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[TELEVISION] Reiko Aylesworth ("24")

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    Quote http://www.tccandler.com/talent_file_reiko_aylesworth.htm - I didn t know a soul when I got to New York and I felt really displaced. The first week I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2004

      - "I didn't know a soul when I got to New York and I felt really
      displaced. The first week I was euphoric, and then I realized how
      isolating the city can be." - On her move to NY to pursue acting

      Quote - "Who's going to remember someone like me, who's had big
      parts in very small movies and small parts in big movies?" asks
      Aylesworth. "Like in the Harrison Ford movie Random Hearts, I play
      the secretary of Harrison's dead wife. I got to cry in some scenes
      with Harrison." - On her career so far

      Quote - "There's just this sexual charge to everything because of
      the urgency. We have to stop the bomb, now! This might be our last
      day on earth! We're all going to die, let's get our rocks off! That
      kind of thing. And then you've got Kiefer and his velvety voice.
      He's got chemistry with…the lamp-post…anything." - On '24'


      Born on December 9th, 1972.

      Reiko (pronounced rayko) was born in Chicago, but moved with her
      family to Seattle at age 13.

      She is 1/4 Japanese (hence the name).

      She began acting at age 13.

      An ABC talent search was her lucky break, and she left the
      University of Washington behind and relocated to a large, lonely
      city. "I didn't know a soul when I got to [New York], and I felt
      really displaced," she admits. "The first week I was euphoric, and
      then I realized how isolating the city can be."

      She started her career on a soap opera called 'One Life to Live'.

      She auditioned for the part of Nina Myers on season 1 of '24'... but
      she lost out to Sarah Clarke. However, the producers remembered her
      when season 2 was casting and she won the role of Michelle Dessler.

      Her big break came when she was cast as Michelle Dessler, a Counter
      Terrorism Agent for the CTU, in the second season of the hit Fox TV
      show '24'.

      The toughest thing she has had to go through on the show was
      actually getting the role. Last year, she tried out for the part of
      crooked agent Nina Meyers, but lost out to Sarah Clarke. This
      season she read for the part of Kate Warner, the sister of bride-to-
      be Marie, which went to Sarah Wynter. But the producers, convinced
      that Aylesworth would make an ideal Michelle, offered her that role.

      The entire cast of '24' was nominated for 'Outstanding Performance
      by an Ensemble in a Drama Series' in 2003.

      She has performed off-Broadway and has had lead roles in TV mini-
      series and TV movies.

      Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series by TV

      TV Guide said of Reiko... 'Dessler may be the least showy role in
      this category, yet Aylesworth — whom we once dubbed TV's best-kept
      secret — still manages to shine. Rarely moving from behind a
      computer, she makes a big impact by imbuing her character's little
      gestures with hidden meaning and untold import.'

      Reiko was also in a Scope commercial.

      '24' won the Golden Globe for Best Television Drama in January of
      2004. Reiko accompanied Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert, Dennis
      Haysbert and the show's producers on stage to collect the award.

      Salary - $50,000+ per episode of '24' on Fox.


      Reiko was severely injured when she slipped on some spilled booze at
      the April wrap party for the Fox's 24, and slammed the back of her
      head on a wall and the front of her head on the floor. Kiefer
      Sutherland rushed her to the hospital where it was discovered that
      she had bruised both sides of her brain. Since then, "Kiefer hasn't
      left Reiko's side," reports claim. "Caring for her when she was ill
      brought out his tenderness. Now they're inseparable."

      REIKO QUOTE - "Doctors tell me that I'm lucky to be alive because a
      lot of people die from these types of injuries," said Reiko, who
      plays Michelle Dessler in the hit TV series. "Kiefer did a great job
      and he stayed with me for a while," she added.

      Before the accident, Kiefer and Reiko only occasionally worked
      directly with each other on the show, but they got to know each
      other at script readings. "They became close friends as time went
      on," the insider reveals. "Kiefer seemed particularly happy on the
      set when Reiko was around."

      Their romance blossomed after Reiko's accident. "Kiefer was scared,
      and afterward, he constantly checked on her," adds the insider. "He
      got more and more attached to Reiko during his visits to her home.
      He'd do her grocery shopping and run little errands for
      her. "Gradually, friendship and concern turned to love."

      Reiko and Kiefer have been spotted strolling at Malibu's open market
      and having dinner at trendy restaurants like Ago in West Hollywood
      and Jiraffe in Santa Monica, says a source.

      Although spokeswomen for both Aylesworth, 31, who plays counter-
      terrorism expert Michelle Dessler, and twice-divorced Sutherland,
      36, insist the stars are "just friends," sources say they are
      enjoying a hot romance.


      New York City-based actress Reiko Aylesworth comes out of the
      theater world where she got her start by training by starring in
      such plays as Eric Bogosian's "Humpty Dumpty," the Off-Broadway
      show "Kissing Christine/Missing Marisa" for Director/Playwright John
      Patrick Shanley and "Robbers" for Director Marshall Mason.

      She then made a name for herself in television as a series regular
      on "American Embassy," "All Souls" and "Sherman's March." She also
      had a recurring role on "Law & Order: SVU," and guest starred on
      such series as "Ed," "The West Wing," "Law & Order" and "The Dead

      In features, Aylesworth appeared in Sydney Pollack's "Random Hearts"
      and several independant films. She also had lead roles in the
      television mini-series "A Will Of Their Own" and the television
      movie "Someone Had to Be Benny." She will soon appear in the
      upcoming cable movie "Fathers and Sons."
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