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  • Bedanta Das
    Oct 17, 2008
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      No:-9 Oct, 2008


      ESTD-1992. 2nd Oct,
      16in yers of IDXA Dx TimeS
      DX TIMES is our monthly publications for our club members. (
      This is the private issue Re:- 1.00)

      Bedanta Das
      1-NoGaliahati. Barpeta .781301. Assam India
      E-Mail:- das884@...
      Website:- http://www.geocities.com/indiadx/idxa.htm
      Phone:- +91(03665)236267 ®
      Mobile:- +91 9435024947
      DX News

      New AIR station coming up at Chanchal
      10 kW FM Transmitter
      Google search popped up this photo of laying of foundation stone
      Alokesh Gupta.

      Please ADD the following hours & minutes to get your local time.
      BANGLADESH +06:00 HRS
      BHUTAN + 06:00 HRS
      INDIA +05:30 HRS
      MALDIVES +05:00 HRS
      NEPAL +05:45 HRS
      PAKISTAN +05:00 HRS
      SRI LANKA +05:30 HRS

      Assamese (A08)
      station bgn end freq days notes Adventist World Radio 1330 1400
      15275 Su We Trans World Radio 1330 1400 12075 Mo Tu We Th
      Fr Trans World Radio 1330 1345 12075 Su Gospel for Asia 2345 2400
      6040 Mo Tu
      We Thanks .
      Bedanta Das
      Here are couple of screenshots from AIR DRM test on 2nd Oct - VBS on
      6100 Kept on trying with outdoor longwire which overloaded the
      RP2100 finally decoded at around 1120 UTC after switching to
      internal antenna : 
      Regds Alokesh Gupta New Delhi

      Due to renew:- please see your address label carefully. If last
      issue is mentioned above your name, then you are required to send
      your remittance.

      01 Oct to 12 Oct 2008

      UPDATED ON:- 15 Oct, 2008

      Those who missed the VOA Hindi final transmission on 30th Sept, can
      listen online using this
      link :http://www.voanews.com/real/voa/sca/hind/hind1600a.ram OR, can
      download using this link
      Alokesh Gupta New Delhi

      Khz Mhz MB
      531-1602 MW
      3200-3400 3 90
      3900-4000 4 75
      4750-5060 5 60
      5950-6200 6 49
      7100-7500 7 41
      9400-9900 9 31
      11650-12050 11 25
      13600-13800 13 22
      15100-15600 15 19
      17550-17900 17 16
      21450-21850 21 13
      25600-26100 26 11

      Send Your comments & suggestion to our club and our publications.

      Website:- http://www.geocities.com/indiadx/idxa.htm Mobile:-
      9435024947 Phone:- (03665)236267 ®
      International DX Association. 1-No, Galiahati, Barpeta. 781301.
      IDXA New E-Mail:- idxa@... E-Mail:- das884@... Web:-

