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[POLITICS] Flora Gil Krisiloff (L.A. Elections)

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    Flora Gil Krisiloff After Years of Public Service, a Chance for an Elected Office By Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writer http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2005
      Flora Gil Krisiloff
      After Years of Public Service, a Chance for an Elected Office
      By Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writer

      It was 3 a.m., and Flora Gil Krisiloff was poring over the master
      plan the Department of Veterans Affairs had prepared for its
      sprawling Westside campus.

      Deep in the appendix, Krisiloff discovered that the federal
      government was considering selling some of its 388 acres.

      Fearing a commercial development that would overwhelm the Westside,
      Krisiloff led a successful fight against the proposal.

      That victory in 2002 was one of the more public battles for
      Krisiloff, a longtime Brentwood activist.

      The VA "was trying to pass a master plan that would have turned that
      property into three Century Cities," recalled Sue Young, the
      executive director and founder of the Veterans Park Conservancy, a
      group dedicated to preserving the VA lands. "Flora was a hero. She
      read through that entire appendix — I can't tell you how thick it
      was — and found what they were trying to do."

      Krisiloff is perhaps best known as the chairwoman of the Brentwood
      Community Council, which represents a wide variety of local
      interests and offers advice to the City Council. In 2000, she was
      also appointed to the city's West Los Angeles Area Planning
      Commission, which resolves planning disputes.

      On the campaign trail, Krisiloff frequently points to her lengthy
      resume, which runs for five pages on her website.

      Readers can learn that Krisiloff was a Cub Scout den leader for six
      years and that on April 17, 2001, she spoke at the Westside Urban
      Forum panel on "Better Main Streets" and "The Future of Boulevards."

      "I ask people to look at my 20-year record of public service,"
      Krisiloff said. Running for office "just seems a natural
      progression. I never thought about it, but people pushed me to run."

      Krisiloff, 53, was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Taiwan as one of
      five children. Her mother, who was Chinese, was a nurse and her
      father, who was Chinese and Costa Rican, was a manager in the
      civilian air service.

      With no television or car, Krisiloff said, "My life was spent at the

      In 1963, the family moved to the United States so that the Gils'
      eldest daughter Libby could receive a better education. The family
      settled in Santa Fe Springs, and her father took a job in a steel
      mill. He later owned a gas station in La Habra.

      "Once here, anything we [the children] did, we had to do on our
      own," she said.

      Krisiloff graduated from Santa Fe High in 1969 and earned a full
      scholarship to UCLA, where she received a degree in nursing. She
      spent a year driving a mobile health clinic that served migrant
      farmworkers in Idaho.

      In 1980, she married Milton Krisiloff, a physician, and they moved
      to Brentwood from Mar Vista in 1984. The couple had three sons, and
      Krisiloff became a stay-at-home mom — until the Brentwood Country
      Mart was slated to be replaced by a mini-mall.

      That served as Krisiloff's entry into activism. She pushed the city
      to change the zoning for the property, thereby stopping the mini-
      mall in its tracks.

      "She's the hardest-working person I've ever met," said Elyse Arbour,
      who works with Krisiloff on the Community Council.

      Krisiloff has raised about $249,000 for her campaign and spent much
      of her time trying to reach voters outside Brentwood.

      Taking swipes at her two opponents has been part of her strategy.
      Bill Rosendahl has raised slightly more money than Krisiloff and has
      been endorsed by nine Council members.

      "It's like night and day in terms of the backgrounds of the
      candidates," said Krisiloff, whose only council endorsement is from
      the incumbent, Cindy Miscikowski. "Bill has never really done
      anything at the community level, at the City Hall level."

      Krisiloff has focused on fixing gridlock — she supports light rail —
      and bringing smart development to the district.

      The thrust of her campaign is promising to accomplish the little
      things that make neighborhoods better places to live — more parks,
      more trees and business streets that aren't eyesores.

      She says that her experience as a nurse and mother has helped her
      diagnose problems and fix them.

      "For me, the thrill is pushing the envelope," Krisiloff said. "It's
      doing something you're told that you can't do by organizing the



      Let me begin by telling you about myself and why I am running for
      public office. I moved to this country when I was 11 years old. My
      parents spoke no English and had little money, yet they understood
      that hard work and education would allow us to build a good life in
      America and give something back to our new community.

