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[THEATER] Yuka Takara (Flower Drum Song, Pacific Overtures, etc.)

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  • madchinaman
    Reviews http://www.yukatakara.com/pages/4/index.htm Flower Drum Song YUKA TAKARA (as Mei-Li) is the indisputable heart of the production. -TalkinBroadway.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2005

      Flower Drum Song
      "YUKA TAKARA (as Mei-Li) is the indisputable heart of the
      production." -TalkinBroadway.com

      "Solely because of Ms. Takara, the touring version has a much higher
      emotional temperature than its New York model." -The Dallas Morning

      "Ms. Takara has it all. She sings beautifully all up and down her
      range. She moves like the ballet dancer she used to be. Most
      important, she seizes the audience in her diminutive grip in the
      long introductory number and never lets go. You smile with her as
      she shyly begins to become attached to Ta. Your heart breaks when
      hers is broken (temporarily, of course - this is a musical
      comedy)." -Lawson Taitte / The Dallas Morning News

      "Takara was born to play the shy Mei-Li, who arrives, as they say,
      fresh off the boat to San Francisco's Chinatown and learns to
      embrace American culture while still holding onto her roots. Her
      voice can be as tiny as her frame, but she doesn't strain when big
      volume is needed. She also moves with grace and style." -Mark
      Lowry / Star-Telegram Staff Writer

      "Takara has a voice as clean as spring water. Her opening number, "A
      Hundred Million Miracles," begins with just her voice and a small
      drum, and slowly adds a full orchestra and back-up singers. She
      delivers it less like a song than an epic poem - The IIiad set in
      China. Her second act number, "Love, Look Away," is so pristinely
      phrased and heartfelt as to send chills throughout the audience." -
      Arnold Wayne Jones / The Dallas Voice

      "The show has more than benefited from a star-is-born turn by Yuka
      Takara. Takara is only a few bars into the opening of "A Hundred
      Million Miracles" when you realize she is a remarkable talent. She
      is equally at home on her vocals for the tender and dreamy "I Am
      Going to Like it Here" as she is on the melancholy ballad "Love,
      Look Away"." -David-Edward Hughes / TalkinBroadway.com

      The Fantasticks

      "As The Girl (Luisa), Yuka Takara is irresistable. From her
      introduction as a 16-year-old girl, longing for her own true love
      and going through the dramatics that accompany teen age angst, she's
      intoxicating. She sings beautifully, and her duets with The Boy are
      delicious." -Bev Sykes / Enterprise

      "Yuka Takara, who recently starred here as Mei-Li in 'Flower Drum
      Song," brings her lively innocence and clear operatic soprano to the
      role of the starry-eyed girl." -Marcus Crowder/ Sacramento Bee
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