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Rich Murray: Sullivan: symptom-free aspartame use 6.1.1 rmforall

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  • Rich Murray
    Rich Murray: Sullivan: symptom-free aspartame use 6.1.1 rmforall Hello Dick Sullivan, Yeah, Santa Fe is paradise!-- since Jan 1999, I ve given up my
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      Rich Murray: Sullivan: symptom-free aspartame use 6.1.1 rmforall

      Hello Dick Sullivan,

      Yeah, Santa Fe is paradise!-- since Jan 1999,
      I've given up my home-mixed regular Coke and vanilla
      ice cream slurps; my twice-daily 20 oz mugs, half filled with dry milk,
      1 Tbs instant coffee, 1 Tbs cocoa powder, 2 Tbs sugar,
      hot city water added, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
      (great for surfing the Net for hours);
      and all meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk-butter-yogurt-cheese;

      in favor of the John McDougall diet, low-protein and low-fat:
      rice, beans, vegetables, a few fruits, with garlic, salt, pepper;
      two quarts daily of popcorn with 2 Tbs flaxseed oil, garlic, salt,
      1 - 2 pints oatmeal, cooked with same amount of deionized water with
      various nuts and raisins. Gave up all wheat for months, then found
      that sprouted grain wheat breads are fine,
      2-4 slices daily with honey and organic peanut butter.
      All food is organic. Gave up coffee and cocoa
      last month-- have black, green, and chai teas. Additive-free
      vitamin-mineral capsule, 4 gm C, 2 gm E, calcium-magnesium capsule,
      1000 micrograms B-12, 1200 micrograms folic acid, ginko, ginsing,
      200 mg 5-HTP.
      At age 58, my past good health is much improved,
      about 140 lb, 5'11", little exercise, rare colds,
      decades of very loose stools have become soft formed,
      forehead gets a little rashy, usual March allergies (for which I'm OK
      with a morning chinese herbal pill), much improved mental clarity,
      focus, and evenness (always had mild attention deficit disorder),
      hair thinning on top, grey beard (if I dared grow it),
      lost a molar in March due to sudden large cavity, healthy gums,
      7 mercury amalgam fillings were replaced with epoxy silicon
      dioxide composites in 1984 (ending metallic taste in mouth,
      reducing headaches, less gum bleeding). Gave up potatoes, since
      two alkaloids common in many varieties of potatoes may well
      be a major co-factor in schizophrenia-- the world's highest
      incidence is in Ireland... Also, no soy, due to high levels
      of hormones, fat, and protein. Smoked a pack a day from
      1974 to 1984. Gave up pot and LSD in 1980.
      Almost never used alcohol. Some days I put a tsp sugar in
      my pint of tea, some days I use 6 drops stevia extract.

      Rather free of stress, having worked 16 years as home hospice
      care giver-- indulge in wonderful meditations with my friends
      every day, and with Sondra, my lady, an acapuncturist. Usually
      sleep from midnight to 6 AM, with little naps during some of
      the meditations-- danger of drooling!

      I drank about 10 L lemon Crystal Light in 1995, on ice with orange
      juice, over a period of 6 months, and by Sept. 1995
      slowly had gotten a very stiff neck, very hard to look to my L while
      driving, and then suddenly at midnight had bad R shoulder joint
      pain with a permanent numbness on the end of my R thumb on the
      R side-- at 3 AM, I bought aspirin, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen,
      and took lots that night. Since I had gotten a mild neck jolt
      a few weeks earlier from being rear-ended in my car, then with
      the many chiropractic adjustments plus acapuncture plus almost
      accidentally not buying more Crystal Light, I soon had normal
      neck mobility. Only learned about the possibility of
      aspartame toxicity in Jan 1999. So, it's possible I had a
      reaction to aspartame. I never noticed headaches from the
      rare Diet Cokes I had, and have had no aspartame since Jan
      1999. Mild headaches a few times a year. Tonsils and
      adenoids out in 1947 at age 5; knocked out for 10 minutes
      in 1953 at age 10 from blow to top of head-- I believe I
      had permanent mild cognitive deficits from that. Grew up
      as a bookworm nerd type in a small town in East Texas.
      Typically, very slow at reading piano music, but good at
      turning myself loose into spontaneous improvisations.
      Not talented at the visual arts or singing, poorly
      coordinated at fast sports. Usual disposition: happy,
      sweet, relaxed, playful, independent, stubborn,
      yet accomodating and helpful. This year I tend to wake
      up feeling friendly and up, rather than needing an hour
      to feel OK. Some dream recall, with enjoyment and
      interest, occasionally precognitive about the next day or