      I worked hard in high school and earned a full scholarship to UCLA.
      I earned my degree and became a public health nurse--the first of
      many jobs in public service. I used my nursing skills as a VISTA
      volunteer where I drove a mobile clinic throughout Southern Idaho,
      providing health care services to migrant farm workers at their
      labor camps.

      Soon thereafter, I met my husband, Milton, and for the next 20 years
      we raised three beautiful boys. I also became a committed community
      activist, leading tough but successful fights to limit high-density
      development, reform our schools, and empower neighborhood
      organizations. In 1998, I co-founded the Brentwood Community
      Council, an independent model of local governing that has serviced a
      community of more than 30,000 people. I recently served as President
      of the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission, where I have voted
      time and again to protect and enhance our quality of life on the

      I am Flora Gil Krisiloff: a mother and wife; a nurse and a tireless
      community advocate. I am a leader and consensus builder who has been
      fighting to improve our neighborhoods for the past 20 years. I want
      to continue to work for you and our communities as your next City
      Council representative.



      My husband and I have been married for 24 years. We raised our three
      boys here in Council District 11.

      My son, Kevin, recently graduated from New York University, Tisch
      Film School and now works at Paramount. Scott is a freshman at USC
      majoring in Economics and Political Science. Matthew is in the
      seventh grade and loves to sing.

      My husband, Milton, is a prominent urologist and former Chief of
      Staff at St. John's Hospital. For many years he served as President
      Ronald Reagan's physician.

      M.B.A., Anderson School of Management, UCLA , June 1983
      Concentration: Finance/Marketing
      Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society
      Dean's List of Honor Students, 1981-82
      Member: Accounting Society, Investment/Finance Club, and Women in

      M.N., in Primary Ambulatory Health Care, UCLA , June 1978
      Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner
      Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1977-
      Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Society of Nursing; Treasurer, 1980-

      B.S., with honors, in Nursing, UCLA , June 1974
      Specialty: Public Health Nurse
      University of California Regents' Scholar, 1969-74
      UCLA Alumni Scholar, 1969-74
      Dean's Honor List, 1969-74
      Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1973-

      Brentwood Community Council , 1998-present. Chairwoman of the BCC,
      1999-present. Helped establish this community council with
      Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski prior to LA City Charter Reform.
      The BCC represents the broadest based forum for the Brentwood
      Community. There are 18 voting members who represent the various
      Brentwood community homeowners' associations, chambers of commerce,
      religious institutions, environmental organizations, public safety
      groups, volunteer/service groups, youth organizations and schools.

      West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission , 2000-March 2004.
      President July 2003-March 2004, Vice President 2000-2003.
      Appointed to the newly formed Commission post LA City Charter Reform
      by Mayor Richard Riordan and continued to serve under Mayor James

      The Mirman School Board of Trustees , 1994-present. Chairwoman ,
      May 2001-present. The Board of Trustees governs the operation of
      this school for highly gifted children. Elected as first non-
      founding family Chairwoman. Serving in a pivotal role as the
      school transitions into an independently governed nonprofit

      Value Schools, Board of Directors, January 2004-present. Board
      oversees two new charter schools serving the downtown Los Angeles
      community: Central City Value School and the Downtown Value School.

      San Vicente Scenic Corridor Design Review Board, Board Member , 1990-
      present. Appointed by Los Angeles City Councilman Marvin Braude and
      Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski to this seven member advisory board
      which submits recommendations to the Neighborhood Planning Director
      of the City of Los Angeles. Was one of four individuals who wrote
      the first set of Los Angeles design guidelines which were officially
      adopted by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission in 1992.

      Veterans Park Conservancy , Board Member , May 2001-present, Vice-
      President and serves on the Executive and Government Relations
      Committees. Veterans Park Conservancy (VPC) is a non-profit
      community organization and a public/private partnership with the
      mission to preserve 700 acres of public land in West Los Angeles in
      honor of our nation's veterans - and for the enjoyment and education
      of the entire community.

      Westside Urban Forum, Board Member , July 2002-present . WUF
      creates a nonpartisan forum to provide factual information from all
      sides of the issues confronting our region for the specific purpose
      of bettering our society and improving our lives. WUF fosters good
      community, sensible urban planning, investment in infrastructure,
      social justice, a clean environment, sound ecological practices that
      are respectful of nature, diversity of opinion, civic
      responsibility, parks and recreation, affordable housing, profitable
      development, honest and ethical business practices, efficient and
      responsive government, and accountability.

