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[FILM] David Ren's Shanghai Kiss (w/Kelly Hu)

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  • madchinaman
    Shanghai Kiss (2007) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0469184/ Directed by Kern Konwiser / David Ren Writing credits David Ren - Biography for David Ren
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2007
      Shanghai Kiss (2007)

      Directed by Kern Konwiser / David Ren
      Writing credits David Ren


      Biography for David Ren

      David Ren, is a directorial prodigy who also writes his own scripts.
      He has already been compared to such cinematic idols such as Woody
      Allen and John Favreau (Elf, Swingers). David has been overwhelmed by
      all of this positive critical buzz by the entertainment industry
      experts. The most amazing thing is that he is only 21 years old.

      With his debut film already completed, and more projects being
      offered, and even bigger budget films on the way, David Ren is
      claiming his place amongst the next generation of young Hollywood
      elite taking the industry by storm.

      David was born on the streets of New York to an immigrant Asian
      family. His artistic abilities and brilliance were apparent even at
      an early age.

      In his teens, David was accepted to the prestigious Bronx High School
      of Science. While still a teenager, he started working as a
      screenwriter and was accepted to yet another prestigious school; The
      Professional Children's School of New York. It was at this school
      that his teachers were able to shape and evolve the ambitious future
      director. (Some of David's better known classmates included: Scarlett
      Johansson, Jena Malone, and Kieran Culkin.)

      Through David's hard work and deep understanding for his art, he was
      able to accomplish what people much older then him, never seem to
      grasp in a lifetime. The vision and confidence to succeed in their
      life's dream.

      Before his 17th birthday he moved to Los Angeles to work full-time in

      At the age of 20, David wrote and directed his debut "big budget"
      feature film, "Shanghai Kiss", starring Ken Leung (Rush Hour, Red
      Dragon, Inside Man, and X-men 3), Kelly Hu (X-men 2, Scorpion King),
      Hayden Panettiere (Remember the Titans, Joe Somebody, Raising Helen,
      Ice Princess), Joel David Moore (Dodgeball, Art School Confidential),
      Byron Mann (Red Corner, The Corruptor), Summer Altice, Timothy
      Bottoms, and the immortal James Hong.

      David has plans for the world premiere to be shown at the Cannes film

      Married to Biography for Athena Hu (18 February 2006 - present) 1
      child (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2044731/bio)


      A struggling Chinese-American actor, who unwittingly finds himself
      involved with a high school girl, learns he has inherited his
      grandmother's home in Shanghai. The American-raised character moves
      to China in an attempt to connect with his ancestry, leaving behind
      quite possibly the only girl who has ever loved him.

      Credited cast:
      Ken Leung .... Liam Liu
      Hayden Panettiere .... Adelaide
      Kelly Hu .... Micki Yang
      Joel Moore .... Joe
      Oliver Yan .... Ling Ming
      James Hong .... Mark Liu
      Byron Mann .... Jai Li
      Spencer Redford .... Jessica
      Summer Altice .... Virginia
      Timothy Bottoms .... Adelaide's father
      Kathleen Lancaster .... Georgia

      rest of cast listed alphabetically:
      Ken Arden .... Frank the umbrella man
      Steve Connell .... Casting Director #1
      Brian Gardner .... Young Handsome Guy
      China Gu .... Taxi driver
      Chen Li .... Amy
      Lorna Scott .... Casting Director

      Also Known As:
      The Shanghai Kid (USA) (working title)
      Country: USA
      Language: English / Mandarin
      Color: Color
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