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[COMMUNITY] History and Events Honoring Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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  • madchinaman
    Read below words describing President Bush s Proclamation, the history behind the official Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, little known tidbits about
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      Read below words describing President Bush's Proclamation, the
      history behind the official Asian Pacific American Heritage Month,
      little known tidbits about the APA communities that the general
      public generally doesn't know and events throughout the United
      States celebrating the APA communities!


      Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, 2003
      By the President of the United States of America
      A Proclamation

      America is strengthened by the rich cultural diversity of our
      people, and we are blessed to be a Nation that welcomes individuals
      of all races, religions, and cultural backgrounds. The values and
      traditions of the Asian/Pacific-American community -- love of
      family, entrepreneurship, excellence in education, and community
      service -- have strengthened us as a Nation. During Asian/Pacific
      American Heritage Month, we celebrate the contributions of these
      talented and hard-working citizens and recognize their rich legacy
      of ingenuity, perseverance, and achievement.

      Many Asian/Pacific immigrants came to America to discover the
      promise of our Nation and to realize their dreams. Their
      contributions were critical in establishing a robust economy.
      Asian/Pacific Americans also worked tirelessly to build our national
      railroad infrastructure, paving the way for our western expansion
      and growth as a world leader. Generations of Asian/Pacific Americans
      have proudly served our Nation with honor and courage in wars and
      conflicts, including most recently in Operation Iraqi Freedom and
      Operation Enduring Freedom. Today, as in the past, their dedication
      and service to advancing peace in a troubled world upholds the
      values that make our country strong.

      Asian/Pacific Americans are also helping to shape America's future.
      As entrepreneurs, artists, educators, public servants, scientists,
      and explorers, they challenge the minds of our next generation,
      expand commerce and innovation, probe the frontiers of space, and
      search for cures for the world's diseases. Our children are also
      inspired by the contributions and sacrifices of dedicated
      individuals such as inventor An Wang, experimental physicist Chien-
      Shiung Wu, Challenger astronaut Ellison Onizuka, Columbia astronaut
      Kalpana Chawla, and sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

      Since the earliest days of America, people from all cultures have
      traveled to our Nation seeking the promise of freedom, opportunity,
      and justice. As an integral part of our society, Americans of Asian
      and Pacific heritage share in the pursuit of this American Dream. I
      join with all Americans in celebrating this rich and diverse
      culture, and I encourage every citizen to recognize the role of
      Asian/Pacific Americans in building and sustaining our Nation.

      To honor the achievements of Asian/Pacific Americans, the Congress
      by Public Law 102-450 as amended, has designated the month of May
      each year as "Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month."

      NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of
      America, do hereby proclaim May 2003 as Asian/Pacific American
      Heritage Month. I call upon our citizens to learn more about the
      history of Asian/Pacific Americans and how they have contributed to
      the culture and heritage of our Nation.

      IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day
      of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand three, and of the
      Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and



      Introduction to Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
      By Takei Okidata

      Every year, the month of May is officially recognized as Asian
      Pacific American Heritage Month. Made possible through an act of the
      United States Congress, it is an excellent opportunity for all
      Americans to celebrate, honor and reflect on the many
      accomplishments and contributions of the Asian Pacific American

      June 1977
      Representative Frank Horton (R-NY) and Norman Y. Mineta (D-CA)
      introduced Pacific/Asian Heritage Week (House Resolution 540) in the
      House of Representatives, which called upon the President to
      proclaim the first ten days of May as Pacific/Asian Heritage Week.

      July 19, 1977
      Senators Daniel Inouye and Spark Matsunaga introduced SJ Res 72 in
      the Senate, similar to legislation introduced by Frank Horton and
      Norman Mineta in the House.

      July 10, 1978
      House Representatives passed legislation to proclaim an
      Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week in May. The proclamation had to
      be obtained yearly because the final Joint Resolution did not
      contain an annual designation.

      Oct. 5, 1978
      President Jimmy Carter signed the Joint Resolution

      May 7, 1990
      Asian Pacific American leaders around the country gathered at the
      White House to witness the signing of a proclamation by George Bush,
      declaring May to be Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

      May 6, 1991
      President Bush signed a proclamation designating May 1991 and May
      1992 as "Asian Pacific American Heritage Month"

      Oct. 23, 1992
      President Bush signed legislation into law to designate May of each
      year as "Asian Pacific American Heritage Month". The law (HR 5572),
      introduced by Rep. Frank Horton (R-NY) and Norman Mineta (D-CA) was
      approved unanimously by the House of Representatives and the Senate
      during the 102nd Congress.

