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[MEDIA] Multiracial Actors, Musicians and Journalists

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  • madchinaman
    MULTIRACIAL ACTORS http://www.mixedfolks.com/aactors.htm MEG TILLY Her father is Chinese and her mother is White. She grew up in British Columbia and started
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2005

      Her father is Chinese and her mother is White. She grew up in
      British Columbia and started dancing lessons at 12. Her goal was to
      become a professional dancer but a back injury forced her to find
      another career. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting.
      Although best known for her performance in movie classic "The Big
      Chill", her additional film credits include "Psycho II", "
      Impulse", "The Two Jakes", "Leaving Normal", " The Body Snatchers"
      and "Agnes of God".

      Her father is Chinese and her mother is White. A veteran of the Los
      Angeles stage who made her TV debut in the short-lived
      series "Boone" (1983) and her film debut the following year in "No
      Small Affair". Usually cast as provocative sex-kitten types, Tilly
      appeared in the recurring role of a Mafia moll who snares a straight-
      laced cop on "Hill Street Blues". She also was in "The Fabulous
      Baker Boys" (1989), "Made in America" (1993) and "The Getaway"
      (1994). Her starmaking performance came in Woody Allen's "Bullets
      Over Broadway" (1994) Her performance brought rave reviews and
      earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

      He is English, German, Spanish and Filipino according to his bio on
      NBC.com. He plays Cray on NBC's "One World". In addition to "One
      World," he is best known for his leading role in the Disney
      film "Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story." Baker's other leading roles
      include the Disney Channel films "Johnny Tsunami" and "Punks." As
      well as the lead role in Nickelodeon's "Hard Hat Harry." He went on
      to appear in "Songs Like Us," "Cousin Skeeter," "Sparks" and the
      TNBC series "City Guys."

      From her website, "My mom is Filipina and my dad is, well, a WASP
      with Scottish ancestry." Lexa currently plays the title role
      in "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda". She has had several movie and
      television roles, including Rowan in the upcoming release of "Jason

      In an interview with A. Magazine she says, "I'm not only Asian
      Pacific (Pilipino) but I'm also American Indian, Spanish and mix of
      other races..." She starred as Maria Lopez in the NBC Saturday
      morning show, "Saved By The Bell: The New Class". Samantha started
      her career in television commercials after finishing modeling school
      at the age of 10. She also co-starred in the feature film "A Pig's
      Tail", and guest starred on the "Sunset Beach" and "Moesha".

      His mother is Indonesian and his father is White (Dutch). He is best
      known for playing "Zack Morris" on the series Saved By the Bell. He
      also appeared on Hyperion Bay and D.C. Beginning in January 2002,
      Gosselaar joined the cast of N.Y.P.D. Blue. Gosselaar has also been
      seen in numerous telefilms including NBC's Princess and the Marine,
      Dying to Belong, Born in Exile, and Necessary Parties. Other
      telefilms credits include For the Love of Nancy, Wedding in Las
      Vegas, and She Cried No. Gosselaar's feature film credits include
      Dead Man on Campus and the independent film Sticks and Stones. Other
      film credits include Three Blind Mice, Specimen, Under a Killing
      Moon, and White Wolves.

      According to Askmen.com she is the daughter of an Anglo-German
      father and a Filipino-Hawaiian mother. Between DJing and other odd
      jobs in Los Angeles, Shannyn managed to land the part of Lady
      Jocelyn; the love interest in 2001's quasi-medieval hit, A Knight's
      Tale. Since then, she's had notable roles in movies like 40 Days and
      40 Nights and The Rules of Attraction.

      His mother is Japanese, his father Caucasian with Scottish ancestry.
      In 1987 this Martial Artist was crowned World champion at the WAKO
      competition held in Munich, Germany. From 1984 to 1988 he held the
      top title at the prestigious Bermuda International Grand
      Championships. Tournament success led to a career in Hollywood,
      including National Security (2002), Lost Time (2001), Mortal Kombat
      (1995), Mortal Kombat 2 (1997), Beverly Hills Ninja (1997), and King
      of the Kickboxers (1991). Today he teaches at Champions Martial Arts
      in Los Angeles.

      His father is Indian and his mother is White (British). The actor
      who shot to stardom after playing the role of Mahatma Gandhi. Few
      performers could have made the switch from Indian pacifist (Gandhi)
      to gangster (Meyer Lansky in Bugsy) to Holocaust survivor (Itzhak
      Stern in Schindler's List ) to Shakespearean fool (Feste in Twelfth
      Night) with such authority and success.

