact me at belanna@...

      I still need to speak to the following Gentles if you know of them
      please forward this to them.

      Erik Askuppmark
      Heinrich/Brian Cramer
      Alasdair MacArthur
      Cadfael the Mordacious or Lorell Shrewbury
      Anna Rynefors
      Conrad MArtin von Kassel

      In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
      Baroness BelAnna de Rouge
      Pennsic Land Agent
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