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      Washington, DC - The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA), a
      national Asian Pacific American (APA) civil rights advocacy and
      educational organization with over 80 chapters and affiliates
      nationwide, joins the rest of the nation in celebrating APA Heritage
      Month this May.

      OCA is proud to have played an integral role in the founding of APA
      Heritage Month and to have been involved in many aspects of APA
      history. The first APA Heritage Month was proclaimed in May of
      1990, under President George Bush, and OCA is proud that the
      tradition has continued strong ever since. Inspired by the
      proclamations for Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Week,
      congressional staffers Ms. Jeannie Jew and Ms. Ruby Moy, sought to
      have similar legislation enacted for Asian Pacific Americans. The
      nationwide effort was coordinated by the National Coalition for a
      Pacific/Asian American Heritage Proclamation, founded and chaired by
      Ms. Jew, an OCA National Board member and including K. L. Wong,
      founder of OCA.

      "The APA community is rich with diversity," stated Raymond Wong, OCA
      National President. "OCA has also been dedicated to highlighting
      the many accomplishments of APAs in the United States. APA Heritage
      Month is a time when our country can look back and celebrate the
      contributions of APAs to our culture and society."

      OCA's chapters have planned many different events to take place
      around the nation during May. These include education workshops,
      awards banquets, culture festivals, book readings, and much more.
      Attached is a list of the variety of events that OCA's chapters are
      hosting in honor of APA Heritage Month. OCA, through its chapters,
      will also be donating over 500 copies of the new book, The New Face
      of Asian Pacific America: Numbers, Diversity and Change in the 21sth
      Century, to local schools and public libraries in over 50 cities and
      metropolitan areas around the country. The book is the most
      comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of demographic and cultural
      changes in the Asian Pacific American community.


      Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Activities - May 2003

      May 1st: Boston, IL. Reception at WGBH Public Radio, 125
      Western Ave. 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Kicking off a showcase of programs
      on the lives of Asian Pacific Americans. Contact: Gar Chiang,
      garchiang@... <mailto:garchiang@...>

      May 1st: Chicago, IL. "The Q Bookmark", at Chicago Cultural
      Ctr., Randolph Cafe, 78 East Washington St., 10:15 - 11:15 a.m.
      2003 APA Heritage Month Kickoff releasing the 2003 APA Heritage
      Month Commemorative Bookmark. Info: Irene Cualoping, (312) 458-
      0832, ocachicago@... <mailto:ocachicago@...>

      May 1st: Ft. Lauderdale, FL. "Race in America beyond Black &
      White, Bridging Racial Divides," 2650 Sistrunk Blvd., 7 pm. Prof.
      Frank Wu presenting; OCA-S. Florida, African-American Research Lib.
      and Cultural Ctr. host. Info: Winnie Tang, WinnieVHTang@...
      <mailto:WinnieVHTang@...> (305) 753-8791.

      May 1st: Los Angeles, CA. Visual Communications' APA Film
      Fest Opening Night Reception, at Directors Guild of America, 7:30
      p.m. Co-sponsored by OCA-GLA to celebrate a month series of APA
      films and documentaries. RSVP: George Yin, gyin88@...

      May 1st: Westchester, NY. WVOX Radio Station, 10:00 am -
      11:00 am. Paul Feiner hosts OCA-Westchester to talk about variety
      of issues and events important to the APA community: hate crimes,
      Asian Festival, SARS, etc. Info: Pablo Cue (914) 815-0483.

      May 3rd: Boston, MA. Asian American Unity Dinner, at
      Emperor's Garden, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm. Celebrating a 15 year unity
      dinner tradition. RSVP: garchiang@...

      May 3rd: Los Angeles, CA. APIA U! Community Reception, at
      UCLA, Ackerman Viewpoint Conf. Rm, 6:30 pm. Reception for college
      APIA U! Participants and community leaders. Funded by State Farm.
      RSVP: Clara Chiu (213) 250-9888, cchiu@...

      May 3rd: New York/New Jersey. Tin See Do, The Angel Island
      Experience, at Ellis Island. Day of events, including screenings of
      film, "Carved in Silence", with director Felicia Lowe presenting,
      martial arts performance, workshops and exhibits. Sponsored by OCA-
      LI, NJ, NY & Westchester/Hudson Valley. Info: Virginia Ng (201) 259-
      8028 / (201) 307-9633.

