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Question - Attributing body to Allah

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  • Faisal Niazi
    Details: Abu Hanifa is saying in his Fikh al Akbar: Allàh is something unlike any other thing, and the meaning of something here is: neither a body
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006
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      Abu Hanifa is saying in his Fikh al Akbar:
      "Allàh is 'something' unlike any other thing, and the meaning of 'something' here is: neither a body (jism), nor an indi­visi­ble sub­stance (jawhar), nor an accident ('arad.); and He has no limit (hadd)." He also said: "Whatever Allàh I mentioned in the Qur'àn about the 'Face,' Hand,' and 'Essence,' these are His Attributes without ask­ing how. Let it not be said that His Hand is [but] His Power (qudra) or Bounty (ni'ma) because doing so is a nullifica­tion of the At­tribute and is the position of the Qadarïs and Mu'tazilïs.
      When we have this statement why Imam Maturidi is saying that '' hand'' means power? and he why he makes also taawil of the other attributes?
      How do we have to belief these attributes of Allah (face, hand, essence etc )?
      Please clarify
      Was salaam

      In the name of ALLAH Most Gracious Most Merciful

      Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu

      The difference that you have mentioned comes from The Muakhirin (The earlier Fuqaha) and the Mutaqaddimeen (The later Fuqaha). The Muakhireen were all unanimous in accepting of the Siffaat of Allah to be without any ta'weel at all. For example in the case of Yadun"Hand" the earlier Ulama stated as Imam Abu Hanifa has stated, that it refers to Hand of Allah and as for "how" we do not know about it.

      This view created one problem among those who could not grasp the idea, and they started taking the word literally. Once they started attributing "Hand" or "body" to Allah physically they attributed form and shape to Allah. This gives such qualities to Allah which Allah is free from.

      To rectify and caution against such transgression from the illiterates in the matter, the muakhireen decided to attribute a suitable ta'weel which does not astray the masses nor transgresses in its understanding. Thus for "Hand" Imam Maturidi r.a is stating "power" which is also a Siffah of Allah. Any action that is done is from the power of Allah and therefore the ta'weel holds true. Any ta'weel beyond this and that which the Ulama are not in concurrence with will not be acceptable.

      And Allah knows best.

      Abu Hajira bin Abdul Hamid

      Wassalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

      Abu Hajira bin Abdul Hamid
      Student, Madrasah In`aamiyyah
      Camperdown, South Africa

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