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Prelegere>>The origin of conciousness - scriitorul italian Roberto Quaglia

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    *PRELEGERE Roberto Quaglia * *Luni, 05.03.2007**, ora** **18:30* *Casa de Cultura a studentilor, sala 8* **** The origin of conciousness in the breakdown of
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      PRELEGERE Roberto Quaglia
      Luni, 05.03.2007, ora 18:30
      Casa de Cultura a studentilor, sala 8
      The origin of conciousness
      in the breakdown of the bicameral mind
               *Prelegere in limba engleza

      of civil war in our brains when and how human consciousness was born and why mankind was completely nuts(=mad) until 20.000 years ago(and some has remained like that until now-a heretical discussion om the origins of human mind and archeology of our psyche.
            Roberto Quaglia - italian writer has written 12 books of various genre books which are translated into Romanian and published by Nemira.
            Vagabundul Interspatial-Dio Srl-Paine, unti si paradoxinain colectia Nautilis( science fiction )-      Gandirea Stocasticaina colectia Totem( filosofie ).
           Roberto Quaglia has recently written a book with Ian Watson, Great Britan's most brilliant science fiction writer(know among other things, for being the autor of the screen story of film A.I. by Steven Spielberg) Roberto Quaglia's latest Italian publication is:Il mito dell '11 settembre e l' opzione dottor Stranamore'' a controversial book about the total deception in which the events of September 11 consist and how the whole world has been fooled with the complicity of the media.
      Eveniment organizat de Asociatia Studentilor la Psihologie si Stiintele Educatiei (ASPSE)
      ASPSE >> "Investeste in tine!"

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