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  • Rich Murray
    Oct 22, 1999
      Oct 23, 1999 Hello, I am starting a discussion list,
      aspartameNM@onelist.com, to facilitate sharing a lot of information
      with a full, complete, permanent, searchable archive, to help create
      a free community of cooperators to clarify issues and solutions of
      toxicity in our world, a forum that brings together victims, activists,
      scientists, doctors, businessmen, bureaucrats, media, politicians,
      with all sides, pro and con, accepted in the spirit of civil discussion.
      The primary, immediate focus is aspartame, but includes MSG,
      diary, excess protein and fats, pesticides, chemicals, drugs.

      We are all exposed to toxins. The world universally shares a
      need for solutions: fast, factual, practical, effective. Toxins may
      immediately profit the few, and even greatly, but all of us need
      a world in which toxins no longer create terrible suffering,
      handicapped and dependent citizens, bloated health costs,
      weak workers at all levels, impovrished consumers, rampant
      mental illness, epidemics of novel infections, and violence
      ranging from terrorism to war.

      This can not be the will of source. Each of us is
      source individualized.

      1. aspartameNM@onelist.com supplements the role of
      aspartame@onelist.com .
      2. it is fully open to the public and for copying and reposting-- so
      only post the messages, names, and addresses you want public.
      3. it is fully, immediately, permanently, and publicly archived by
      www.eScribe.com, so that the whole archive can be
      searched by subject, name, or any word.
      4. the focus will be on toxins: aspartame, MSG, diary, excess
      protein and fats, pesticides, chemicals, drugs.
      5. people may put their own case history in as much detail as
      possible, with names and addresses of doctors, etc., with the title:
      Case: Rich Murray 1995-01.06.99 , giving the date of start and
      end of aspartame use, to make searching for cases easier.
      6. people may post news, research, reports, reviews, critiques,
      proposals, questions, visions, stories, poems, humor, links.
      7. all points of view, pro and con, are welcome in the spirit of
      civil discussion.
      8. Rich Murray, the initial moderator, while having the final say,
      if necessary, about the acceptibility of members and their posts,
      commits to supporting a completely free discussion community.
      9. do not use the Reply function in answering posts on this list:
      Start a new message, and lift and copy the first paragraph
      of the post you are answering, so that the list is not cluttered
      with repetition.
      10. the list will help create a pool of accessible information and a
      community of cooperators that will clarify issues and
      solutions of toxicity in our world.

      To join, post a blank message to: aspartameNM-Subscribe@onelist.com

      Community email addresses:
      Post message: aspartameNM@onelist.com
      Subscribe: aspartameNM-subscribe@onelist.com
      Unsubscribe: aspartameNM-unsubscribe@onelist.com
      List owner: aspartameNM-owner@onelist.com
      Shortcut URL to this page: http://www.onelist.com/community/aspartameNM

      Richard "Rich" T. Murray, M.A. rmforall@...
      1943 Otowi Drive Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, USA
      505-986-9103 505-920-6130 cellular VoiceStream