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[POLITICS] Villaraigosa's APA "Transition Team" Members

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  • madchinaman
    Villaraigosa transition team http://www.laobserved.com/archive/003563.html - Asian Pacific American Team Members ** Dominic Ng, president and chief executive,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Villaraigosa transition team


      Asian Pacific American Team Members
      ** Dominic Ng, president and chief executive, East/West Bank
      ** Andrew Cherng, Panda Restaurant Group
      ** Stewart Kwoh Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Legal **
      Center Irene Hirano President, Japanese American National Museum/LA
      Inc. Ishmael Ileto Co-Founder, Joseph Ileto Hate Crimes Prevention
      ** Sabrina Kay
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asianamericanartistry/message/6302) -
      Past President of California Design College and presently CEO of
      Fremount Private Placement
      ** Paul Kim Commander (retired), Los Angeles Police Department
      ** Carol Baca Member, Board of Directors, Chinese American Museum
      ** KayLynn L. Kim (http://ga4.org/antonio2005/transitionteam.html)-
      Attorney/Northridge CA, KYCC Board of Directors
      ** Paula Daniels
      try/message/6301) - 1st Asian American President of "Heal the Bay"
      ** Christopher C. Pak, R.A.
      (http://www.kscitv.com/rolemodels.asp#17) - Founder/Principal,
      ArchEON International Group. The founder of ArchEON International
      Group, Mr. Pak has developed ArchEON into a muti-disciplined
      architectural, planning and interior firm. Mr. Pak continues to give
      back to the community through projects such as the Wilshire
      Center/Koreatown Revitalization Project EIR. In addition to a number
      of other appointments, Mr. Pak currently sits on the Board of
      Airport Commissioners, the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
      and the Board of Zoning Appeals.


      The mayor-elect announced Thursday that Bob Hertzberg will chair his
      transition team of 81 members, among them business and labor
      leaders, environmentalists, developers, artists, educators,
      community leaders, neighborhood council members, journalists and
      dancers. (Robin Kramer is staff director of the transition.) None of
      the papers run anything close to a full list, at least online. Even
      the Villaraigosa web site's press release leaves off the names. When
      I get the list, I'll post the whole thing. [Here it is.] Meanwhile,
      it's kind of fun to see who was named in which paper. For instance,
      former mayor Richard Riordan did not make the Times or Daily News
      lists, but he's a team member in the Daily Breeze and Business
      Journal. The Daily News (of course) and Breeze mentioned Valley
      secession leader David Fleming, but not the Times. Here's who each
      paper deemed worthy, in the order mentioned:

      The Times listed the fewest team members:

      • Albert Carnesale, chancellor of UCLA
      • Sherry Lansing, past chairman of Paramount Pictures
      • Magic Johnson, basketball legend and businessman
      • Maria Elena Durazo, head of Unite Here Local 11, widow of Miguel
      • Bishop Charles E. Blake, West Angeles Church of God in Christ
      • Sidney Williams, husband of Rep. Maxine Waters
      • Gordon Davidson, founding artistic director of Center Theater Group
      • John Mack, former president of Los Angeles Urban League
      The Daily News made the headline about Hertzberg, not Villaraigosa:

      • David Fleming, attorney
      • Tirso Del Junco, former state Republican chairman
      • Bruce Karatz, KB Homes
      • Sherry Lansing
      • Magic Johnson
      • Alfre Woodard, actress
      • Rev. Charles Blake
      • John Mack
      • Brenda Shockley, activist
      The Daily Breeze gave the deepest and most varied list:

      • Richard Riordan
      • Earvin "Magic" Johnson
      • John Mack
      • David Fleming
      • Danny Bakewell, Los Angeles Sentinel
      • Monica Lozano, La Opinión
      • Alfre Woodard
      • Christopher Pak, formerly on Board of Airport Commissioners
      • Cecilia Moreno, Wilmington activist
      • Michael Delijani, president of Delson Investment Co.
      • Andrew Cherng, Panda Restaurant Group
      • Dick Ziman, major property owner
      The L.A. Business Journal used the most complete titles, so some of
      them are repeated here:

      • Richard Riordan
      • David Bohnett, founder, Baroda Ventures LLC
      • Andrew Cherng, president and chief executive, Panda Restaurant
      Group Inc.
      • Earvin "Magic" Johnson, former L.A. Lakers basketball superstar
      • Bruce Karatz, chairman and chief executive, KB Homes
      • Sherry Lansing, past chair, Paramount Pictures' Motion Picture
      • Monica Lozano, publisher, La Opinión
      • Dominic Ng, president and chief executive, East/West Bank
      • Lynn Pike, president of business banking in California for Bank of
      • Richard Ziman, chairman and chief executive, Arden Realty Inc.
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