      Center for Health Care Rights , Board Member , January 2002-present.
      The Center for Health Care Rights is a non-profit health care
      consumer advocacy organization serving consumers through a
      combination of direct service programs and policy level advocacy.

      Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) ,
      Appointed by the WLA VA CEO to the 25 Year Land Use Master Plan
      Advisory Committee, January 2001-April 2001.

      Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) ,
      February, 2000-2002. Appointed to the Community Advisory Board for
      the Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System by the WLA VA CEO.

      Los Angeles Health Facilities Authority Commission , 1996-present.
      Appointed as a Commissioner by Los Angeles County Supervisors Dean
      Dana and Don Knabe. Governs the funding for Los Angeles County
      health facilities. Vice President , 2000-2002.

      Community Service Association Board of Southern California, Member
      of the Board of Directors , 1994-present. A consortium of private
      and public schools working together to encourage schools and
      students to embrace community service as an integral part of the
      education program. Have organized conferences and seminars focusing
      on community service and service learning. The Board organizes an
      annual all day community service conference for over 200 students
      representing over 35 public and private schools, 1993-present.

      Palisades Education Complex, Board Member , 1989-91. Served on the
      first steering committee to establish this organization for seven
      public schools. Worked closely with L.A. Unified School District
      Board member and former President, Mark Slavkin to improve the
      operations of public schools. Helped with the restructuring of the
      local schools to the contemporary middle school concept. The
      organization eventually established the local Charter Schools.

      Los Angeles Unified School District Report Card Committee , 1991.
      Appointed by the Regional Superintendent, Eugene Macadoo, to serve
      on the District committee to evaluate and develop new report cards.
      This committee was composed of District administrators, teachers and
      parents from public schools throughout Los Angeles.

      Canyon Elementary School Based Management Board , 1990-91. Elected
      as a parent representative to the first School Based Management
      Board for this public elementary school. Represented the school at
      meetings between the United Teachers of Los Angeles Association,
      LAUSD administrators and the community to develop the local control
      of public schools.

      Brentwood Presbyterian Nursery School, Board of Trustees , 1990-92,
      and Chairperson of Community Services , 1994-97. Served as a Board
      member to the body which governs the operations of this church
      affiliated preschool, and have developed and implemented community
      service projects for the preschool children.

      Harvard Westlake School, Parent Association Board Member , 1998-
      present. Co-Chair, Multi-cultural Affairs Committee (new
      committee), 2001-2002. Treasurer , 1999-2001.

      The Mirman School , Parent Service League, President , 1997-1999,
      presided over a 54 member parent association board with 24
      committees, and over 200 parent volunteers. Parent Service League
      Board Member, 1993-present, Vice President 1995-96 and Co-chair of
      Community Services 1995-97.

      John Wayne Cancer Institute, Terry Fox Run, Co-Chairperson of
      Student and School Involvement , 1996-1999. Helped establish the
      first annual Terry Fox Run to raise funds for cancer research.
      Terry Fox was an 18 year old Canadian who led a world-famous run
      across Canada to fight for a cancer cure before losing his life to
      bone cancer.

      Children Helping Poor and Homeless People, Member of the Board of
      Directors , 1996-1998. Have served as a volunteer (with my family)
      working with 2 to 18 year old children to help the poor and
      homeless, 1993-present. Have also introduced many other school age
      children and families to CHPHP.

      Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA), Public Health Nurse , 1974-
      75. Organized and provided clinic and mobile van health care
      services to migrant farm worker children and families throughout the
      labor camps in Southern Idaho.

      Additional positions include: PTA leadership roles; Boy Scouts of
      America , Cub Scout Den Leader, 1992-1997 and Pack 161 Executive
      Officer 1995-1997; Representative to the Brentwood Community
      Federation , 1988-present; and Brentwood Terrace Homeowner's
      Association Vice President, 1988-present.

      Acting Head of School, The Mirman School , March 2003-July 2003.
      Served as the top administrator of this independent school for 350
      highly gifted students during a critical period of management
      changes and led the successful national search for the new permanent
      Head of School.

