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[PROFILE] Howard Chua-Eoan / News Director at TIME

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  • madchinaman
    HOWARD G. CHUA-EOAN News Director, TIME http://www.time- planner.com/planner/about_time/bios/senior_editorial_staff/howard_chu a-eoan.html Howard Chua-Eoan was
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2004
      News Director, TIME

      Howard Chua-Eoan was an Assistant Managing Editor for TIME and was
      responsible for both breaking news and religion stories until
      January 2002 when he became News Director. He was also editor
      of "Heroes & Inspirations," the fifth in the series of six TIME 100:
      People of the Century issues which profiled the 100 most influential
      individuals of the past 100 years.

      The weekend editor for the magazine, Chua-Eoan was on duty on Aug.
      30, 1997 when news broke of the accident that took Princess Diana's
      life. He edited and co-wrote stories and organized the 16-hour
      effort that completely revamped 20 pages of the issue and resulted
      in the dramatic overnight cover change. Chua-Eoan was also deeply
      involved in the commemorative issue produced by the magazine the
      following week that included not only a 40-page tribute to Diana but
      a six-page appreciation of Mother Teresa that Chua-Eoan wrote. The
      two Diana covers hold the record for the most copies of TIME sold on
      the newsstand. Chua-Eoan has appeared on Fox Network News,
      Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live and MSNBC. He is the
      recipient of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency Pass
      Award for his cover story on "The Gun in America" in 1997.

      Chua-Eoan started at TIME as an editorial assistant in May 1983. He
      became a reporter-researcher a year later. In November 1986, he was
      named a staff writer for TIME, working primarily for the
      magazine's "Nation," "World" and "People" sections. He joined TIME
      International as a staff writer in May 1989 and in June 1990 became
      an associate editor there. His stories included June 1989 cover
      story on the Tianamen massacre and the April 1991 cover story on
      Saddam Hussein's attack on the Kurds.

      In November 1991, Chua-Eoan joined People magazine as a senior
      editor. His stories there included covers on Hillary Clinton and
      Tipper Gore, Mike Tyson, Woody Allen and the death of Arthur Ashe.
      At People magazine, Chua-Eoan was in charge of the Upfront section.

      In May 1993, Chua-Eoan returned to TIME as editor of the "Society"
      section, overseeing stories on crime, religion, law and social
      issues. Since then, Chua-Eoan has been senior editor of the "Nation"
      and "World" sections. He was editor of TIME's 1994 Man of the Year
      cover stories on Pope John Paul II. In 1996, he oversaw a revamping
      of the "Chronicles" section of the magazine, which was
      renamed "Notebook." In December 1996, he wrote the personal profile
      of TIME's 1996 Man of the Year, Dr. David Ho. In 1997, apart from
      the Diana covers, Chua-Eoan has edited covers on the murder of Ennis
      Cosby, the Heaven's Gate suicides, the Kelly Flinn scandal, the 50th
      anniversary of the Roswell Alien "landings," the conviction of
      Timothy McVeigh, an investigation of the wealth of the Mormon Church
      and the latest religious and philosophical thinking on Heaven. He
      has edited TIME's annual survey of America's 25 Most Influential
      People for the last two years.

      Born in Manila, the Philippines, Chua-Eoan came to the U.S. in
      October 1979, at the age of 20. He received a B.A. in English from
      Columbia University, graduating magna cum laude and phi beta kappa
      and receiving the John Angus Burrell Memorial Award as the
      outstanding English major of 1983. A year later, he received his
      M.S. in Journalism from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. He
      is fluent in Filipino, Mandarin Chinese and Fujianese and can read


      Howard Chua-Eoan

      Throughout his career, Chua-Eoan has managed to maintain his own
      code of honor even with the shifting tides of journalism. "There's a
      lot of compromise involved in terms of writing," he says, "but in
      terms of principle, there's none." This code of honor is what guided
      Chua-Eoan in his over 16-year stint at TIME magazine. The only
      Filipino American editor in the TIME newsroom, Chua-Eaon started
      from the very bottom of the newsroom totem-pole. He worked one day a
      week as an editorial assistant and became a reporter-researcher in
      1984 right out of college. He was promoted to staffwriter in 1986
      and became an associate editor for TIME International in 1990. He
      left the magazine for a brief year-and-a-half stint at People
      magazine, where he was appointed senior editor and covered hard
      news. He returned to TIME in 1993, and later became an assistant
      managing editor overseeing breaking news and religious stories.

      Born and raised in the Philippines, Chua-Eoan came to the United
      States in 1979 at the age of 20. He had been a premed major at the
      University of the Philippines, but decided to switch to English at
      Columbia University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He went on
      to receive his master's degree in journalism from Columbia's
      Graduate School of Journalism a year later.
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