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[CLOTHING] Interview with Anjali Pathak - Clothes Designer

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  • madchinaman
    ASIAN FLAVORED AND DESI-LISCIOUS An Interview with designer Anjali Pathak HOARD: What inspired the Asian flavored theme of your tote bags? ANJALI: Once I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2003
      An Interview with designer Anjali Pathak

      HOARD: What inspired the "Asian flavored" theme of your tote bags?

      ANJALI: Once I finally decided to put law on the back burner and give
      myself a chance to do work I wanted, ideas made their way out of my
      head. Making that decision was the hardest, like destroying a huge

      The "Asian flavored" totes came about because I never intended to
      take myself too seriously and it's really hard not to smile when you
      see a tote that says "I Love Wasabi." As for the future, I am working
      on make-up bags and a tank/undies combo set for the spring. I am
      going to see where this food theme will take me for a while. I have
      been pleasantly surprised by people I interact with when carrying one
      of my totes. They get people talking and I love that.

      HOARD: Your specialty tote bags and tee-shirts can be ordered on-line
      at HappyLuckyMe.com. How long have you been running the site?

      ANJALI: I started really thinking about it the first day of October
      when I was on a trip to London. I was having a crepe and latte at a
      street café in Soho and I had this image of my grandma wearing
      leather chaps and a big ten-gallon hat. I can't shake it to this day.
      It's like "Cowboys and Indians" but with Asian Indians. I think I
      will do something with that idea at some point. When I got back to
      the states, I just hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.
      I have been more satisfied in the last few months than I have in
      years with my other career.

      HOARD: Just how happy and lucky are you? Do you have any advice for
      those destitute souls who might not be so happy and lucky?

      ANJALI: The mere prospect of someday actually making a decent living
      doing creative work makes me so happy and feeling plenty lucky. My
      advice to people would be to discover what makes you happy (if you
      don't already know), do it and commit to it. Just getting up in the
      morning knowing your day is filled with work you love is sufficiently
      joyous and its own reward. Oh, and give yourself a chance to be
      great; you know you have it in you. That's my advice too. I know it
      sounds so ridiculously presumptuous, but I stick by it.

      HOARD: Define "style".

      ANJALI: Style conveys a message about the wearer. It can be any
      message. If you can do that, that's style.

      HOARD: Define your personal style.

      ANJALI: It's all about being different characters. I can be "80's
      glamour girl" for a holiday party and "military chic" when out at a
      bar with friends. What I wear affects how people treat me. It's also
      a reflection of who I am, but usually only for that moment. There are
      of course those days when I just don't want any attention at all,
      although few and far between, but they do come around. My "go
      unnoticed" style is a grey sweatshirt and khakis. Nothing
      says "ignore me" more effectively and I appreciate that too.

      HOARD: Okay, so you love, love , love, yummy Asian food. Now,
      describe what you think would be the most perfect full-course Asian

      ANJALI: Tom Kha Gai because it's so perfect in its rich creaminess
      and richer complexity. Sashimi when it's so fresh that it melts in
      your mouth. Oh! Gulab Jamun and Mochi Ice Cream. Eating the cold
      balls right after the piping hot ones. Yum yum.

      HOARD: What's your astrological sign mama?

      ANJALI: Pisces. The introvert and moody sign. I am no introvert. I am
      moody though, but in a subversive way, so most people think I am not
      characteristic of a Pisces at all and are often surprised to hear it.

      HOARD: What would we find inside your own personal tote bag right

      ANJALI: About a dozen deliver confirmation post office stubs, Stila
      lip-gloss, AmEx, my state bar card and candy. I always have candy.
      Those individually wrapped Japanese gummys are my favorite (kiwi and
      muscat flavors) and Haw Flakes (hard flat disks made of Haw?) are
      YUM. The foster kid across the street always asks me for candy and I,
      of course, have it. It can be embarrassing when it happens around
      other adults. People think you should "grow out" of candy after a
      certain age. No one sent my taste buds the memo!

      HOARD: Asahi, Sapporo or Suntory?

      ANJALI: Kirin.

      HOARD: I bet you collect the fortunes from fortune cookies.

      ANJALI: No, I don't collect them. I wish I did though so people would
      have something interesting to look at on my refrigerator rather than
      my current collection of charity run bibs, magnets from local
      realtors and, of course, menus, menus and more menus.

      HOARD: Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in San

      ANJALI: I learned that in Ron Takaki's class, "Introduction to Asian
      American History" my first year at Cal. It was unofficially
      called "Asian Am Scam" because everyone spent as much time checking
      each other out as they did learning history. I do remember that stuff
      about the cookies though.

      HOARD: Do you have any recipes you would like to share with us?

      ANJALI: I love to eat Asian food. I save the cooking for the pros. I
      do know that traditionally Kimchee was buried in the yard for months
      before it was eaten. Some people still do that today. Enjoy! [end]


      for more information about Anjali and her "Asian Flavored" styled
      totes and tees, please visit www.happyluckyme.com
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