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News release: Relationship columnist's book: Pleasures and Ponderings: From Nun to Nudist to Now

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  • Moreah Vestan
    For Immediate Release Contact: Moreah Vestan moreah@pleasuresandponderings.com
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004
      For Immediate Release
      Contact: Moreah Vestan
      moreah@... http://pleasuresandponderings.com 206-938-8385 May 13, 2004

      News Release from 1st Books (now AuthorHouse):

      Seattle: For four years, Moreah Vestan has recorded her fleeting thoughts, intense questions and love of life in a carefree journal that speaks of the essence of living. In Pleasures and Ponderings: From Nun to Nudist to Now, Vestan offers dozens of essays that tell of the need to savor each moment and relish the pleasure in every second while still setting aside time to ponder life's tough questions.

      Vestan delights in lilacs and leftovers, shares insights about lost loves and faces the discomfort of questioning her beliefs. The book is a truly inspiring hodgepodge of wisdom, with topics ranging from relationships to aging. The reader absorbs Vestan's enthusiasm for life and her appetite for variety. Her childlike sense of wonder is perfectly conveyed, as are her profound ideas about life.

      She writes about finding Mr. Right, dealing with family issues and personal priorities, among many other important topics. Lessons about every aspect of living are offered to the reader. If one is looking for an honest look at life, they will find it by looking through the eyes of an independent, adventurous woman who knows how to embrace life from its most simple aspects to its most mysterious. She also tells of her musings of life from nun to nudist to now.

      "You come away agreeing that assumptions can be questioned and that there may be no higher purpose than enjoying everyday pleasures, while pondering the meaning of even the imponderables with grace and/or fortitude," she writes.

      Vestan began her young life believing she had a religious calling. She spent one year in a convent, moving on to pursue a career in teaching. She has worked a variety of other jobs and is currently a life coach and a relationship columnist for Seattle's Active Singles Life. She dated frequently after her divorce in the 1970s and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as traveling for three months in Southeast Asia alone and teaching English as a Second Language in Mexico. Pleasures and Ponderings is her first published book.

      At http://pleasuresandponderings.com, I highlight essays that suit the readers' interests in different areas: reflective, pleasure-oriented, relationships, family matters, wonderings, digging deeper and communicating with heart.

      If you would like a review copy, I will send it to you, or you.can read my attached e-book.

      Read what others have said at http://pleasuresandponderings.com/testimonials.htm.

      I am also a Life Coach, a Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication

      trainer, and monthly columnist, since 1992, for Seattle's Active Singles

      Life. I've given workshops on Setting Goals, Managing Stress, Organizational

      Change, Procrastination, Effective Communication and Relationship topics,

      such as Ten Fatal Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

      Some of the essay titles in Pleasures and Ponderings are:

      1. My 11 Principles for the Pursuit of Pleasure

      2. Wallowing in a Perfect Day

      3. Savoring Sunday

      5. It All Happened on Monday

      6. April Appetites
      7. Clothes on the Ground, Sun on my Skin
      8. Ah-h and Awe

      9. I Emptied the Jelly Jar and other 2-fers

      10. Morning Glories, Pears and Old Comics

      11. I Couldn't Stand Still

      12. Leftovers - Life'sBounty Twice

      15. Relationship Changes: It's not All or Nothing

      16. A Romance Addict?

      17. 5:30 a.m Thoughts of John

      18. Deep Play with Richard

      19. Can't We try Again?

      20. The Search is Over -- I Found Him
      21. What if I don't Figure it Out
      22. A Mother's Pride
      23. Childhood Hurts with an Adult's Eyes
      24. Living with Loss and Longing

      25. Memories of my Teenagers

      26. I'm a Grandma-I get to Play!

      27. My Son's 30th Birthday

      53. Living with Endings

      56. I Want it All

      67. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

      Please contact me with any questions.

      Moreah Vestan

      Moreah Vestan Nonviolent Communication Trainer Coach
      Author: Pleasures and Ponderings: From Nun to Nudist to Now
      206-938-8385 http://pleasuresandponderings.com

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