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[SPORTS] Hikaru Nakamura - Youngest U.S. Chess Champion since Bobby Fisher

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  • madchinaman
    New Yorker, 16, Becomes Youngest U.S. Chess Champ Since Bobby Fischer in 58 By Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
      New Yorker, 16, Becomes Youngest U.S. Chess Champ Since Bobby
      Fischer in '58
      By Tony Perry, Times Staff Writer

      SAN DIEGO — A 16-year-old from White Plains, N.Y., has won the U.S.
      Chess Championship, the youngest player to win the title since 14-
      year-old Bobby Fischer in 1958.

      Hikaru Nakamura won the $25,000 prize Monday after beating Alex
      Stripunsky, 34, of Rego Park, N.Y., in two overtime matches.

      The matches were the highlight of the 11-day tournament that began
      with 65 competitors. It was viewed worldwide on the Internet.

      Nakamura said he has not decided how to spend the money, his biggest
      prize to date in his chess career. "Basically everything has been a
      blur," he said.

      That tournament was open to both men and women. In a separate
      tournament for women only, Rusudan Goletiani, 24, of Hartsdale,
      N.Y., beat Tatev Abrahamyan, 16, of Glendale for a $12,500 prize.

      "If chess is the 'game of kings,' these titleholders are the new
      royalty," said Erik Anderson, a Seattle entrepreneur and sponsor of
      the tournament.

      Nakamura last year became an American grandmaster, eclipsing by a
      few months Fischer's record of attaining grandmaster status at age

      Nakamura, who was born in Japan, was taught chess by his stepfather
      and began playing competitively at age 7. A little more than two
      years later, he qualified as an American master.

      He is tutored at home by his mother; attending school, he said,
      would take too much time from chess.

      His brother, Asuka, 18, also was a competitive chess player before
      turning to music.

      When not moving pieces around the board, the younger Nakamura
      follows the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Bucks.

      His heroes are former chess champion Boris Spassky and the
      controversial Fischer. Does he see himself as the next Fischer, the
      phenomenon who dominated American chess for years?

      "No," he laughed, "I think I'm a little bit more sane."
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