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[BUSINESS] Li Ka-Shing / Li Ka-Shing Foundation

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  • madchinaman
    LI KA-SHING http://www.forbes.com/maserati/billionaires2004/LIRSO0W.html? passListId=10&passYear=2004&passListType=Person&uniqueId=SO0W&datatyp e=Person Net
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2004

      Net Worth: $12.4 bil

      Country of citizenship: Hong Kong
      Residence: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
      Industry: Diversified
      Marital Status: widowed , 2 children
      High School, Drop Out

      Asia's richest and most influential businessman. Centered on the
      conglomerates Hutchinson Whampoa and Cheung Kong, Li's empire spans
      40 countries and accounts for 11.5% of Hong Kong's stock market
      value. Leading real estate developer, cell phone provider and
      retailer, and the only supplier of electricity in Hong Kong. Also
      the world's largest operator of container terminals and one of the
      first outfits to offer high-speed multimedia services via cell
      phones in Europe and Asia. Has 1,900 retail stores in Europe. Eldest
      son, Victor Li, who is a Canadian citizen, recently offered $488
      million for a 28% stake in bankrupted Air Canada. A dedicated
      philanthropist, Li has donated more than $450 million to educational
      causes and medical care such as nursing homes and day-care centers
      for the elderly.



      "To be able to contribute to society and to help those in need to
      build a better life, that is the ultimate meaning in life. I would
      gladly consider this to be my life's work. "

      Mr. Li Ka-shing's childhood was filled with strife and hardship, and
      he was forced to quit school at the age of 12 to support his family.
      It was then that he learned the value of knowledge and medicine.

      Mr. Li considers education and health care to be the twin pillars of
      national welfare, but he also realises that his contribution as an
      individual can only be limited. To achieve the greatest good, Mr. Li
      would first have to build a successful career.

      As his business blossomed, Mr. Li began to make strategic
      contributions to education and medical care projects in Hong Kong
      and mainland China. In 1980, Mr. Li set up the Li Ka Shing
      Foundation to manage his charitable donations. Since then, Mr. Li
      has donated over HK$5.0 billion, 70% of which coordinated through
      the Foundation and the remaining 30% through his Group of Companies.



      Education is a long-term commitment. The basis for the advancement
      of human civilization and technology is firmly rooted in education,
      and the welfare and prosperity of society is also highly dependent
      on the provision of a quality education. Progress can only be
      achieved through improving education and creating new technologies.
      Mr. Li respects the value of education and firmly believes that it
      is the cornerstone of a creative, caring, and technically inclined

      In addition to Government funding, the involvement and support of
      individuals and corporations is also vital to the development of
      education. Over the years, Mr. Li has spared no effort in promoting
      the development of education in Hong Kong and mainland China.


