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[BUSINESS] Chiu Moon Chan/Dynacq Intl. - One of the Fastest Rising Businesses

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  • madchinaman
    CEO: Chiu Moon Chan R. Ph., Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Chiu M. Chan, R. Ph., has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dynacq
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2004
      CEO: Chiu Moon Chan
      R. Ph., Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

      Chiu M. Chan, R. Ph., has served as President and Chief Executive
      Officer of Dynacq International, Inc. since July 1992. He is the
      founder of Dynacq and serves as the Chairman of the Board.

      Prior to founding Dynacq and its predecessor AITS, Mr. Chan was
      employed by several healthcare services organizations in Houston,
      including Lifemark Corporation and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Mr.
      Chan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the
      University of Houston and is a registered pharmacist. He has been
      involved in the healthcare industry since 1971.

      Address: 10304 Interstate 10 East , Suite 369
      Houston, TX 77029
      Phone: 713-673-6432
      Website: http://www.dynacq.com
      Employees: 338

      Industry: Health Care

      FSB100 DATA
      Revenue Rank
      Revenue ($ millions, four quarters to 12/31/02) 75.1 —
      Revenue growth (%, 3-year annual rate) 63.6 4

      Profits Rank
      Net income ($ millions, four quarters to 12/31/02) 17.4 —
      Earnings per share growth (%, 3-year annual rate) 43.0 41

      Total Return Rank
      Total Return (%, 3-year annual rate) 43.5 29
      Stock price ($, on 5/16/03) 12.72 —

      Dynacq runs four surgical hospitals in the Houston area. It's
      appearing on the list of Fortune Magazine's 100 fastest growing
      (http://www.fortune.com/fortune/Fsb100/richest/0,17500,,00.html) for
      the third straight year.



      Dynacq focuses on efficient, high-volume specialty surgical
      hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Our facilities specialize
      in a small number of higher-margin specialties and procedures –
      orthopedics, neurosurgery and general surgery. Surgeons are able to
      reserve large blocks of time in adjoining operating rooms, so they
      can perform consecutive procedures without the usual disruptions
      occurring in general hospitals. Procedures are not bumped due to
      emergencies. And, there are no compromises in equipment or staff.

      We believe that our facilities attract premier surgeons who wish to
      take more control over their practices. Because our facilities focus
      on a limited type of procedures, scheduling is much more efficient
      and predictable. This means that the surgeons' time is optimally
      utilized, making their services available to more patients in less

      We strive to attract top surgeons by giving them more authority to
      specify the quality equipment they want and need. We also give them
      more decision making power on nursing and support staff decisions as
      well as the ability to become partners in the business. This means
      our physician partners can generate income in two ways – through
      increased volume of procedures, as well as a share of the profits
      from our facilities. This means that they have a vested interest in
      the success of the facility.

      In other words – our business model enables surgeons to gain more
      control over their work, their time and their income.

      More importantly, however, we are in the business of providing
      excellent healthcare for our patients. That is why we have designed
      our facilities to be much more patient and staff-friendly than large
      hospitals. Surgeons find that it just takes them no time to go from
      their parking space to the operating room. Surgeons have access to
      adjacent operating rooms in close proximity to intensive care and
      diagnostic units. Nurses and staff are professional and courteous.
      All of this means that our patients enjoy much more relaxed,
      healthful surroundings where more one-on-one attention is the rule,
      not the exception.



      Philip S. Chan
      CPA – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

      Philip S. Chan has served as a director and as VP, Chief Financial
      Officer and Treasurer of Dynacq since July 1992. Mr. Chan earned
      advanced accounting degrees from the University of Houston and is a
      Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas. He has more than
      25 years of corporate accounting experience. Despite the same last
      name, Philip S. Chan is not related to the company's CEO, Chiu M.

      Philip Chan
      age 51, has served as a director and as our Vice President--Finance,
      Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer since July 1992. Mr. Chan
      earned advanced accounting degrees from the University of Houston
      and is a CPA in the State of Texas. Prior to his employment with
      Dynacq, Mr. Chan had previous corporate and outside accounting
      experience. Philip Chan is not related to Chiu Moon Chan.

      James N. Baxter
      Executive Vice President

      James N. Baxter has served as Executive Vice President since July
      2003. His responsibilities include investor relations and financing
      transactions. Prior to joining Dynacq, Mr. Baxter was President of
      Global Investment Alliance Inc. since 1994. From 1994 to 1999 Mr.
      Baxter was President of GIA Securities Inc., a broker-dealer engaged
      in private placement finance. Early in his career Mr. Baxter was a
      corporate lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York. Subsequently he
      was a Managing Director in investment banking at Merrill Lynch in
      New York and Tokyo. Later he was Manager of the Pension Services
      Department of Salomon Brothers in New York, advising on
      institutional investment policy and strategy. Mr. Baxter, a graduate
      of Yale University and Harvard Law School, is a member of the New
      York Bar and a certified arbitrator for the NASD.