      May 3rd: North Miami Beach, FL. 2nd Annual OCA-SFL
      Excellence Awards Banquet, at Bamboo Garden Banquet Hall, 1232 NE
      163 St., 6:30-10 pm. Recognizing outstanding Chinese Americans, w/
      Asian cultural presentation. Info: Winnie Tang,
      WinnieVHTang@... <mailto:WinnieVHTang@...> / 305.753.8791

      May 3rd: Sacramento, CA. 6th Annual Dragon Boat Festival,
      Holiday Villa Restaurant, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Sponsored by OCA-
      Sacramento, honoring outstanding Chinese American pioneers in health
      care. RSVP: Deborah Muramoto (916) 442-1729 or Tom Bhe (916) 355-

      May 3rd: Westchester, NY. Hate Crimes Workshop, at
      Westchester Community College, 12 noon - 5 pm. Co-sponsored by OCA
      Westchester, Westchester County Public Safety Dept., Westchester
      Filipino American Society, Inc., Amnesty International of WCC, and
      Westchester Community College. Funded by Allstate Insurance
      Company. RSVP by 4/30, Pablo Cue, 914-815-0483.

      May 4th: Philadelphia, PA. 2003 Asian Pacific American
      Heritage Month Forum, at Montgomery County Community College, 1 -
      4:30 pm. Topics: Civil rights, Doing Business in PA, Wills and
      Estates; keynote: Iris Chang, "Chinese in America." Info: Mandy Lin
      (215) 659-8574.

      May 4th: Manhattan, NY. 24th Annual CAPA Heritage Month
      Festival, at Union Square Park, 12 noon - 6 pm. OCA-LI & OCA-NY
      host booths to distribute balloons and literature, along with other
      APA orgs. Info: Lily Lee (718) 352-6200; Wayne Lum (718) 461-4010;
      ReneeTang@... <mailto:ReneeTang@...>.

      May 8th: Foster City, CA. "Love Made of Heart" Bookreading
      by Teresa Young, at Foster City Library, 7:30 pm. Sponsored by OCA-
      San Mateo. Reading is in conjunction with month long display of APA
      authors in the Foster City and Redwood City Libraries. Info: Wade

      May 9th: Los Angeles, CA. APA Heritage Month Community
      Networking Dinner, at Empress Pavilion Restaurant, 6:30 pm.
      Organized by OCA-GLA, co-sponsored by ABA Online, CSC, CACA, FACCC
      of SGV, JACL, KAC, and PbP. RSVP: terry.chi@...
      <mailto:terry.chi@...> .

      May 10th: Coral Springs, FL. 5th APAHM Cultural Series I,
      3151 University Dr., 2 - 4 pm. Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Japanese,
      Korean, and Thai dancing and cultural arts. Book Talk: "Chinese in
      Southeast Florida: 1900-1992." OCA Book Donation: The New Face of
      Asian Pacific America - Numbers, Diversity & Change in the 21st
      Century. Info: Winnie Tang, WinnieVHTang@... / 305.753.8791.

      May 10th-11th: San Diego, CA. 2nd Annual API Heritage
      Festival, at Balboa Park, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sat. and Sun.
      Sponsored by the San Diego API Alliance, co-sponsored by OCA-San
      Diego; craft booths, cultural performances, and exhibits. Info:
      (858) 565-6698.

      May 10th: Washington, DC. Asian Pacific American Spring
      Benefit, at Wyndham City Center, 6:00 pm - 1:00 am. Jointly
      sponsored social event to raise money for worthy causes. Co-hosted
      NCVA. RSVP: Will Lee (202) 986-4598/ (703) 947-1498.

      May 13th: Stony Brook, NY. Asian American Night, at Stony
      Brook University. Featuring the "With Liberty and Justice for All"
      series. Co-sponsored by OCA-Long Island. Contact: Dr. Gary Mar
      (631) 689-0278, or Gene Woo (631) 738-3808.