      2003-12-16 Li Ka-shing Calls for New Thinking
      2003-11-23 Li Ka Shing Foundation sponsors Project Vision Charity
      International Eye Specialists converge in Shantou to provide free
      2003-11-18 Mr Li Ka-shing donates £2M
      to fund Mainland and Hong Kong scholars' PhD studies in the UK
      2003-10-26 JSIEC Launches Project Vision for
      Mainland Chinese Suffering from Difficult Eye Diseases
      2003-10-23 Shanghai Jinshan Zhongren Nursing Home
      With Support of RMB 28 Million from Mr Li Ka-shing
      2003-10-20 Mr Li Ka-shing Donates RMB 7.2 Million for the
      Restoration of the Guangji Bridge in Chaozhou, China
      2003-09-19 Li Ka-shing believes education can steer humanity back on
      the right track
      2003-09-09 Li Ka Shing Foundation donates $250,000 to sponsor RTHK
      reading program
      2003-09-04 Li Ka-shing donates $8 million to set up ophthalmology
      research and training fund.
      2003-08-15 First shipment of rice donated by Li Ka Shing Foundation
      arrives in Fuyang and is promptly distributed
      2003-08-04 First shipment of rice donated by Li Ka Shing Foundation
      on its way to victims
      2003-07-24 Li Ka Shing Foundation donates HK$12 million worth of
      rice to aid victims of flood and earthquake
      2003-07-23 Li Ka-shing meets Tony Blair
      Scholars of Blair-supported project urged to seize CEPA
      2003-06-22 Joint Influenza Research Centre reports potential direct
      transmission of duck influenza to humans
      2003-04-24 Hutchison Global Communications, Li Ka Shing Foundation &
      Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited Jointly Provide Free "Video Visit
      Service" for Princess Margaret Hospital & Wong Tai Sin Hospital
      2003-04-08 Li Ka Shing Foundation Donates 1 Million Oranges
      to Healthcare Workers
      2003-03-09 Hong Kong and Shantou Eye Banks join hands to promote
      voluntary corneal donations
      2003-02-20 The 5th Cheung Kong Scholars Award Ceremony held in
      2003-01-29 Prof. Dennis Lam appointed Director of STU/CUHK JSIEC
      2002-10-10 Creative Cities: Hong Kong in London
      2002-09-09 Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Li Ka Shing,
      Donates Record S$19.5 million to
      Singapore Management University
      2002-06-28 Mr Li Ka-shing donates RMB 70 million towards
      International Eye Center
      2002-06-27 Shantou University Confers First Doctorate Degrees
      2002-05-20 State-of-the-Art Cancer Research Centre Opens in
      Cambridge Supported by a £5.3 million donation from Hutchison
      2002-04-14 Li Ka Shing Foundation sponsors
      Human Genome Organisation Meeting 2002 in Shanghai
      2002-04-10 Li Ka-sing and Hutchison back Prestigious British
      Chevening Scholarships Through a HK$23 Million Donation
      2001-11-20 Li Ka-shing's new donation rewards top talent
      2001-09-12 PolyU Names New Tower after Li Ka-shing in recognition of
      Dr Li's substantial donation to support tertiary education
      2001-09-06 Li Ka-shing and Hutchison Whampoa donate RMB 28.1 million
      to build Nursing Home in Shanghai
      2001-05-17 Li Ka Shing Attends Shantou University Board of Governors
      2001-05-17 Li Ka Shing Provides Funding to 17 Key Hospitals in China
      to set up free Hospice Care
      2001-02-24 Highest Mountain Can't Prevent Spread of Knowledge
      2001-02-13 Li Ka Shing Foundation establishes free hospice care
      service at 16 hospitals in China Plans to donate HK$16 million
      annually to expand network
      2000-12-12 OUHK Opens New Island Learning Centre on Hong Kong
      2000-12-12 Li Ka Shing Foundation donates HK$44 million to support
      Island Learning Centre of Open University
      2000-12-04 Li Ka-shing has donated $200 million to support services
      for the disabled
      2000-12-04 Li Ka-shing donates HK$60 million to help disabled
      persons in central and western China
      2000-11-07 Li Ka-shing donates HK$5 million annually in Shantou to
      support medical aid for the poor and free hospice care service
      2000-09-22 Li Ka-shing donates US$10 million to fund China's
      Internet 2 development project. Supporting the development of
      national prosperity through science and education & Cheung Kong
      Scholars Programme recruiting international intellectuals for China
      2000-09-20 Qingdao B Group wins Millennium Study Tour's Projects
      2000-09-16 MST Projects on display at The Center until September 24
      2000-07-20 Over 100 teachers and students tour high-tech and green
      facilities at Beijing Oriental Plaza, the largest commercial complex
      in Asia
      2000-07-05 Millennium Study Tour sponsored by Li Ka Shing Foundation
      takes off. Ceremony officiated by Chief Executive, Consuls General
      and Mr. Li Ka-shing
      2000-06-30 1,000 local students to take off next month in Millennium
      Study Tour sponsored by Li Ka Shing Foundation
      2000-06-01 Li Ka Shing Foundation donates $100m to PolyU
      2000-05-20 Li Ka-shing commits another $600 million to support
      Shantou University Chinese, Hong Kong and American Scholars join new
      University Council
      2000-02-24 OUHK Centre for Continuing and Community Education
      renamed LiPACE
      2000-02-08 Li Ka Shing Foundation sponsors 1,000 students on
      Millennium Study Tour
      2000-01-25 OUHK to set up Learning Centre on HK Island
      1999-06-29 "Knowledge Changes Fate" Mini-Documentaries Won Three 4As
      Creative Awards
      1999-05-06 CUHK and Shantou University Establish First Telemedicine
      Link between the two Universities
      1999-04-29 Cheung Kong and Hutchison Whampoa sponsor "Knowledge
      Changes Fate"
      1999-04-03 First "Cheung Kong Achievement Awards" Presented
      1998-06-04 Major new Research Centre for Cambridge
      1998-04 Hong Kong-based Hutchison Group Makes Major Gift to Support
      Hepatitis Research