      Rich Murray Room For All rmforallearthlink.net
      1943 Otowi Road Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-986-9103
      long 40K summary

      Murray: Sullivan: symptom-free aspartame use 5.31.1

      May 31 2001 Hello Dick Sullivan, Thank you for your report on your
      experience with using aspartame. Did you start in February 2001?
      How many diet drinks and packets of NutraSweet do you use daily?
      I invite you to share more about your diet, health in general,
      medications, exercise, use of alcohol (an antidote to methanol),
      and any other relevant factors.
      May I share your reports with various networks involved with the issue
      of aspartame toxicity? Since Jan 1999 I have found almost no reports
      of aspartame users who are free of the typical complaints reported by
      aspartame reactors. The claim is that the toxicity is cumulative--
      many reactors report that their symptoms did not start to evolve until
      after months of use.

      The claim that widespread aspartame use protects many undiagnosed
      diabetics is reasonable on the face of it, and deserves careful
      evaluation. The critics claim is that aspartame increases food and
      drink cravings, and in other ways worsens the diabetic process.
      Dr. H.J. Roberts probably discusses this in detail:

      Excellent 5-page review by H.J. Roberts in "Townsend Letter",
      Jan 2000, "Aspartame (NutraSweet) Addiction"
      http://www.dorway.com/tldaddic.html http://www.sunsentpress.com/
      H.J. Roberts, M.D. HJRobertsmd@... sunsentpress@...
      Sunshine Sentinel Press 6708 Pamela Lane West Palm Beach, FL 33405
      800-814-9800 561-588-7628 561-547-8008 fax
      1038 page text "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic"
      released May 30 2001 $ 85.00 postpaid data from 1200 cases
      http://www.aspartameispoison.com/contents.html 34 chapters

      Best regards, Rich Murray Room For All rmforall@...
      1943 Otowi Road Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-986-9103
      long 40K summary

      Subject: Re: [Quackbusters] Did you feel better for the days without
      Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 11:03:19 -0600
      From: Richard Sullivan FRPS <richsul@...>
      To: quackbusters@yahoogroups.com

      Having been diagnosed with Type II diabetes last February, I gave up my
      daily intake of 6 Classic Cokes and switched to Diet Pepsi and Diet
      Coke. I've lost 55 lbs since then and attribute some of that to the
      Diet Pepsi. I used to drink 2 or 3 of the Cokes in the evening,
      and now that I sip on the Diet Pepsis instead,
      I sleep better at night now that my blood sugar is not roaring.
      I now buy NutraSweet in the big 750 count
      economy packs at Sam's Club. Instead of sugar, I dump a bunch on my
      strawberries and blueberries which I float in soy cream, this is my
      food pleasure for the day. Since I have switched from sugar to
      Apartame, I feel a million times better.

      There are 14 million diabetics in the US, and some estimates are that
      there are that many still undiagnosed. For about 10% of the U.S.
      population, sugar is a deadly poison. Up to now, and undetected by
      any population study, the possible adverse effects of Apartame on
      the population as a whole are far less devastating than those caused by

      Some diabetics living near the Canadian border slip across and buy
      cyclamates by the gallon, a substance banned here by the notorious FDA!
      Some 38 other countries allow the use of cyclamates, since it was
      determined that the original studies showing it to be carcinogenic
      were in error. This includes most of Western Europe.
      The National Academy of Science made that determination in 1984.
      Abbott labs and Dupont are/were the co-holders of the
      cyclamate patents, and the idea that the FDA can be bought
      is begging the question here.