      Her mother is Filipina according to E! Online and her father is
      White. She began dancing as a child and was something of a prodigy;
      in her teens, she became a model. She debuted on screen at age 18 in
      Paradise (1982), becoming well-known after her appearances in the
      hits Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Gremlins (1984); she
      greatly increased her visibility with a lead role in the TV
      miniseries Lace (1984). In 1989 she married actor Kevin Kline, and
      took a four-year break from films to concentrate on her new family.

      His father was half Japanese and half White, his mother is White.
      Cain attended Princeton, where he majored in history and played on
      the football team, and was even signed to play for the Buffalo Bills
      before knee injury forced him out of the game. He is probably best
      known for his role as TV's Superman, but is currently the host for
      the TBS show Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      His father is Scottish/Irish/Cherokee and his mother is
      Filipino/Hawaiian/Chinese/Spanish. This movie star gained fame with
      his portrayal of '50s rocker Ritchie Valens in La Bamba and his next
      role of a troubled gangleader in Stand and Deliver. Since then he
      has went on to star in numerous films.

      AMY HILL
      Asian and Finnish. She played Margaret Cho's 70-year-old Korean
      grandmother on ABC's "All-American Girl." She also appeared
      on "Seinfeld," and as a series regular on "The Naked Truth". Her
      film credits include Next Friday and Rising Sun. She also has solo
      acts such as "Beside Myself" or "Tokyo Bound".

      His father is White and his mother is Filipina (From E! Online). He
      started out working the comedy club circuit, opening for the likes
      of Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Dana Carvey. His first big break
      came in 1990 when he performed on HBO's "13th Annual Young Comedians
      Special" and was spotted by "Saturday Night Live" executive producer
      Lorne Michaels. Originally hired to write on the series but wanting
      to perform, Schneider was able to do both. Schneider departed
      from "SNL" in 1994 to focus on his movie career. He has starred in
      movies such as The Animal, Big Daddy and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.
      He also appeared on the short lived NBC sit-com Men Behaving Badly.

      His father is Chinese his mother is White (Scottish-Irish) according
      to E! Online. Grammy Award-winning comedian Tommy Chong is legendary
      for his invaluable contribution to American counterculture as part
      of the comedy team Cheech & Chong. During their reign, the twosome
      recorded six gold comedy albums, including the 1974 Grammy winner
      Los Cochinos, and starred in seven films, most of which Chong co-
      wrote and directed.

      According to her bio on the Baywatch website she was, "Born and
      raised in Honolulu, Stacy comes from a multi-cultural background of
      Japanese, German, Russian and Polish decent." Began as a model for
      posters, calendars and catalogs and her reputation began to spread.
      She has appeared in numerous fashion shows and most recently modeled
      for international designers Versace, Armani and Ferragamo, among
      others. She began acting in commercials and later had guest starring
      roles on "Fantasy Island" and "Beverly Hills 90210." Now she is in
      her second season on Baywatch Hawaii.

      An article in the USA Today says she, "is of Chinese-Japanese-German-
      American-British heritage". She spent several years as a model,
      posing for Shiseido cosmetics in Japan, was seen on billboards for
      Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, was named one of Harper's
      Bazaar's "It Girls" in 1996, and was named in the December 1996
      edition of Vogue magazine's "The Next Best-Dressed List." Her acting
      debut was in 1998's "The Big Hit" and then in "Head Over Heels" in

      KELLY HU
      According to her biography on the IMDB website, she was born in
      Honolulu of Chinese, Hawaiian and English ancestry. Before she began
      her career as an actress, she was 1985 Miss Teen USA and later
      represented her native state of Hawaii in the Miss USA Pageant. Her
      first acting role was in the television series Growing Pains. Her
      television credits include Nash Bridges, guest-starring roles in
      Tour of Duty, Melrose Place, Murder One, Martial Law and nearly 20
      other series. Her theatrical motion picture credits include The
      Doors, Surf Ninjas, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man and No Way

      Her mother is Korean, and her father is German-Irish. Her TV
      appearances include All My Childern, Bold & the Beautiful, Beverley
      Hills, 90210. Guest Appearances: Frasier, C-16, Head Over Heels,
      Life Goes On, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, The Wonder Years, Newhart,
      and My Two. She also appeared in the film Hundred Percent (1998).

      According to an article about her in the Toronto Sun she is British
      born with a Chinese father and French mother. A former model turned
      actresses has appeared in films such as Once a Thief: Family
      Business (1998), Once a Thief: Brother Against Brother (1998), 1999
      (1998), Once a Thief (1996), Pocahontas: The Legend (1995), Rapa Nui
      (1994), Legends of the North (1994), and Black Robe.