      Culture and Sport in Hong Kong

      Organization Project
      ** Hong Kong Culture Association Operating Costs

      ** The China Cultural City Exhibition of Chinese Culture and

      ** The Xifang Temple Renovation

      ** Asia Society Hong Kong Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Tennis Patrons Association Millennium Cup

      ** Hong Kong Sinfonietta Operating Costs

      ** Consulate General of France French Culture Festival

      ** Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral Renovation

      ** Pak Sha Wan Kwanyin Temple Renovation

      ** Buddhist Alumni Association of Sam Lun Dharmaiakshana and WFB
      Ltd Programme Sponsorship

      ** Land of Virtue Centre Operating Costs

      ** Lantau Island Po Lin Monastery Operating Costs

      ** Consulate General of Belgium Belgium Arts Exhibition

      ** Japan Sumo Association Sumo Exhibition

      ** Wilson Cultural Trust Fund Preservation of Cultural Relics in
      Hong Kong

      ** Hong Kong Music Educational Trust Operating Costs

      ** Canada Hong Kong Festival Operating Costs

      ** Lantau Island Guanyin Temple Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Academy of Arts Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Golf Club Charity Golf Tournament

      ** Tin Hau Temple Lung Koo Bay Construction Costs

      ** Asian Cultural Council Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Culture & Arts Foundation Promotion activities

      ** Hong Kong Dance Federation Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Tennis Association Operating Costs

      ** Society of Sculptors Exhibition sponsorship

      ** Hong Kong Ballet Operating Costs

      ** The Church of Christ in China Hop Yat Church Construction

      ** Academy of Ballet Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Buddhist Association Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Chiu Chow Association Operating Costs

      ** Hong Kong Arts Centre Operating Costs

      ** Yuen Long District Sports Association Construction Costs


      Culture and Sport in Mainland China
      Organization Project

      ** Dunhuang Research Academy Research

      ** Ta'er Temple in Qinghai Reconstruction

      ** Temple in Hebei Repair

      ** Chinese Culture City Cultural Exchange

      ** Cross Straits Cup Organizing Committee Sports Exchange

      ** Kwanyin Temple in Nanhai Construction Costs

      ** Guangzhou Art Museum Construction Costs

      ** Chinese Cultural Exchange Fund Cultural Exchange

      ** China International Philharmonic Orchestra Artistic Exchange

      ** National Ballet of China Artistic Exchange

      ** Shantou Christian Patriots Association Church Reconstruction

      ** China International Orchestra Arts Festival

      ** Chinese Celebrities Federation Operating Costs

      ** Guangdong Society for the Promotion of Chinese Culture
      Construction Costs

      ** Hong Kong Culture and Arts Fund China Arts Festival

      ** Stationery for Poor Children Stationery for children in

      ** Chaozhou Buddhist Association Repair of Temples

      ** Chaozhou Coliseum Construction Costs

      ** Shantou Coliseum Construction Costs

      ** Guangzhou Chinese Art Museum Fund Repair

      ** The books of Chinese Home towns Publication Costs

      ** HK Chaozhou Clansmen Committee Shantou Coliseum

      ** China Confucius Foundation Chinese Culture

      ** The books of Chinese Home towns Publication Costs

      ** Chaozhou Temple Repair

      ** Chaozhou Sanshanmen Temple Repair

      ** The Annual Report of the Chinese Urban Economy Publication

      ** Shanghai HK Economic Development Association Education and

      ** Nanhai Temple Reconstruction

      ** Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple Reconstruction

      ** Guangdong Chaozhou Opera Troupe Equipment
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