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[TV] Kristin Kreuk - Lana Lang in "Smallville"

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  • madchinaman
    BIOGRAPHY http://www.thewb.com/Faces/CastBio/0,7930,75,00.html Kristin Kreuk stars as Clark Kent s star-crossed love Lana Lang in Smallville. Next up for Kreuk
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004

      Kristin Kreuk stars as Clark Kent's star-crossed love Lana Lang in
      Smallville. Next up for Kreuk is the mini-series Earthsea, with
      Isabella Rossellini and Danny Glover.
      Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kreuk began acting
      in high school plays, but focused more on her schoolwork than the
      stage. Fate came calling at the beginning of her senior year, when a
      casting director looking for new talent for the television series
      Edgemont tapped Kreuk for a starring role. It was her first
      professional audition.

      Kreuk starred on Edgemont for four seasons. Currently, Kreuk is one
      of the faces of Neutrogena.

      Kreuk currently lives in Vancouver and, when not working, enjoys
      reading and spending time with friends.


      ASK MEN

      why we like her?
      She carries her youth and good looks with style. Plus, she's the
      talk of Tinseltown as one of TV's hottest new stars to watch.

      why is she famous?
      Kristin is turning heads and impressing viewers in two popular
      television series: the teen drama Edgemont, and Smallville, the WB
      show about Clark Kent's -- a.k.a. Superman's -- adolescent life.

      overall rating
      Attention and fame seem to have sought Kristin Kreuk out, rather
      than the other way around. Since lucking out with her role on
      Edgemont, she has always had a certain shoulder-shrugging air about
      her, as if she enjoys the stardom but could easily be doing
      something else. In other words, she has a firm sense of self;
      undoubtedly the same quality that makes her acting so attention

      Teens (and even grown men) have become especially stricken with
      Kristin Kreuk's character, Lana Lang, on Smallville, probably
      because she seems like the ideal high-school crush. Heck, she
      practically steals the show from Superman himself. The strength of
      personality behind the pretty face makes Kristin well-suited for the
      show, and our attention.

      personality & talent
      Kristin Kreuk is still young, and her defiant personality exposes
      that she is more a product of high school and adolescence than a
      lifetime of yearning for stardom. She is never afraid to be curt
      with interviewers when they try to engage her in the usual banter,
      repeatedly insisting that she is "boring."

      Well, "conservative" might be the more appropriate adjective when
      you look at the facts: She claims that she has never driven a car or
      gotten drunk, and wasn't allowed to date or wear make-up until she
      was sixteen. Despite this, she manages to excite television

      As for her talent, well, so far she has won two major roles solely
      on the strength of her auditions, and without the help of previous
      acting experience. Expect her to get more gigs in the future.

      Though Kristin Kreuk has not had much chance to show it off yet, she
      is most definitely a sexy Canuck. She is short but evenly
      proportioned, and can give off some sultry rays when she wants to.
      Her smooth curves and indifferent air can be tantalizing and quite
      mysterious -- that is, when she's not portraying a young square in a
      sweater (like in Edgemont).

      So far, the lads in the UK have been the only ones to seriously
      recognize her sexiness, voting her #10 in FHM magazine's list of the
      100 Sexiest Women in the World. (She was #71 in the American

      accomplishments & fame
      Kristin Kreuk does not yet have a vast accumulation of credits, but
      she is very well known for each project she takes on. She portrays
      Laurel Yeung in CBC and FOX Family Channel's Edgemont and has gained
      even more recognition as a hot TV newcomer thanks to her gig as Lana
      Lang, Clark Kent's pre-Lois Lane love interest in the WB's

      After a small appearance in the pilot of NBC's Freaks and Geeks in
      1999, she played the lead role in the 2001 TV adaptation of Snow
      White. Beyond acting, she has followed in the footsteps of fellow
      teen stars Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt as a spokesmodel for
      Neutrogena skin products.

      natural beauty
      There is little doubt that Kristin's beauty is the first thing one
      notices about her. Her skin has a unique, radiant and exotic tone,
      owing to her half Chinese, half Dutch lineage, while her hazel eyes
      and plump lips complement her coy smile. Besides, she's got to be
      gorgeous if she makes Superman weak in the knees.

      personal style
      Kristin is often asked whether she actually dresses like her
      characters -- the conservative prettiness of Laurel Yeung or the
      flashy magnetism of Lana Lang. In fact, she is a self-proclaimed
      adherent to the "sweater and jeans" style.