      She was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese father and English mother.
      She achieved film stardom when she starred in The World of Susie
      Wong (1961). She followed this box-office success with Flower Drum
      Song (1961). Roles tapered off in quality over the next few years,
      and by 1967 her career was dwindling. Nancy Kwan has since sustained
      her movie career in Hong Kong-produced movies and with Dragon: The
      Bruce Lee Story (1993).

      Her mother is White (British-German) and her father is Japanese
      (Rocky Aoki the founder of the Benihana Restaurant chain). At barely
      5 ft 6 in., California-born Aoki is one of the surprises of the
      fashion scene. She has appeared on the catwalks of Karl Lagerfeld,
      Betsey Johnson and Anna Molinari, among others. Last year she
      dramatically replaced Naomi Campbell as the Versace muse following a
      row between the Last Supermodel and Donatella Versace, sister of
      Gianni. Aoki is also the current face of Chanel, featuring in a
      striking multi-page ad campaign across the globe.

      Her mother is Japanese, and her father is a mixture of French, Scot-
      Irish and American Indian. She is the news anchor on NBC's Today
      Show. She is also a daytime anchor for MSNBC. In addition, Curry
      contributes reports to Dateline NBC, coanchors Dateline
      International on NBC Europe and is a substitue anchor for the Sunday
      edition of NBC Nightly News.

      She is a mix of Korean, Swiss and German heritages. Her look has
      graced hundreds of swimwear and fashion editorials the world over.
      Photographers marvel at how Lola transforms her look from one photo
      shoot to the next. Whether it's for the fun-loving Hawaiian Tropic
      Suncare Campaigns or edgy fashion editorials for Details Magazine.

      Her mother is Japanese and her father is of Scottish and Swiss
      descent according to the bio on her official website. She was Miss
      February 1995 for Playboy magazine. She had some TV roles including
      appearances on Friends, Baywatch, High Tide, and Married with
      Children. She also was one of the featured models for the premier
      issue of Imagine Magazine and was named Mystique Magazine's 2000
      Model of the Year.

      Her mother is of Filipino/Hawaiin/Spanish descent and her father is
      English and German. She won an amateur championship at 15. Surfing
      magazine spotted her at a meet and a modeling career was born. She's
      taught Conan O'Brien to surf in a skit on Late Night, and she made
      People Magazine's 1998 list of the 50 Most Beautiful People.

      Her background is Austro-Hungarian / Korean according to the KoreAm
      Journal. She is a two-time Emmy-nominated journalist who recently
      moved up from local news coverage to reporting national events with
      the Chicago bureau of ABC NewsOne. She has covered everything from
      the final days of the Clinton impeachment trial to the Columbine
      High School massacre.

      Her father is Russian and her mother is Chinese. She began modeling
      on runways and in magazine editorials. She also did advertising
      work, including work for Dim lingerie, Evian, Byblos, Givenchy,
      among others. She starred in an independent film entitled "Hollywood

      Her mother is Indonesian and her father is half Swiss and half
      English. She was Playboys Miss October 1999 and Playmate of the Year
      for 2000. Since her PMOY debut she's been on Make Ben Stein Laugh,
      The Martin Short Show, a Fox pilot, an ad campaign for D.U.G.
      Sportswear, hosted VH-1's Rock Across America, worked with the band
      Zebrahead on their Playmate of the Year song and album cover and was
      in Dude, Where's My Car?

      His background is Cantonese, English, Irish, and Welsh. Since 1991,
      videomaker, novelist, slam poet, and spoken word performer Kip
      Fulbeck has been recognized as one of the world's premier artists
      exploring Hapa identity. Fulbeck combines improvisation, stand-up
      comedy, political activism, and inspiring personal stories to
      explore his Cantonese, English, Irish, and Welsh background, media
      imagery of Asian men, interracial dating patterns, and icons of race
      and sex in popular culture. His videos and performance work have
      shown in over 20 countries, aired on PBS, and received numerous
      awards, while his first novel, Paper Bullets, was published in 2001
      by the University of Washington Press. Fulbeck is also an ocean
      lifeguard, Lakers fanatic, guitar junkie, dubbed kung fu
      grandmaster, and Professor of Art and Asian American Studies at the
      University of California, Santa Barbara.

