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[TV] Margaret Cho's All American Girl

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  • madchinaman
    ALL AMERICAN GIRL HISTORY http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-420/ This sitcom made mild history as the first network program to deal
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      This sitcom made mild history as the first network program to deal
      with a multi-generational Asian family (the Korean Kim family)
      coping with the shifts in attitude between the traditional
      grandmother, the transitional parents, and the more-or-less all-
      American grandchildren.

      Its failure stemmed from its uncertain focus on what it means to be
      Korean in contemporary California society, including the somewhat
      objectionable casting of Chinese and Japanese actors as Koreans, and
      from the treatment of standup comic Cho as a rather stereotypical
      Valley girl on the prowl for boys, in complete contradiction of her
      popular image as a tough-talking, upfront lesbian.

      In the latter episodes there was an attempt to shift the show into a
      show-biz formula, with Cho's character becoming manager of an inept
      rock band, but to no avail. There was, however, one superb
      performance: Amy Hill as the proud-to-be-assimilated, straight-
      talking Korean grandmother. I would have given Hill her own show
      immediately; instead, she wound up as a lame second banana on Maybe
      This Time and Pauly.

      Show Information

      First Aired September 1994
      Last Aired March 1995
      Status Canceled/Ended
      Running Time 30 min
      Country United States
      Network ABC

      Show Stars

      Margaret Cho - Margaret Kim
      Maddie Corman - Ruthie
      Judy Gold - Gloria
      Amy Hill - Grandmother Kim
      Ashley Johnson - Casey Emmerson
      Clyde Kusatsu - Benny Kim
      Jodi Long - Katherine Kim
      J.B. Quon - Eric Kim
      B.D. Wong - Stuart Kim

      Show Crew

      Gary Jacobs - Executive Producer
      Sandy Gallin - Executive Producer
      Gail Berman - Executive Producer
      Stuart Sheslow - Executive Producer
      Gary Jacobs - Creator


      Episode List

      Jump to season: 1
      Episode # Prod # Original
      Air Date Episode Title






      Season 1
      1. 1-1 14-Sep-1994 Mom, Dad, This is Kyle
      2. 1-2 M404 21-Sep-1994 Submission: Impossible
      3. 1-3 28-Sep-1994 Who's the Boss?
      4. 1-4 05-Oct-1994 Yung At Heart
      5. 1-5 M408 12-Oct-1994 Redesigning Women
      6. 1-6 19-Oct-1994 Booktopus
      7. 1-7 26-Oct-1994 Mommie Nearest
      8. 1-8 02-Nov-1994 Take My Family, Please
      9. 1-9 M410 16-Nov-1994 Exile On Market Street
      10. 1-10 23-Nov-1994 Ratting On Ruthie
      11. 1-11 30-Nov-1994 Educating Margaret
      12. 1-12 07-Dec-1994 Loveless in San Francisco
      13. 1-13 14-Dec-1994 Malpractice Makes Perfect
      14. 1-14 11-Jan-1995 The Apartment
      15. 1-15 18-Jan-1995 Notes from the Underground
      16. 1-16 25-Jan-1995 Venus de Margaret
      17. 1-17 14-Feb-1995 A Night at the Oprah
      18. 1-18 M418 22-Feb-1995 Pulp Sitcom
      19. 1-19 M419 15-Mar-1995 Young Americans


      All-American Girl - Cast Guide

      Amy Hill
      Ashley Johnson
      B.D. Wong
      Clyde Kusatsu
      J.B. Quon
      Jodi Long
      Judy Gold
      Maddie Corman
      Margaret Cho

      Guest Stars
      Alastair Duncan
      Alvin Y.F. Ing
      Andre Marquis
      Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad
      Bejamin Lum
      Billy Burke
      Brian Reddy
      Bruce French
      Cal Evans
      Catherine Lloyd Burns
      Christine Estabrook
      Christopher Burgard
      Christopher C. Fuller
      Christopher James Williams
      Clifton Well
      Dan Sachoff
      Dana Lee
      Daniel Kim
      Dean Tarrolly
      Deborah May
      Elaine Kao
      Elise Ogden
      Eric Lutes
      Gabe Dell Jr.
      Garrett Wang
      Jack Black
      Jana Marie Hupp
      John Terlesky
      Joseph Romanov
      Joseph Rye
      Joyce Van Patten
      Junaita Jennings
      Kennedy Kabasares
      Lance Guest
      Lisa Lu
      Lisa Stahl
      Marcy Kaplan
      Mariska Hargitay
      Michael Lowry
      Michael Palance
      Michelle Watkins
      Miguel Perez
      Oprah Winfrey
      Patricia Place
      Patrick Cranshaw
      Quentin Tarantino
      Ralph Ahn
      Richard Fancy
      Richard Herkert
      Robert Clohessy
      Robert Firth
      Robert Noble
      Robertson Dean
      Sam Sako
      Shab Shimono
      Sharon Sharth
      Steve Fitzpatrick
      Susan Leslie
      Tim Kelleher
      Tim Lounibos
      Tom Kapache
      Tsai Chin
      Vicki Lawrence
      William Medin
      William Newman


