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[TV] Dee Johnson - Executive Producer of "Commander-in-Chief" (Geena Davis)

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  • madchinaman
    DEE JOHNSON, executive producer http://www.abcmedianet.com/showpage/showpage.html? program_id=ID0001&type=producers
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2005
      DEE JOHNSON, executive producer

      Dee Johnson began her writing career on NBC's "I'll Fly Away," after
      David Chase, creator of "The Sopranos," read her work and gave her a
      freelance episode. Shortly afterward she was hired as a staff writer
      on Fox's "Melrose Place," where she quickly rose to supervising

      She also wrote an episode of NBC's acclaimed "Homicide: Life on the
      Streets," then went on to NBC's "The Profiler." Johnson left to
      become co-executive producer on Lifetime's "Any Day Now." John Wells
      then hired her on "ER" and, after four seasons, she became an
      executive producer.


      Dee Johnson
      Executive Producer/Writer
      ABC's Commander-in-Chief Starring Geena Davis

      agnostic Filipino-caucasian female who lives with her partner and
      has a son. After two seasons on Any Day Now, she's moved to ER. She
      began her career as the writers' assistant on I'll Fly Away.
      Showrunner David Chase gave her an opportunity to write her first
      script. From there she moved to Melrose Place for several seasons
      and then to Profiler for a season.

      She calls Any Day Now "a 12-step program for writers who used to be
      on Profiler." Johnson has never worked on a staff as diverse as Any
      Day Now, "particularly in terms of male-female ratio, but beyond
      that, in terms of ethnicities and points of view."

      The experience made her more aware of the reality of racism. "It's
      not often that you get to sit down and really talk about some of the
      more painful memories of your life and other people's lives. People
      were very sharing and giving in the room."


      Dee Johnson, former co-executive producer, reveals, "We ended up in
      howling fights, but it was really fabulous. It was like a great
      think tank. It was fun. It got dicey. All of us came out of it with
      all kinds of new information."


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