      Claire Leka is of half Filipino and half German/Irish descent. She
      is a business reporter for CNN's affiliate feed service CNN
      Marketsource. She reports daily from the New York Stock Exchange for
      CNN affiliate stations: WSVN-TV Miami, WFLD-TV Chicago, WXYZ-TV
      Detroit, KABC-TV Los Angeles and Sunrise 7 in Australia just to name
      a few. Leka also produced and reported general assignment stories
      for Reuters and ABC NewsOne. Leka has covered a variety of stories
      ranging from the Dot-com crash to Dow 10,000 to the September 11th
      terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center . She has also covered
      stories ranging from the Government Shutdown in 1996, Mexican Peso
      Devaluation, and The Asian Economic Crisis. Leka also interviewed
      various leading newsmakers including congressional leaders. Leka
      also filled in as a White House and Congressional reporter. Claire
      also participates in various Mentorship programs helping to guide
      the careers of young aspiring journalists at her former alma mater,
      The American University and the Asian American Journalists

      Her mother is Japanese and her father is European-American. She is
      is an award-winning journalist with 12 years of experience
      interviewing young people and writing about the issues that concern
      them--from prejudice and peer pressure to divorce and drug abuse.
      She also is the Author of What Are You?.

      Her father is Pakistani and her mother is German. Discovered at the
      age of 17 in Canada, she quickly became one of the most sought after
      models in the world, appearing regularly in Victoria's Secret and
      Sports Illustrated, and working for the top fashion houses of Oscar
      de la Renta and Chanel.

      Her mother is French, German, Filipino and Spanish, and her father
      is White. Nia and her sisters drew on her mother's Polynesian dance
      background and at an early age, began dancing professionally, with
      her father as their manager. Nia began acting bit parts and
      commercials before landing a spot on daytime's General Hospital.
      She made a name for herself in the hit TV series Fame. She as
      appeared in numerous other television shows, feature films &
      albums. Nia continues to grow as an artist, becoming a Songwriter,
      Choreographer, Producer, & Director.

      His father (John Lennon of the Beetles) is White and his mother
      (Yoko Ono) is Japanese. His 1998 debut album, Into the Sun, had
      unexpectedly eclectic roots and a laid-back vibe, earning him
      positive critical reviews and securing a modest place in the post-
      alternative hierarchy.

      Her mother is White and her father is Japanese. The April 12-19,
      2001, issue of Time Out magazine says". . .You may not know Jeni
      Fujita's name, but you'll definitely recognize her voice from her
      appearance on Wyclef Jean's hit "Guantanamera." These days Fujita
      frequently gigs around town, building anticipation for her
      forthcoming debut, The Color of Water. Often compared to Teena
      Marie, Fujita is not only a rising star, but an enchanting and
      hypnotic live performer." She wrote a song called the Color of Water
      a few years ago as a depiction of how she feels about being a mixed
      child and how she projected her feelings for her future children.
      Listen to the song.

      Her father is Hawaiian and Filipino and her mother is Irish. A
      member of the group Eden's Crush. Her parents put her on the stage
      when she was two or three years old. She went to a performing arts
      high school in Orange County then went to UCLA School of Theater.

      Hawaiian, Russian and Filipino. A member of the group Eden's Crush.
      She always loved to sing and majored in theater arts at Wright State
      University in Dayton, Ohio. She cut her academics short for the
      opportunity to go on tour with the rock group Days of the New,
      performing as a female background vocalist in concert opening for
      bands including Foo Fighters and Bush, and also sang on their CD.

      He is half Japanese and half White. Co-founder and MC/Volalist of
      the group Linkin Park whose album Hybrid Theory was the top selling
      album of 2001.

      DON HO
      According to his website he was, "born in the little Honolulu
      neighborhood of Kakaako of Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch,
      German parentage." Well known lounge singer at Duke's in Waikiki.
      Went on to national fame with at Hollywood's ultra-posh Cocoanut
      Grove in 1966 and went on to feature spots at the Sands in Las
      Vegas, Harrah's at Lake Tahoe, the Palmer House in Chicago, the
      Americana Hotel's Royal Box in New York, TV guest appearances with
      Johnny Carson, Joey Bishop and Art Linkletter, and his own hour-long
      color TV special--not to mention a clutch of best-selling LP record
      albums for Reprise.

      HOKU HO
      Her father, Don Ho (see above), is Hapa, her mother is White. Hoku
      was performing in Maui with her dad when she was approached by a
      songwriter. She was encouraged to meet record producers in Los
      Angeles, and would later write Hoku's first song Another Dumb Blonde
      for her. Hoku was attending the Christina college Point Noma
      Nazarene University in San Diego when Geffen offered her a record
      contract. She released her debut album in 2000 entitled Hoku and
      recorded the song Perfect Day for the movie Legally Blonde.

      Her father is Indian musician Ravi Shankar her mother is White I
      believe. Norah Jones crosses musical borders from jazz to soul to
      folk-based pop. Her debut album Come Away With Me won eight Grammys
      at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards.
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