      All-American Girl - Crew Guide

      Aline Brosh
      Arnie Kogen
      Charleen Easton
      Clay Graham
      Dawn Dekeyser
      Douglas Tuber
      Elizabeth Wong
      Gary Jacobs
      J.J. Paulsen
      Jeff Kahn
      Jon Sherman
      Jurt Schindler
      Kell Cahoon
      Pat Dougherty
      Pat Doughtery
      Tim Maile
      Tim Meile
      Tom Saunders

      Andrew D. Weyman
      Arlene Sanford
      Terry Hughes

      Bruce Johnson

      Executive Producer
      Gail Berman
      Gary Jacobs
      Sandy Gallin
      Stuart Sheslow

      Gary Jacobs

      Supervising Producer
      Clay Graham

      Associate Producer
      Brian J. Cowan

      Executive Story Editor
      J.J. Paulsen
      Stacey Hur

      First Assistant Director
      Mark Cendrowski

      Douglas Tuber
      Tim Maile

      Staff Writer
      Dawn Dekeyser


      All-American Girl

      USA, ABC (Sandollar Television/Heartfelt Productions/Touchstone
      Television), Sitcom, Colour, 1994
      Starring: Margaret Cho, Jodi Long, Clyde Kusatsu
      Asian-American standup star Margaret Cho made her mark with an act
      that comedically detailed the conflict of being both Korean and
      American. The young comedian proved particularly popular with
      college audiences and with other Asian-Americans who could identify
      with her frustrations and 'foot-in-each-camp' dilemmas. She often
      sniped about the lack of Asians on US TV, quipping that there
      were 'more extra-terrestrials than Asians' on the box. So it was
      fitting justice that she should be given her own show, All-American
      Girl, based on the standup act and featuring more Asians than
      Caucasians in its cast.

      Cho was cast as Margaret Kim, a westernised Korean constantly at
      odds with a traditionalist mother, Katherine, who is determined that
      her daughter should respect the ways and customs of the old country.
      Margaret is equally determined to live her own life and seems to
      prefer being around her American friends. The bitterest bone of
      contention is Margaret's attraction to white American boys, which
      drives Katherine to distraction. Desperately, she tries to matchmake
      Margaret with suitable Korean boys, but to no avail. At least her
      brother Stuart has grown up to be a model son, a reverent young man
      studying to be a cardiologist. Margaret's father refuses to be drawn
      either way on the argument, although the matriarch of the family,
      Grandma, comes down firmly on her grand-daughter's side, encouraging
      her to follow her instincts. This sanctioning of Margaret's
      activities is diminished somewhat, however, by the fact that Grandma
      is barking mad.

      All-American Girl was quietly groundbreaking in its theme but oddly
      relied on hackneyed Asian stereotypes for most of its jokes.
      Although patently not as funny as Cho's standup act, it was at least
      a commendable attempt to say something pertinent within the genre.
      Cho handled the acting chores well enough and other cast members
      provided decent support, but they could not rescue the show from its
      central weaknesses: it was trying too hard to be liked and so
      suffered from a lack of edge; the aforementioned stereotyping for
      easy laughs; and the trouble it had in spinning enough entertaining
      variations from its main theme to warrant a second season. One
      episode was a real talking point, however: 'Pulp Sitcom', which
      featured a guest appearance by Quentin Tarantino.

      Note. The final episode of All-American Girl, shot on film rather
      than tape, was a pilot for a proposed but unrealised follow-up
      series, The Young Americans. In this story Margaret moved away from
      home and into an apartment shared with three men (Phil, Jimmy and

      Margaret Cho - Margaret Kim
      Jodi Long - Katherine Kim
      Clyde Kusatsu - Benny Kim
      Amy Hill - Grandma
      Maddie Corman - Ruthie
      Judy Gold - Gloria
      J B Quon - Eric Kim
      B D Wong - Stuart Kim

      Gary Jacobs - Creator / Main Writer
      Gary Jacobs - Executive Producer
      Sandy Gallin - Executive Producer
      Gail Berman - Executive Producer
      Stuart Sheslow - Executive Producer
      Bruce Johnson - Producer

      Transmission Details
      Number of episodes: 19 Length: 30 mins
      US dates: 14 Sep 1994-15 Mar 1995
      UK dates: 22 Feb-28 June 1995 (19 episodes) C4 Wed 6pm
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