      --Dick Sullivan Mission Probable

      Subject: Re: [Quackbusters] Murray: Sullivan: symptom-free aspartame
      use 5.31.1
      Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 17:33:44 -0600
      From: Richard Sullivan FRPS <richsul@...>
      To: Rich Murray <rmforall@...>

      Hello Rich Murray,

      Sure you can use my anecdotal evidence. I am 61.

      I have been an Aspartame user since it first came out, and on average
      maybe 2 or three packets a day then, but it's gone up since my DM.
      I might actually switch to Cyclamate if I could get hooked up with the
      underground pipeline out of Canada.
      Cyclamate http://www.cylcamate.com
      can be used in cooking, whereas Aspartame cannot,
      and it is a whole lot cheaper and comes in liquid
      and can be bought in gallons. Over the years I have preferred regular
      Coke over Diet, so that was one of my major sugar links.
      I've used Aspartame for many things, but also used sugar too,
      but I am now eliminating sugar.

      My basic diet has been Pritikin/Ornish with lots of days off. Since
      going diabetic, I've preferred to cut back on grains and such.
      I am exploring Walford's CRON diet,
      as that is pretty much where I have found myself by just
      trying to work out a reasonable DM diet and also to lose weight.

      Just had a pipe job -- you know the camera up the butt routine. Two
      small benign polyps removed, now clean as a whistle.
      My Cholesterol is 120, blood pressure runs 135/70--
      I check them both regularly.
      Got a meter that reads Chol. Both are rare lows in diabetics.
      I suspect it is the Apartame holding them down.<grin>-- Could be!

      I was DX'd at HbA1c at 7.9 in early February 2001. (by fructasomine
      equivalence I am at about 5.5 now.) I've lost gone from 264 lbs in
      early Feb 2001 to 208 last night on a + or - .2 Lb Tanita scale--
      with 26% body fat.
      No cravings -- but I suspect that is due to the CRON diet --
      I think which being of an extremely high nutritional density alleviates
      the cravings.
      Ever ate 1500 calories of cabbage, tomatoes, squash, and
      spinach and a piece of sashimi tuna? Try it, you won't be hungry.
      I do some supplementing both for the DM and the calories reduction.
      I am a dietary pesco vegatarian now.
      No ideology, no message for the world. It's just that
      the evidence seems to indicate that fish protein is more benign than
      animal. Four billion years worth of evolution has evolved
      into big fish eat little fish,
      and it would be arrogant of me to think that I knew better
      than nature (or God for believers). If I am out at dinner at a
      friends, I'll eat what's served.

      Addicted? Only as far as I like an occasional sweet once in a while.
      Actually I've never had a big sweet tooth, until I find out sugar is
      bad for me. You always want what you can't have.
      I'd be perfectly happy to
      indulge in my 1.5 cups of blueberries, soy milk and Apartame
      with sugar instead, that is,
      except for the calories and my glucose soaring. Addicted?
      Sure, to calories (I am/was fat), probably built in by evolution.
      It makes sense, we're warm blooded and need lots of calories to run us,
      Some of us are more primitive than others in this
      regard, and we grab the C's when we can, and given a choice, we'll go
      for the fat and meat over the veggies.
      They can be packed into the tummy
      tighter and last longer for the hike to the next camp.

      Why Apartame? It is clear from the evidence that 50 gm of
      saturated fat is far more dangerous.
      We're famous here in Santa Fe for big steaks,
      and I know people who will sit down and eat a 20 oz Sirloin served
      at our Applebee's who would die before
      they'd touch a gram of Aspartame.
      Got friends on Atkins who won't touch it either.
      Got friends who smoke and won't touch it-- go figure!

      at a small health food joint over on Alameda-- Health food cigs?
      But then Whole Foods sells Ben and Jerry's--
      Go figure again. -- I digress.

      After more than 20 years of use I suspect if it was going to get me,
      it would have, and if it was as bad as some claim, we'd be up to our
      kiesters in wheelchairs and crutches.

      Funny-- I just finished a Diet Pepsi while writing this. Cheers.
      Oh, and I checked and you are in Santa Fe too?! --Dick Sullivan
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