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[TV & MUSIC] Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire

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  • madchinaman
    Lalaine Birthday: June 3, 1987 Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. http://www.lalaine.net/biography/biography.html Internationally known as the
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      Birthday: June 3, 1987
      Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

      Internationally known as the charismatic and outspoken teen "Miranda
      Sanchez" on the hit Disney Channel series, LIZZIE MCGUIRE, the
      actress/singer-songwriter/dancer, simply known as LALAINE, is paving
      her way to superstardom.

      Recently named one of Teen People's "20 Teens Who Will Change The
      World," Lalaine has been carving a reputation in the entertainment
      world for more than six years, and although she is still only 16,
      she has accomplished more than most twice her age.

      Lalaine got the performing "bug" at the early age of two. Inspired
      by her older sister, Cristina, who became a professional singer and
      landed a lead in Ms. Saigon in 1996, Lalaine was determined to
      follow in her sibling's footsteps. Says Lalaine, "I wanted the
      attention that she was getting from the family, and I looked up to
      her - so I would begin to sing at family parties. I had no shame, I
      liked it when everyone's eyes were on me!" She adds, "My sister knew
      I wanted to take singing lessons, and offered to pay for them. She
      has truly been my #1 idol."

      Lalaine scored quickly on her first audition, when she was chosen
      for Tom Petty's music video for his single, "Walls". "Tom was so
      cool, he was hilarious," says Lalaine. She adds, "he made up a song
      for me 'Lalaine, Lalaine from Spain in the Rain'… what a great first

      Several months later, Lalaine auditioned and landed a role onstage
      for the Broadway production of Les Miserables playing the part
      of "Little Cosette." At the time, she was only 10.

      Touring nationwide for almost a year with Les Miserables, Lalaine
      spent most of her time with three other child actors in the play and
      they had opportunities to experience things that most kids their age
      aren't exposed to - which included creating their own charity
      events. "Every night we had a show, but we loved to squeeze in time
      for charity work," says Lalaine. "We would visit sick kids in
      hospitals in each city -- and even created a book of poems that we
      wrote. We sold it to the cast, crew and their families, and then
      donated the money from it to children's hospitals in the area."
      These philanthropic acts would eventually inspire Lalaine to
      continue her charity work through to the present.

      When Lalaine decided to take a break from Les Miserables on the
      road, she quickly landed a role in the Disney movie, Annie, playing
      a part of one of the key orphans. "It was a blast. I got to work
      with Kathy Bates, Audra McDonald from Ragtime, and the original
      Annie from Broadway, Andrea McArdle. What a learning experience."

      After Annie, Lalaine appeared in a string of national commercials
      for Barbie, Burger King, Quaker Oats and even Microsoft, to name a
      few. It was during this time, that she played Elizabeth Pena's
      daughter in the NBC television movie, Borderline.

      Then came Lizzie McGuire.

      "Disney was having a hard time finding someone for the part of
      Lizzie's best friend, 'Miranda Sanchez', so when I went in for the
      part, everyone else had already been in place," says Lalaine. "I
      went in for what I thought was a call-back, as we were all doing a
      table reading, and then thought 'wow, this is weird…I think I
      actually have the part right now!'" She did.

      Lalaine's role as Miranda on the series has given her "cult status"
      in the teen world. She receives thousands of fan letters a week, and
      is known as one of the role models of her generation. Her official
      website www.lalaine.net currently averages 5,000,000 hits per month,
      and she is recognized by kids and teens everywhere she goes. "I even
      have adult fans! One time this couple came up to me and told me they
      loved the show, and what a great influence the Lizzie McGuire show
      was on kids these days," recalls Lalaine. "Turns out, they didn't
      even have any children themselves!"

      Acting had now taken on a huge role in Lalaine's career, filming
      shows five days a week for Disney, but her true love of singing was
      finally coming to the forefront. She performed a song on an episode
      of the show, and the producers then offered her to record the title
      track for the Disney Channel original movie You Wish, in which she
      had a starring role. Thus began Lalaine's recording career. "You
      Wish" became a huge hit on Radio Disney, and was in rotation for
      more than six months.

      Radio Disney then asked her to headline a tour, which gave her the
      chance to perform live for her fans. "It was great because I'd see a
      lot of the same people travel from show to show, and they did it,
      simply because they were such huge fans."

      Lalaine then appeared at Toopalooza, the kid version of Lalapalooza,
      in which she performed with such teen pop stars as Mandy Moore,
      Aaron Carter, Jessica Simpson and Nick Cannon, among others.

      And teen stars aren't the only ones Lalaine "hob nobs" with - she
      has performed with Meatloaf, golfed with Dennis Quaid and Bill
      Murray, and even Ronald McDonald…at the Ronald McDonald camp, that
      is. Because Lalaine is such a huge supporter of charity events, she
      has been able to work with these Hollywood superstars. However,
      Lalaine also participates in her own charity work…strictly on her

      "I visit hospitals all the time - spontaneously. Not for a 'Disney
      Day', not as 'Miranda Sanchez', just as myself," says Lalaine. "I
      like to show up at hospitals and visit sick kids without them
      knowing I'm coming, so that it's a special surprise." She
      adds, "They get so excited, and even get up out of bed. I'm probably
      making them feel good, but they also make me feel good."

      Lalaine's reputation for helping others has also translated into
      health and kids. The California youth program, Power Play, has asked
      Lalaine to be their current spokesperson (Shaquille O'Neal was their
      previous spokesperson), which encourages kids to eat five fruits and
      vegetables each day, and get active for 60 minutes a day. Arnold
      Schwarzenegger was originally chosen for the current campaign, but
      could not participate when he decided to campaign for governor, so
      Power Play quickly jumped on securing Lalaine, someone who could
      relate directly to their audience. An active teen herself (she plays
      basketball, football, ice-skating, skiing, golfing, horseback
      riding, swimming, bowling, and of course dances), Lalaine can be
      seen and heard on Power Play's television and radio PSAs for the
      next two years, in both English and Spanish.

      So what is Lalaine up to next? Aside from Power Play, appearing on
      the LIZZIE MCGUIRE SHOW for the next two years and recently guest-
      starring on two episodes of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER?

      Lalaine is embarking on a recording career. Her second single, "If
      You Wanna Rock", was featured in the new Disney Channel film, Pixel
      Perfect, and is also on the soundtrack, in stores nationwide. She is
      currently in the studio recording songs for her debut album, and is
      working with the best of the best - Billy Burnette (Fleetwood Mac),
      Robin Lerner (Faith Hill, This Kiss), Tommy Lee James (Brooks &
      Dunn, Reba McIntire), Meredith Brooks, and Brian Rollins (Enrique
      Iglesias and Britney Spears). Recording in Nashville, Los Angeles
      and even in London, Lalaine's upcoming CD will be released later
      this year.

      Lalaine is one accomplished teen, and really sees herself as a
      person who believes in pursuing dreams - hers being that one day she
      will be successful enough - "rich and famous" as she terms it - to
      be like her heroes Bono and Angelina Jolie, who utilize their
      celebrity status for charity work.

      Right now, Lalaine is leveraging her celebrity status to send a
      positive message to teens her age: "Whatever you want to do, go for
      it," says Lalaine. She adds, "What's going to stop you? Only
      yourself. If you have a dream, and you're having fun, that's the key
      thing. But if you're not having fun, what's the point?"

      The point is…Lalaine is having fun…and she's having a lot of it.

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