      May 16th: Columbus, OH. Columbus Culture Fest, at Columbus
      City Hall, 10:00 am - 10:00 pm. A tapestry of our community. Info:
      Frank Kam, Theresa Lee, ocacolumbus7@...
      <mailto:ocacolumbus7@...>; www.asiawind.com

      May 17th: North Miami, FL. 5th APAHM Cultural Series II, at
      NANAY Community Ctr., 659 NE 125 St., 6 - 8 pm. A
      documentary/dialogue exchange forum: Bontoc Eulogy: A Filipino
      American Immigrant Experience. Info: Winnie Tang,
      WinnieVHTang@... <mailto:WinnieVHTang@...> / 305.753.8791.

      May 17th - Jun 5th: San Diego, CA. "Sentor" by Jason Fong,
      at Weingart Performing Annex, 3:00pm and 8:00 pm. Contemporary play
      about love of family. Contact: Andy Lowe (888) 568-AART.

      May 17th - 18th: St. Louis, MO. Chinese Culture Days, at
      Missouri Botanical Garden, 10:00 am - 5 pm. Co-sponsored by OCA-St.
      Louis and the Chinese Culture, Education, & Services, this annual
      event draws over 15,000 people each year.

      May 17th: Gaithersburg, MD. Spring Family Day & Picnic, at
      Bohrer Park, 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Family day of fun and food.
      Sponsored by OCA-DC, OCA Young Professionals, Young OCA, and Asian
      American Student Union. RSVP: Paul Wong (301) 717-6808, oca-
      dc@... <mailto:oca-dc@...>.

      May 18th: Fort Lauderdale, FL. 5th APAHM Cultural Series
      III, at Cinema Paradiso - 1314 East Las Olas Blvd. #007, 2:45 pm.
      Film: Beijing Herbs, OCA-S. Florida co-sponsoring with Asian
      Pacific Film Festival of Florida. Info: Winnie Tang,
      WinnieVHTang@... <mailto:WinnieVHTang@...> / 305.753.8791.

      May 22nd: Los Angeles, CA. Lessons Learned: From the
      Japanese American Internment to Today, at Japanese American National
      Museum, 6 - 8:30 pm. Screening of "Of Civil Rights and Wrongs - The
      Fred Korematsu Story". RSVP: Mayling Kao (213) 386-3114,
      mayling@... <mailto:mayling@...>.

      May 24th: Detroit, MI. Splendor of the East, at Ford Center
      for Performing Arts, 6:00 pm. Pan-Asian cultural event sponsored by
      the Council of Asian Pacific Americans, with OCA-Detroit
      participating. Info: Marie Weng (248) 475-0976.

      May 25th - 26th: Columbus, OH. Asian Festival, at Franklin
      Park, Sat: 10 - 10; Sun: 10 - 6. 14 API groups feature food,
      culture, and performances. Info: Yu-chen Lu, Sonya Gong, Fanny Ho,
      ocacolumbus7@... <mailto:ocacolumbus7@...>;

      May 26th: Miami, FL. OCA-SFL annual APAHM Citizenship
      Drive, at Hispanic Coalition, 5659 W Flagler Street, 1:00 pm - 4:00
      pm. Info: Winnie Tang, WinnieVHTang@...
      <mailto:WinnieVHTang@...> / (305) 753.8791.

      May 30th: Carrollton, TX. APA Heritage Month Golf Scramble,
      at Coyote Ridge Golf Club, 10:30 am. Multi-cultural event to raise
      money for an educational scholarship fund; displays about APA
      Heritage Month. By OCA-Dallas, Young Professionals Org.; funded by
      Citicorp and State Farm. Contact: Richard Chang (972) 577-6538,
      changrcc@... <mailto:changrcc@...>

      May 31st: Washington, DC. DC Cares Servathon. Various
      service activities throughout Washington, DC.

      May 31st: Westchester, NY. 5th Annual Asian American
      Heritage Festival, at Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla, NY, 11 am - 7
      pm. Hosted by OCA Westchester, local Asian cultural organizations,
      and Westchester County Parks & Recreation, and Westchester Arts
      Council, with corporate support from Verizon, Con Edison, State Farm
      Insurance and PepsiCo. Info: Pablo Cue at 914-815-0483.

      ALL MAY

      Birmingham, MI. APA Art Show, at Border's Books in
      Birmingham. Contact: Iris Shen Van Buren (248) 737-5534.

      Tuscon, AZ. APA Heritage Month Film Series, at University
      of Arizona. OCA-Tuscon hosts a film series featuring APA
      documentaries and films. Info: Josie Gin, josiegin@...
      <mailto:josiegin@...>; Michelle Yang, meiy@...

