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[FILM] Mabel Cheung, Alex Law & Jackie: Traces of a Dragon

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  • madchinaman
    Jackie Chan: Traces of a Dragon Mabel Cheung Yuen ting and Alex law dock yui http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.jump-
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2003
      Jackie Chan: Traces of a Dragon
      Mabel Cheung Yuen ting and Alex law dock yui

      Mabel Cheung Yuen ting and Alex Law dock yui are for a long time
      work partners and life companions. They became acquainted with
      themselves end of the 70's with work for the government transmitter
      radio television Hong Kong (RTHK).

      Since then they pursue a common life way. While Mabel Cheung is
      ranked among the second wave of the so-called new Wave of the Hong
      Kong cinema and by its engaged work starting from center of the 80's
      fast as a ambitionierte film artist (beside Ann Hui on-wah and the
      Autorenfilmerin Clara Law emigrated in the meantime to Australia
      Cheuk yiu is it the most important rain eating urine of the
      Cantonese film metropolis), specialized Alex Law made itself a name
      itself on the film script letter and producing.

      They succeed in together over the years maneuvering on a straight
      course by the Untiefen of the Hong Konger film industry since they
      never loaded their boat with putrid compromises.

      With the documentary film TRACES OF A DRAGON - JACKIE CHAN AND HIS
      DRAWS to FAMILY (HK, ' 02) feels Cheung and Law in the public of to
      a large extent unknown family history Jackie Chans, since nearly a
      quarter century of one the superstar of the Actionkinos, after.

      For a long time one was surprised, with which Diskretion it
      succeeded to Chan to hide its private life from the eyes of the
      world. Into the 90's inside about its was already ' 82 closed
      marriage with the former taiwanesischen film star Joan Lin Fengjiao
      one of the bestgehueteten secrets of the Hong Konger film
      industry. '

      Chan explained 96 opposite the author: "I can even let slow ooze
      that I have one already nearly adult son with my Lebenspartnerin of
      many years. It would have been in former times simply too delicate
      to leave such information to the public. The girls, my fans, would
      not have borne that. They wanted me for itself, everyone for itself
      alone. The publication of my relationship could have ended there

      Before the background of the large circulations of China in 20.
      Century, the jerky years of the early Republic of, ' 32 sino
      Japanese war beginning and the involving heavy losses, finally
      only ' 49 the ending civil war between nationalists and communists
      develops from the material gathered by Cheung and Law fast a moving
      picture of recent Chinese contemporary history.

      Hardly a family, of which storms of the large policy often like
      autumn leaves by the country whirled, between which large power
      blocs pressed, which did not have to experience large wrong in those
      years: first by the arbitrariness of the fast changing military
      cliques of the Chinese being lords, then by inhuman cruelties of the
      Japanese Besatzer, finally during the first chaotic decades of the
      People's Republic of China. This tearing upness of national history
      continues in the apart-blown up families, also in those from Jackie
      Chans nut/mother and father.

      Both directors go itself on search for from shame or pain - or
      because it inopportun was simple to agitate at the passing -
      sections in the Biographien of Chans parents, the end of the 30's by
      the Unbilden of the war chaos, hidden for a long time, unites
      become. Thus begin themselves from that not rarely a true adventure
      novel resembling personal memories of Chans father and the reports
      of its him for a long time remained unknown older Stiefgeschwister a
      often broken for not insignificant parts of the Chinese society
      exemplary chronicle 20. To form century. This is the main objective
      of the two film producers.