      DX TIMES
      Vol:-17 No:-9 Oct, 2008


      Noted theatre person and character artiste Poornam Viswanathan
      passed away here on Wednesday after a brief illness. He was 87.Mr.
      Viswanathan was known for his remarkable performances in Tamil
      theatre and films. In every role he played, he paid great attention
      to dialogue delivery and body language. He started performing on
      stage when he was 18. He later moved to New Delhi for a few years,
      where he was part of the ‘South Indian Troupe,’ with renowned
      critic Subbudu. Mr.Viswanathan, who worked as news reader at All
      India Radio there, deemed it a matter of great pride to have
      announced the news of India obtaining independence in the first news
      bulletin broadcast on August 15, 1947. He was transferred to Chennai
      in 1964. His portrayal of roles in plays scripted by Marina, such as
      ‘Thanikuduthanam,’ ‘Oor vambu,’ and ‘Kaal kattu,’ won
      him great acclaim. Mr. Viswanathan, who had acted in plays written
      by Sujatha, was deeply affected by the writer’s passing away this
      February. His powerful portrayal of characters in plays such as
      ‘Kadavul vandirundar,’ ‘Adimaigal’ and ‘Oonjal’ were
      hailed by the audience. His passion for theatre made him start a
      troupe of his own, ‘Poornam New Theatres.’ Mr. Viswanathan’s
      performance in films such as ‘Varusham 16,’ ‘Keladi
      Kanmani,’ ‘Aasai,’ ‘Mahanadi’ and ‘Varumaiyin Niram
      Sivappu’ are unforgettable. He was at ease in both comedy and
      melodrama.He served the Press Information Bureau in Chennai as
      assistant information officer and later served as editor of
      ‘Thittam’ and senior correspondent of ‘Yojana’ magazines
      brought out by the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry. He
      penned several plays and short stories. He was very interested in
      the fine arts and was often spotted at sabhas during the December
      music festival. Mr. Viswanathan is survived by his wife, son and two
      daughters. Thanks to The Hindu For Contact: Jaisakthivel,59,Annai
      Sathya Nagar, Arumbakkam,Chennai-600106,India Visit:
      www.dxersguide.blogspot.com www.sarvadesavaanoli.blogspot.com Join:
      Mobile: +91 98413 66086
      BBC India Business Development Manager Vineeta Dwivedi has put in
      her papers and will be taking up the post of Project Director at
      Digital Radio Mondiale consortium (DRM) from 1 November. Dwivedi,
      who has spent seven years at the BBC, is currently serving her
      notice period in BBC. Confirms DRM Consortium Chair Ruxandra Obreja,
      “After an intense, open and very competitive process we have
      decided to offer a one-year contract /secondment as Project Director
      DRM to Vineeta Dwivedi.” As part of this new responsibility,
      Dwivedi would be leading the day to day management of the DRM
      consortium business and managing the activity of the DRM assistant
      and running effectively the DRM office. The task will also include
      implementing the DRM marketing and business strategy and effectively
      communicating the benefits of the technology to broadcasters,
      regulators, manufactures and others. This will include, where
      appropriate, lobbying on DRM’s behalf with national, local and
      commercial broadcasters and well as government departments and
      bodies as well as regulators.
      Attending and reporting to the Steering Board, providing updates on
      activities as well as reporting on progress in delivering the DRM
      strategy and marketing plan. Dwiwedi would also be attending
      international events, exhibitions, public and private technology
      demonstrations of members and other organizations interested or
      involved in the development of DRM. Vineeta joined BBC World Service
      in 2001 and worked in a range of editorial and production roles
      before getting involved with the growing business development team
      in 2005.  She had been managing FM partnerships of providing BBC
      across 11 cities in India. Prior to joining the BBC, she worked for
      the Press Trust of India. Meanwhile, after 10 years as Chairman of
      DRM, Peter Senger retired from both DRM and his position as Deutsche
      Welle´s Director DRM. His successor  is Ruxandra Obreja, who is
      the Controller Business Development, BBC World Service. Obreja has
      been unanimously elected as new Chair of the DRM Consortium and DRM
      Jaisakthivel, Chennai, India

      Membership Category of IDXA. Barpeta .Assam. Admission Fees
      Rs. Annual Fees
      Life 1500.00 Nill
      Corporate (Individual having for SWR listeners) 25.00 125.00
      Regular Member 25.00 100.00
      N.B:- send your remittance and help us for publishing the magazine

      Send Your comments & suggestion to our club and our publications.