      OCA Hate Crimes Workshops: Westchester (May 3rd), Stony
      Brook University (May 5th), Stanford University (May 24th),
      Sacramento (May 25th). Info: Eleanor Lee (202) 223-5500.

      Organization of Chinese Americans
      1001 Connecticut Ave., NW #601
      Washington, DC 20036
      Tel: 202-223-5500 Fax: 202-296-0540
      Web: http://www.ocanatl.org
      E-mail: oca@...


      Ten Good Things To Do for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
      By Rodney Jay C. Salinas

      Asian Pacific American Heritage Month was created in 1992. The bill
      (H.R. 5572) was passed by the United States Congress and was signed
      into law by President George Bush. As a federal law, the month is
      observed throughout the country. Many federal departments and
      agencies host official observances during the month of May. Such
      events host important speakers, cultural performances, traditional
      foods, etc. Across the nation, local Asian Pacific American
      organizations host their own events to celebrate the month.

      But the true celebration begins with the individual. Below are ten
      good things that all of us can do to learn more about ourselves and
      raise broad awareness of this special occasion.

      10. Instead of just eating at an Asian restaurant, talk to the
      owners. Learn more about their stories, how they went about
      establishing their business, the obstacles they've faced, local
      issues that they care about as business-owners. It will give you a
      better sense of just how difficult it is to establish a business,
      especially if the owners are first-generation immigrants.

      Put the mah jong tables away for one weekend. Talk about your
      family's history.

      9. Attend an Asian Pacific American temple, mosque or church, even
      if it's not your own religion. There are thousands of religious
      establishments that were created by and for Asian Pacific Americans.
      By learning about a person's religion or spiritual beliefs, you can
      get a better sense of his or her value system and motivation.

      8. Get as many members of your family together in one place and just
      enjoy each other's company. Put the mah jong tables away for one
      weekend. Talk about your family's history. How did your family come
      to the United States? Where did they first settle? What kinds of
      hardships did they face?

      7. Flip through any popular magazine and carefully look at how they
      portray Asian Pacific Americans. Are the portrayals negative?
      Positive? Are the women portrayed as "exotic, sex symbols?" What
      other kinds of stereotypes are depicted? What kind of message do you
      think this sends to other readers?

      6. Spend a few hours and talk to a young person. Don't talk about
      superficial garbage. Ask them tough, thought-provoking questions.
      Have you been asked to try drugs? Have you been pressured by your
      friends to have sex? Have you ever thought about suicide? Are you
      afraid of violence in your own school? Do you get picked on because
      you're Asian Pacific American? Hopefully, they'll give you honest,
      direct answers, and you'll know just the kinds of pressures facing
      the youth of today.

      5. Chances are, you might have a friend or know of someone who was
      adopted. Every year, more and more children from Asia are being
      adopted by non-Asian families in the United States. Ask your friend
      about his or her experiences growing up: was it difficult growing up
      as an Asian Pacific American with Caucasian or African American
      parents? Were you exposed to your Asian culture?

      Ask yourself some basic questions: Do I really identify as an Asian
      Pacific American? How much does my nationality or ethnic heritage
      affect my daily life?

      4. Visit the Census Bureau's website (www.census.gov), type in your
      city and state, and look up the most recent demographics of your
      area. This is an excellent way to survey your surroundings and
      understand how the population is shifting. In many cases, you'll see
      a significant increase in the Asian Pacific American population.

      3. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a book. The book doesn't
      even need to be specifically about Asian Pacific Americans, as long
      as it's written by one. Because each author writes through their
      unique "lens" and their perspective is reflected in their writing,
      the book could be about anything under the sun (i.e. popular
      culture, fiction, biography, etc.).

      2. Do a little bit of personal reflection. Ask yourself some basic
      questions: Do I really identify as an Asian Pacific American? How
      much does my nationality or ethnic heritage affect my daily life? Do
      I think that members of my nationality or ethnic group are superior
      to others? The answers might enlighten (or scare) you.

      1. Tell a non-Asian Pacific American that May is recognized as Asian
      Pacific American month! This is perhaps the simplest, yet most
      effective way to raise awareness. Tell him or her what it means to
      you, invite them to a local event, or share an historical fact with

      Rodney Jay C. Salinas is President of the Rainmaker Political Group
      LLC and Publisher of PoliticalCircus.com, an online source for
      political news and information for the Asian Pacific American
      community. He can be contacted at mail@....

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