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[COMMUNITY] Cameron House in San Francisco (Saves Girls from "Yellow Slavery")

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  • madchinaman
    BIOGRAPHY: CAMERONHOUSE http://www.cameronhouse.org/ Cameron House is a mission of the Presbyterian Church, USA in San Francisco s Chinatown proclaiming the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2003

      Cameron House is a mission of the Presbyterian Church, USA in San
      Francisco's Chinatown proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ
      through Christian love, compassion, and service. We carry out the
      Cameron House mission by serving urban youth, adults, and families
      through leadership development, counseling, peer group counseling,
      group support, crisis intervention, education, and advocacy.

      7:30 pm
      Reception and Silent Auction
      8:00 pm
      The Earl Heckscher Orchestra
      Cookie Wong, Earl Heckscher,
      Darryl Parker, Van Hughes , Steve Hansen,
      Doug McKeehan, Jim Chanteloup
      9:00 pm
      Donaldina Cameron Award
      for Excellence in Leadership and Service
      9:30 pm
      The Earl Heckscher Orchestra
      10:00 pm
      Silent Auction closes
      10:00 pm – midnight
      All-Star Band
      Jeff Chan, Carey Huang, Cookie Wong,
      Colette Ikemi, Tim Leong, Al Sugaya,
      Jo Ellen Chew, Norman Fong, Ronnie Lowe,
      and special guests
      Greg Chan - President
      Richard Chew - Treasurer
      Byron Ho
      Gwen Jeong
      Loreen Seid Jung
      Beverly Karnatz
      Craig Lee - Vice President
      Jean Low
      David Miller - Secretary
      Bessie Tam
      Linda Lee-Tao
      Bradford Woo
      Henry Ho-Wong
      Winnie Wong

      Youth Programs
      Cameron House Club:
      Year round Friday night program, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Cameron House
      in Chinatown Open to all middle school and high school youths.
      Club is a faith based youth program which provides a safe and secure
      environment where youth can form lasting friendships with peers,
      build relationships with adult mentors, develop leadership skills,
      and foster a deeper sense of Christian spirituality and faith.
      Participants will help plan their weekly activities such as
      community service projects, arts and crafts, etc. with an emphasis
      on spiritual, mental, social, and physical development.
      Cameron House Club Program targets Asian-American Middle and High
      School youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. The program promotes
      healthy growth of youth through contact with caring adult volunteers
      and communities of peers. They have to opportunity to grow in faith,
      develop leadership skills and provide ways to serve their community.
      Meeting on Fridays and weekends, club groups are encouraged to
      develop their own program of activities with the help of adult
      volunteer leaders and Cameron House staff. These include sports
      activities, camping trips, retreats, social events, worship which
      are filled with opportunities for learning, fun and meeting new
      people across generations. In addition, with nurturing programs such
      as peer counseling, youth council, and our involvement with sports
      leagues, we emphasize healthy level of consideration, mutual
      respect, responsibility and commitment from all members which are
      essential for building a strong community. In such groups, members
      both give and receive support, and in so doing strive to
      become "communities" of love and concern.
      Our yearly calendar is designed so that individuals and groups are
      actively encouraged to develop their skills in leadership, and to
      experience first-hand their great potential to serve others.
      Therefore, a substantial part of our program challenges youth to
      accept the responsibility of leadership. Youth are asked to teach
      others, to care for others, to act for others, and to take a share
      in organizing and leading the many community projects that Cameron
      House provides. Our hope in the club program is to cultivate highly
      committed, articulate young Christian leaders who are prepared and
      eager to be Christ's servants in all areas of personal, vocational,
      ecclesiastical, social and political life.

      Cameron House

      Donaldina Cameron House is a faith-based organization that has
      provided support to Asian women and their families for 124 years.
      Started by the Presbyterian Church as the Occidental Mission Home
      for Girls in 1874, it's initial purpose was to intervene on behalf
      of young, Asian, immigrant females (some younger than the age of
      ten) who had become vulnerable and disenfranchised upon arrival into
      the United States. These women and girls were smuggled into the
      United States thereby circumventing immigration laws that excluded
      them. Asian women were commodities that were bought and sold (by
      their own families in many cases) as property in a system that
      became known as the "yellow slave trade". Bogus 'contracts' were
      created to enforce this system of slavery in which Asian women
      became domestics or prostitutes. The contractual conditions
      specified insurmountable recourse for women to purchase their own
      freedom. The number of Asian immigrant women who died in enslaved
      conditions in San Francisco was in the thousands. Miss Donaldina
      Cameron came to the Occidental Mission Home as a sewing teacher; she
      stayed forty years devoting her life as a missionary creating a
      foundation and tradition of competency assisting Asian women who
      were victimized by violence and racial discrimination. Throughout
      the century, the mission of "....serving urban youth, adults and
      families through leadership, development peer group counseling,
      group support, crises intervention, education and advocacy" has
      continued without interruption.
      The scope of Cameron House services has evolved over the years
      resulting in an agency that is a comprehensive family service
      organization serving low income, Asian immigrants and families
      residing primarily in the Chinatown area of San Francisco.
      Along the Joice Street side of the Cameron House, you will the the
      alphabet from A to Z on the sidewalk.

      Donaldina Cameron House
      San Francisco

      445 Grant Avenue #200
      San Francisco, CA 94108

      Home: (415) 668-5721
      Office: (415) 781-0401 ext. 135
      FAX: (415) 781-0605
      E-Mail: Cameronhouse@...
      Contact: Doreen Der-Mcleod–Executive Director

      Volunteer Opportunities:

      Youth Program
      People willing to talk to youth about their particular vocation or
      show them their work sites

      Volunteers willing to transport kids to campsites once during the

      Computer expertise in helping to link computers with data
      information once in the new offices

      People willing to come in and train staff or BAP youth on basic
      computer skills - Microsoft Word, Internet, Desktop Publisher,etc.

      Teaching & Tutoring
      Volunteers for tutoring (after school 4:00-5:30) or Saturday
      employment readiness training in computer or English skills (9-3

      Food Service
      Volunteer to cook for 20-25 volunteer leaders in the summer one
      evening when they stay after Ventures for leadership training
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