      Flora Gil Krisiloff, M.B.A., Business & Education Consultant , 1987-
      1990. Independent consultant to medical practices, health or
      educational institutions, and other businesses requiring assistance
      in business evaluation, development, management, organizational
      policies (including finance/marketing plans), and proposal writing.

      Real Estate Research Coordinator, UCLA Graduate School of
      Management , 1986. Developed and supervised research for the
      report "Restructuring of the Real Estate Brokerage Industry" by F.
      Mittlelbach and F. Case which was prepared for the Department of
      Real Estate, State of California.

      Health Care Consultant, Santa Monica Hospital Family Health Center ,
      1980-81. Continued with the ongoing evaluation of the management
      and financial practices of the satellite health care center for
      underprivileged families and individuals which I had helped
      establish in Val Verde, California in 1978.

      Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA, School of Nursing , 1980-81.
      Developed and taught graduate courses in family practice. Trained
      Family Nurse Practitioners and conducted clinical performance

      Family Nurse Practitioner, Santa Monica Hospital Family Health
      Center , 1978-1980. Worked with Family Practice Residents; Planned,
      organized, financed, and managed a new satellite health care center
      for underprivileged families and individuals in Val Verde, CA.
      Conducted numerous meetings with the Val Verde community, citizen
      advisory groups and hospital administrators. Delivered public
      presentations before the California Health Manpower Policy

      Public Health Nurse, Los Angeles County Health Department , 1975-
      77. Served in a health center in the community of Compton focusing
      on communicable diseases prevention and maternal child care health
      education. Made daily home visits to teenage mothers, their babies
      and children and taught health education classes. Organized and
      established a triage system at a new neighborhood health center.
      Served as chairperson of the District Inservice Committee.

      Speaker at the Congress of Neighborhoods, April 2003, LA Convention
      Center. Spoke on the panel for "Advanced Planning and Land Use."
      The panel of three speakers included Con Howe, LA City Director of

      Speaker at the Los Angeles Citywide Alliance of Neighborhood
      Councils' "An Open Forum for Neighborhood Council Organizers" - July
      14, 2001. Spoke on the panel for "Alternative Ideas about the
      Governance and Structure of Neighborhood Councils."

      Participant at the City of Los Angeles, Human Relations
      Commission's "Strategic Community Forum on Community / Police
      Relations" - June 27, 2001. Police Chief Parks, the Los Angeles
      Police Department and community leaders were participants.

      Speaker at the Los Angeles Community Police Advisory Board 7th
      Annual CPAB Summit - June 2, 2001. The panel of four speakers
      included Police Chief Bernard Parks and addressed "The Relationships
      Between CPABs and Neighborhood Councils."

      Speaker at Westside Urban Forum panel on "Better Main Streets"
      and "The Future of Boulevards" - April 17, 2001. The panel of four
      speakers included Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski.

      2001 Citizen of the Year, presented by the West Los Angeles Chamber
      of Commerce & Brentwood Media Group, March 2001.

      City of Los Angeles, 2000 Pioneer Woman Award, presented by the Los
      Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles City Commission on the
      Status of Women, March, 2000.

      2002 Paul Revere Award, presented by the West Los Angeles Chamber of
      Commerce and Brentwood Media Group, March 2002.

      U.S.A. delegate to the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's
      Association's Regional Seminar held in Honolulu, Hawaii, August
      1998. The focus of the Seminar was on "Families In A Changing
      World: In Pursuit of Healing, Health and Wholeness." Was a
      speaker on the "Opportunities in the Midst of Change."
      P.P.S.E.A.W.A. reports to the United Nations through UNICEF and

      Person Who Makes A Difference In Our Community, "The Outlook"
      newspaper, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, 1990

      International Youth in Achievement Award, 1980

      Santa Fe Springs Citizenship Award, 1969

      Member of:

      National Women's Political Caucus of California

      Heal the Bay

      Los Angeles Conservancy

      West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

      Veteran Park Conservancy
      Westside Urban Forum
      Center for Healthcare Rights

      Flora was born in Hong Kong, raised in Taiwan and immigrated to the
      United States at age 11. She is a naturalized U.S. citizen (former
      Costa Rican citizen), has traveled in Asia, Europe, lived in Israel,
      and worked on community service projects in Mexico.
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