      Granted, some of those sweaters have been getting fancy lately, with
      big furry collars and other trendy adornments, so perhaps she's
      moving toward a more elegant style. We hope so, because when she
      does step out in haute couture for awards shows and premieres, she
      is dynamite (or should we say kryptonite?).


      "Just because I don't do bad things, doesn't mean I don't have bad
      -Kristin Kreuk


      Kristin Laura Kreuk was born December 30th, 1982, in Vancouver,
      British Columbia, Canada. The easy-going daughter of a Dutch father
      and Chinese mother, both of whom are landscape architects, Kristin
      led a regular life prior to stardom. She proceeded through her
      schooling as an unassuming yet attention-getting girl.

      She enjoyed acting classes, but was not serious about the trade.
      That is, until a casting director faxed her (and every British
      Columbian) high school about a casting call for the CBC series
      Edgemont. Kreuk entered and "got lucky," as she says; suddenly, she
      was a television actress.

      not resting on her laurel

      Since Edgemont is filmed in Vancouver, Kreuk stayed at her parents'
      house as her star rose. Her character, Laurel Yeung, is the
      mysterious pretty girl from out of town, and she is one of the
      favorites on the Canadian semi-melodrama, which can also be seen on
      the FOX Family Channel.

      Not to be deterred by the pressures of success and hard work, Kreuk
      attended another audition for a Vancouver-based television program:
      the WB series Smallville, which focuses on the young life of comic
      book hero Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. Kreuk was cast as
      Lana Lang, the gorgeous, popular cheerleader-type girl who precedes
      Superman's long-time love, Lois Lane. Since taking on another
      popular show, Kristin has done nothing but flex her unfaltering
      acting muscle.

      steeling time

      Shooting two shows concurrently has left Kristin Kreuk little time
      to pursue other projects. She has had to postpone plans to study
      psychology and forensic science at British Columbia's Simon Fraser
      University. Considering it took her a few years to move out of her
      parents' house, she will probably take her time when it comes to
      going back to school.

      Recently, Kreuk played the title role in a made-for-TV version of
      Snow White, and became a spokesmodel for Neutrogena skin care
      products, following in the footsteps of fellow hotties Jennifer Love
      Hewitt and Mandy Moore. While she loves Vancouver enough to never
      move to Hollywood and claims that she's uncertain about whether or
      not she'll continue to act, rest assured that her talent and jaw-
      dropping looks will bring her more roles in the future.


      Actor - Kristin Kreuk Biography

      Birthdate: December 30, 1982

      Kristin Kreuk's Hometown Success
      Kristin Kreuk should be one happy camper. What could be better than
      landing a role on the new TV show Smallville? How about landing a
      role on Smallville and not having to leave your hometown of
      Vancouver, Canada to become a famous WB star.

      Kristin Kreuk's Start
      Kristin Kreuk was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.
      She started acting in high school plays but kept her focus more on
      her studies. Kristin Kreuk lucked out at the start of senior year
      when she went to an open casting call - her first professional
      audition - and snagged a starring role on the short-lived TV show

      Kristin Kreuk's Super Role
      On the WB hit Smallville, 18 year-old Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang,
      Clark Kent's secret crush. When Kristen Kreuk's not living in
      Smallville, the half-Dutch, half-Chinese actress lives with her
      family in Vancouver. In Kristin Kreuk's down time she loves to hang
      out with her friends, go to the movies, read, dance and do

      Kristin Kreuk - Did U Know?
      Kristin Kreuk models for Noxzema skin care products.
      Kristin Kreuk starred in the television movie Snow White: The
      Fairest of Them All.
      Both of Kristin Kreuk's parents are landscape architects.

      Kristin Kreuk Says...
      "Sometimes I love (acting) but then sometimes I think it's too much
      for me. And I don't know if it is something that I could do for the
      rest of my life."
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