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[IMMIGRATION SUCCESS] Jeong H. Kim - President of Lucent Technologies

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  • madchinaman
    JEONG H. KIM President Carrier Networks at Lucent Technologies http://www.ailf.org/notable/iaa99.htm#kim Jeong H. Kim is President of Lucent Technologies
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2006
      JEONG H. KIM
      Carrier Networks at Lucent Technologies

      Jeong H. Kim is President of Lucent Technologies' Carrier Networks
      Group. Dr. Kim assumed this key leadership position in May 1998,
      upon Lucent's $1 billion strategic acquisition of Yurie Systems,
      Inc., the high-tech communications equipment company that Dr. Kim
      founded and led to industry and Wall Street distinction as its
      Chairman and CEO.
      Dr. Kim founded Yurie in 1992, while working as a senior project
      engineer at AlliedSignal. Yurie reached its Initial Public Offering
      in 1997 - only five years after its founding - with no debt and no
      venture capital backing. Three months later, Business Week named
      Yurie America's #1 Hot Growth Company.

      The success Dr. Kim achieved with Yurie grew in large part from his
      diverse technological and management expertise. Prior to the
      founding of Yurie, Dr. Kim's career encompassed computer design,
      nuclear engineering, satellite systems, and data communications. He
      credits his seven-year career as a U.S. Naval Officer with giving
      him the leadership skills, management skills, and sense of
      accountability necessary to grow and manage a company successfully.

      Dr. Kim set the pace and exhibited the determination of his future
      successes very early on. He immigrated as a refugee from Korea in
      1975 at the age of 14, he worked full-time throughout his high
      school, undergraduate, and graduate education. Despite a hectic
      schedule and an initial lack of proficiency in English, he earned
      Bachelor's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in
      just three years. He also obtained a Masters degree in Technical
      Management from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Kim later completed in
      two years his Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering at the University of
      Maryland, again while maintaining a full-time job.

      Dr. Kim serves on the Board of Directors for the Maryland Applied
      Information Technology Initiative (MAITI) and Coagulation
      Diagnostics, Inc. (CDI). He is the recipient of numerous awards
      including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the
      American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award, the University
      of Maryland Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, the KPMG Peat
      Marwick LLP High Tech Entrepreneur Award, and the Maryland High Tech
      Council Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He has also been nominated
      to serve on the Board of Regents for the University System of
      Maryland and is currently undergoing the final confirmation process.
      Dr. Kim speaks frequently at colleges and universities on the
      subject of technology entrepreneurship.

      Dr. Kim is married and has two daughters.
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