      The picture of the giant realm that also today yet really to the
      peace did not come or its center would have regained, shaken
      developing thereby, in its foundations, can be because of its on
      relatively few persons of referred "spoken history" beginning only a
      very subjective. In order to increase the cutout, the interviews
      with the relatives are accompanied commentating by a multiplicity of
      impressing general-historical archives photographs (many so far

      In view of this alive historical instruction close teeth between
      personal fate and political lines of development becomes clear. Only
      before this background of enormous circulations can be suspected,
      what to it may have induced Chans father, its both older, at that
      time only six and/or eight years old sons an uncertain to leave
      surely however foreseeable hard fate since he did not see a
      possibility of carrying her forward with his escape by the whole

      Cheung and Law. do not contain a secret of a moral judgement over
      this still ruestigen Patriarchen make for this from its obscure
      business in the name of the national people's party (Guomindang) of
      the Generalissimo Chiang dock shek, which starting from end of the
      20's the violent dirt work in at that time the sector city Shanghai
      in all openness of the gangster gangs of the triads (main the "Green
      gang" you Yueshengs), divided between the weltmaechten, settle let.

      At that time he likes, by which managed lawless half world of the
      sogenannen "Jiang Hu" floating - rather Hasadeur and cleveren
      Profiteur in the service of the dominant ones as a true nationalist -
      just as much into its own bag as at its clients far-suppl.-leads.
      In TRACES he explains OF A DRAGON completely openly: "It's A violent
      business. I which more or less A henchman, A tough guy. A hood

      On its second wife, Jackie Chans nut/mother, he, it reports after
      its escape into the world metropolis only Handlangerin and house
      girl, then nightclub hostess, occupied starting from end of the 30's
      of the Japanese, Opiumschmugglerin, Hehlerin and city-well-known
      Spielerin, was in order to through-bring itself and their two
      daughters from first marriage.

      The film commentates: "A good and daring woman who traveled the
      underworld all by eleven." Chans father again supplements: "Your
      Mother which known as ' Third Sister ' in old Shanghai. A free
      spirit, and she walked like A hood."- Who would not be baff to
      experience this over its nut/mother! Jackie Chan, the world star, to
      who that admits in the meantime naturally everything long is, sits
      however also with these renewed instructions again with large, being
      astonished eyes beside its schwadronierend father. So far it may
      probably be only very zaghaft concerned the argument with its origin
      history. Also the relationship to it for years now to stepbrothers
      in the People's Republic give referring to it already admitted: from
      its side no contact is desired.

      May old stories anecdotes in the family circle be. Jackie Chan
      however, in its films always the superhero against will, is evenly
      possibly who - although it strives since the early days of its star
      career, to its screen image accordingly, also in the everyday life
      that everyone to be given, who was certainly never he since its
      first gigantic film successes more.

      Here now a further important aspect of this documentation appears:
      Where does the production end with Chan, where the material person
      begins? For a long time that was not to be constituted; to perfectly
      the screen and personal denial. According to the Chan myth Cheung
      and Law are however so discretely, this, despite in the meantime
      scandal stories well-known of Chan, which let a completely
      inadvertent normality of the Idols appear, not to place into the

      Which for a long time in with large circumspection developed, an
      idealized uncertainty and under layers of different medialer foils,
      projection levels for his public, remained hidden, by TRACES OF
      brought in congruence with a reality, the Chan even the largest part
      of its past life to A DRAGON remained unknown. The picture of the
      star keeps actual transparency and unknown outlines sudden appears
      in this generation-spreading cross section by the time.

      How does someone go over with the discovery of so large blind
      surfaces into the own Biografie, which require partial in question
      placed even a due piece of Rekonstitutionsarbeit now of? It is
      nearly like that, as if a Amnesiepatient with a reality must to
      clear-come learn it, from which he never assumed, can its own

      Whereupon, how the reconstruction of a lost life history affects
      itself with an art person and a medium icon in as bright footlights
      as Jackie Chan, TRACES OF gives to A DRAGON unfortunately no
      answers - reliably, because thereby the framework of this
      approximation would have been blown up. Only speculations remain for
      the spectator with the attempts to read something from Jackie Chans
      face. Completely surely one can recognize therein embarrassment. A
      second part of the film, which could concerning this perhaps give
      information, would be desirable.

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