      Christina L. Gutel
      Senior Staff Attorney for Reimbursement

      As the company's Senior Staff Attorney for Reimbursement, Christina
      L. Gutel is responsible for streamlining Dynacq's reimbursement
      procedures, and represents the company in the administrative and
      dispute resolution process for claims. Ms. Gutel has built a track
      record in the area of workers' compensation litigation, specializing
      in representing healthcare providers before the Workers'
      Compensation Commission, the State Office of Administrative Hearings
      and the District Courts of Texas. She received a Bachelor of
      Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University.
      Following her graduation, she attended South Texas College of Law
      where she received a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree. She is a member
      of the South Texas Law Review.

      Chantell L. Preston
      Vice President of Development

      Chantell Preston's duties consist of project management for new
      campuses outside of the Houston market area. Preston's strong
      background in surgery center development enables her to identify
      additional acquisition and construction opportunities for Dynacq as
      well as perform feasibility studies for potential new hospital

      Prior to joining Dynacq, Ms. Preston developed and implemented
      strategic marketing plans for the design and construction of
      ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals for Shiloh
      Enterprises in Oklahoma. Ms. Preston also worked in various
      healthcare project management capacities, including working with
      regulatory agencies to meet all federal, state and local
      regulations. Prior to that, she served as Director of Development
      for U.S. Surgical Partners in Houston, Texas, being responsible for
      syndication of physician ownership and evaluating surgical centers
      for operational efficiency, profitability and acquisition

      Ms. Preston received her Masters of Business Administration from Sam
      Houston State University.

      Richard D. Valentine
      Vice President of Operations

      Richard D. Valentine brings 25 years management experience with both
      public and non-public companies. Mr. Valentine has experience in all
      phases of day-to-day operations in entities ranging from home health
      to acute care hospitals. Prior to joining Dynacq, Mr. Valentine held
      CEO/COO positions with Autumn Hills Convalescent Centers, Pine Haven
      Health Care, Phoenix Management and Houston Community Hospital.


      Company History

      Dynacq Healthcare Inc. specializes in creating surgical facilities
      that are models of efficiency, technology, clinical skills, - and
      most importantly, patient care.
      In 1986, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Chiu M. Chan,
      founded Ambulatory Infusion Therapy Specialists (AITS), a firm that
      specialized in the delivery of intravenous products to home-based
      oncology patients.

      In 1992, that company became Dynacq Healthcare Inc. through a
      reverse merger and began trading under the symbol DYII. Home
      infusion therapy business was our core operation for several years
      before we diversified our healthcare operations. In 1994, we
      acquired Vista Healthcare, Inc. and started to own and operated a
      15,000 square foot ambulatory surgical center in Pasadena, Texas
      Southeast of Houston.

      We then enlarged the campus by designing and constructing Vista
      Medical Center Hospital and an adjacent professional building
      housing corporate headquarters, doctors' offices and ancillary
      services. The Hospital opened in May 1999, and the 35,900 square
      foot office building adjacent to the Vista facility was completed in

      Vista Surgical Hospital of Baton Rouge is the newest member of
      Dynacq's network of top-notch facilities, Vista Surgical Hospital of
      Baton Rouge introduces the company's unique surgical model to

      This 49,800 square-foot facility has been renovated into a leading
      edge surgical hospital, including a newly-constructed 20,000 square-
      foot surgical suite containing multiple operating rooms, intensive
      care unit and pre- and post-operative beds.

      Our stock commenced trading on the Nasdaq Small Cap system in
      September 1993. In April, 2000, we started trading on the Nasdaq
      National Market System under the same trading symbol, DYII.


      Dynacq International has all the bases covered in the Houston area.
      The company, which began life as a provider of home infusion
      therapy, today owns a 15,000-sq.-ft. outpatient surgery, X-ray, and
      laboratory facility; a medical office complex; and a physician
      practice management subsidiary. Dynacq International also operates
      an acute care hospital (Vista Medical Center). The company also
      acquired Charis Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Now Vista
      Surgical Hospital of Baton Rouge) and turned the 50,000-sq.-ft.
      facility into a surgical hospital. Chairman and CEO Chiu Moon Chan
      owns about two-thirds of Dynacq International.
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