      DX TIMES
      Vol:-17 No:-9 Oct, 2008

      DRM tests by AIR
      Here are the parameters for the technically inclined ....... ALL
      Service : VIVIDH BHARATI SERVICE Time : 0900-1200 UTC (1430-1730
      IST) Allocations for DRM Transmission : D17/DD 6100 kHz (H 2/1/0.2)
      Target/ Coverage Area : Within 600 Km range Parameters :POWER: 50 kW
      (7dB below the original analog power) MODE: B (NVIS) QAM: 16
      Time : 1745 - 2230 UTC (2315-0400 IST) Allocations for DRM
      Transmission : D17/NW 9950 kHz (HRR4/4/0.75)
      Target/ Coverage Area : UK & WEST EUROPE Parameters : POWER: 50 kW
      (7dB below the original analog power)
      MODE: B QAM: 64
      Alokesh Gupta New Delhi
      'Training is very important for community radio' Posted By: RnM Team
      30 Sep 08 12:08 IST
      NEW DELHI: The Community Radio Conference organised by Indira Gandhi
      National Open University (IGNOU) being held in the Capital has
      emphasized the fact that training is very important and a must to
      drive community radio services in India. Addressing the first day of
      the two day conference that began on 29 September, Manvikas Samajik
      Sanstha Community Radio director Padma Kuber said, "It is very
      important to train the community so that it can operate its own
      radio station. Community radio is most required in the interiors of
      the country where the maximum education level of the people is the
      matriculation level. Thus, they should be taught how to use the
      medium of community radio through technical training as well as
      educational training." Kongu Community Radio director Dr K Thangaraj
      focused on the four areas of training - like disaster management,
      local events, developing business, hospital facilities required to
      operate community radio services in India.
      He said, "While it is important to impart technical skills to
      operate the radio station, at the same time, it is required that
      community radio should work towards the advancement of the
      community. Therefore, the community should be educated on disaster
      management, how to create programmes that are related to local
      events. On using community radio as a medium of developing
      businesses like agriculture, community radio can be useful in
      weather forecast for farmers. A community radio, if developed to its
      maximum potential, can turn out to be very useful in developing the
      country as a whole." Later, Ayodhya Lal Kalyan Niketan's Kripa
      Shankar Sriwastav cited the example of recent floods in the country
      and said that community radio can
      play an active role at the time of natural calamities and help
      spreading awareness about the floods amongst the locals of the
      region. Therefore, while community radio is the need of the hour in
      the interiors of India, it is vital to give the much required
      training in order to run the services of community radio, the
      speakers concurred.

      ** INDIA. I received an Indian TV sound in Hindi on 60.75 MHz at
      0422-0536+UT on July 24 '08 in Japan. Over 5000 km!
      http://oyunna.web.fc2.com/20080724hindi6075.wav Program was
      documentary until 0430, after TV drama or movie. I don`t know an
      Indian high-power station in E3 channel. Please give me advice. (RX:
      IC R-9000, ANT: ALA1530+) (S. Hasegawa, NDXC, Oct 5, dxldyg via DX
      LISTENING DIGEST) Uploaded an audio File
      (S. Hasegawa, NDXC, Oct 6, ibid.) In a huge country like India you`d
      think here would be multiple transmitters on every channel,
      including E3. The problem is getting a complete and accurate
      listing. In 1969-1970, I frequently got E4 New Delhi, including
      video, whilst DXing from Thailand. WR[T]H 2008 devotes about one
      inch to TV in India with no attempt to list any specific channels.
      Hunt at http://www.ddindia.com Lotsa luck. For instance, the page
      about DD transmitters does not bother to go into channel numbers
      either: http://www.ddindia.gov.in/About+DD/Doordarshan+Transmitters
      Perhaps dx_india or Alokesh Gupta can help, or DX Asia, if they have
      any interest in television (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
      Copy by:- Bedanta Das

