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[SPORTS] Support for LA Lakers Community Relations Director Eugenia Chow.

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  • madchinaman
    EUGENIA CHOW http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-letters3.4may03,1,2141964.story Make-A-Wish Boss Supports the Lakers After reading T.J. Simers April 28
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003

      Make-A-Wish Boss Supports the Lakers

      After reading T.J. Simers' April 28 column about his attempts to
      facilitate a child's wish, I felt compelled to respond on behalf of
      the Make-A-Wish Foundation children worldwide whose wishes were
      granted because of the support we receive from the Los Angeles
      Lakers and, in particular, Laker Community Relations Director
      Eugenia Chow.

      Ms. Chow's ability to consistently work with our organization while
      dealing with the other demands of her job has allowed more children
      than ever to receive a Laker wish; nearly 30 this year alone. She
      also personally arranges special touches, like putting the child's
      name up on the board at Staples Center, to ensure the child receives
      an even more wonderful experience.

      Fortunately for us, the Lakers make time for each wish request we
      submit from children living with life-threatening illnesses. Even
      more fortunately for the children, not every child dies as a result
      of their illness. For many children, the wish experience provides
      hope and strength to help them fight the battle with disease.

      It should be clarified that Jose received his wish for a laptop
      computer from our foundation last summer. As we can only provide one
      wish per child, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was glad we provided Jose
      with the one wish he wanted most in the world. The compassion,
      dedication and generosity that Eugenia Chow and the entire Laker
      organization provide to Make-A-Wish children who come from around
      the world with their wishes is greatly appreciated by the entire
      Make-A-Wish Foundation.

      Judith K. Lewis

      President/CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles


      I would like to express my disappointment in T.J. Simers for
      writing, and The Times for printing, the story that unfairly
      criticizes our director of community relations, Eugenia Chow. Mr.
      Simers' comments were hard and uncalled for. While a story so
      critical would have been bad enough had it been about myself, a
      coach or a player, we at least are public figures and supposedly
      fair game for such stories. Eugenia Chow is not. What she is,
      however, is an intelligent, hard-working and conscientious employee.
      She is also a very compassionate and caring person.

      In a perfect world, organizations such as Padres Contra El Cancer
      and the Lakers would be able to grant the wishes of every sick
      child. Indeed, in a perfect world, there would be no sick children.
      However, what Mr. Simers fails to mention in his one-sided character
      assessment of Eugenia is that her work has brought smiles to the
      faces, and happiness and joy to the lives, of literally thousands of
      children and their families in the three years she has been with us.
      She is a significant part of our organization and we're happy and
      proud that she is part of the Laker family.

      Mitch Kupchak

      General Manager,

      Los Angeles Lakers


      I have always been willing to give Mr. Simers the benefit of the
      doubt in his "tongue-in-cheek" columns when he takes shots at the
      Dodgers, USC, etc. His unwarranted attack on the Lakers regarding
      the terminally ill young man is just too much and is really quite

      If he is so indignant about the situation, why doesn't he volunteer
      with Make-A-Wish, or some other organization that could change the
      situation? Or he could work in a hospice. Nah, too much work,
      especially when you can sit on the sidelines and take cowardly shots
      from the safety of your desk.

      Tom Pevehouse

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