      DX TIMES
      Vol:-17 No:-9 Oct, 2008
      New 10 kW AIR FM station coming up at Chanchal in Malda
      district,West Bengal Pic & report at :
      Alokesh Gupta
      New Delhi
      Radio St Helena Test Transmission Radio St.Helena test txn was
      noted last night on 11092.5 usb - 1800-200 UTC.
      Alokesh Gupta
      New Delhi.
      Dear Friends
       YL Sarla VU2SWS, has been editing our news magazine for the past
      several years and has been responsible for bringing out issues
      regularly for the past several years.  Sarla has expressed a desire
      to be relieved of this responsibility as she does not find enough
      time to do it with her other family and business preoccupations.  We
      have been trying to find someone else to take on this responsibility
      over the past few months and I am happy to announce that OM T S
      Ganesh VU2TS has graciously accepted to be the editor.  The magazine
      will henceforth be printed and distributed from Bangalore and I
      would request every one to please assist Ganesh by sending news
      worthy articles on ham radio generally, home brewing, important
      events happening to amateur radio elsewhere in the world, and of
      course in India, club news like fox hunts, AGM meetings etc.
      Ganesh's e-mail ID are 1. < ganeshbrhills@... > and 2. < ganesh@...
      >  I am sure that Ganesh will have the support of Sarla in his new
      assignment so we can have a very readable magazine which will appear
      once a quarter. I also thank Sarla very much for her untiring work
      over the past several years and wish Ganesh success
      Gopal  VU2GMN Gopal Madhavan "Shreyas" Apartments 128(old63)
      Greenways Road Chennai – 600 028 Tel: 91 44 2493 7724 / 4230 3129
      Mobile: 91 94440 18452 E-mail: gopal.madhavan@...
      News from ARRL Web :
      A 66-page booklet, "Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio
      Amateur" by John Devoldere, ON4UN, and Mark Demeuleneere, ON4WW, is
      available for free download http://www.iaru.org/Eth-operating-EN-
      At its June 2008 meeting, the IARU Administrative Council endorsed
      and recommended the principles set out in the booklet as a means of
      encouraging all radio amateurs "to operate to the highest levels of
      proficiency, with proper
      consideration for others using the amateur radio bands" and as a
      tool "to teach newcomers and others correct operating behavior." The
      booklet mainly addresses HF operating issues, but the principles are
      also applicable to VHF and higher bands.
      73 de Rajeev, vu2ocy
      Given below is an announcement from ARRL- please indicate any one
      you feel is deserving of the award, please send us details
      Gopal Madhavan "Shreyas" Apartments 128(old63) Greenways Road
      Chennai – 600 028 Tel: 91 44 2493 7724 / 4230 3129 Mobile: 91 94440
      18452 E-mail: gopal.madhavan@...
      Jamboree on the air
      The information from their webpage http://www.scout.org/jota The
      51st JOTA / 12th JOTI will take place on 18 and 19 October 2008. Now
      is the time to start planning ! Download the latest JOTA-JOTI
      circular. More details are also available from: for JOTI: joti.org
      for JOTA: jota.sub.cc It is hoped that many VU stations will be
      active. Please post details on the scouts webpage so you can
      maximize contacts. Gopal Gopal Madhavan "Shreyas" Apartments 128
      (old63) Greenways Road Chennai – 600 028  Tel: 91 44 2493 7724 /
      4230 3129 Mobile: 91 94440 18452 E-mail: gopal.madhavan@...

      DX TIMES
      Vol:-17 No:-9 Oct, 2008
      The IARU has been very active for the past many years protecting ham
      bands but also trying to get back what we had. The demand for
      spectrum from so many new is very great. Unfortunately, even though
      there is an earlier  WRC ( World Radiocommunications Conference)
      agreement that the entire 40 M band will revert to amateurs by 2009,
      it did not get through at WRC- 07 which was held in Geneva. So many
      countries, including India, will not get the full benefit for some
      time and broadcasters who have a huge clout may retain substantial
      portions of it in many areas. While 7.1 to 7.2 was restored in some
      countries it did not happen here in India and some other countries.
      IARU is still working on it and the next WRC is a few years away. So
      it may be a bit premature to celebrate here in India. ARSI has made
      several representations to the Ministry without success so far
      Gopal Gopal Madhavan "Shreyas" Apartments 128(old63) Greenways Road
      Chennai – 600 028 Tel: 91 44 2493 7724 / 4230 3129 Mobile: 91 94440
      18452 E-mail: gopal.madhavan@...
      Radio Taiwan Intl. - 97th National Day celebrations on October 10th
      On October 10th, the live coverage of the 97th national day
      celebrations can be heard from 0200 to 0300 UTC on 15320 KHz to
      Southeast Asia. Those of you who live in other parts of the world
      are welcome to visit our website to hear the webcast of the live
      coverage. Meanwhile, RTI's English broadcast to North America from
      0200 to 0300 UTC on 5950 KHz will be cancelled on October 10th.
      (Via RTI website) Alakesh Gupta
      New Delhi
      Visit for our Hindi Listeners or Dxers of India and Asia so join our
      new Website:- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dx_hindi/
      Send us regular Dx News & information. Your information & News are
      help us for publishing the magazine.
      We are publish our club members Name & Address with Email& phone no,
      so send all members your ID to send us as soon.
      Best Wish & Good Luck & Happy Puja

      Printed Matter/ Book Post


      From:- Bedanta Das
      International Dx Association
      1-No,Galiahati, Near Night School.
      BARPETA. 781301. Assam. India
      Ph:-(03665)236267® Mo:-9435024947
      Email:- das884@...
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